Summers of 84 Revisited Summers of 84 Your cheeks pinkish red, aglow Sweaty bus rides, clutching hands And the

lu blows Wishing the rides were longer They weren’t so You, prim n proper With rainbows of hair bands In your preened locks Me, the rebel without a cause Marauding hair and anger unlocked The rides were too short And you always had to go You must know by now How much I hate departures And how I never looked back After you left but you never found out I was busy gathering The leftovers of myself You returned, a blooming woman With eyes azure, dreams shut tight And sense of purpose I was still drifting where you left me Blackened than black So we picked the pieces That never matched Me too brash, too much heart And no thought, too black Too short to fit frame You, too prim, too willing To conform with the norms So parting on a bitter note I never looked back Till you found me again After a passage of decades Across continents, Strewn ashore Browned over black Time and space Zap relativity

Again the virtual rides were always short, Always sweaty Too clammy to hold hands Middle age clowns don't So this time after you left You didn’t wait a glance For me to look back over my head It is just that, Parked near a familiar street From dusty decades ago Where we shared ice cream soda In the searing lu that goes through you It is just that I overstepped, Got lost and parked Listening to the car radio With the ac off and Then I feel the familiar sweat of decades ago The summer of 12 Has no heat Not like the one You and me knew There is no lu There is no you It’s just me And the old clammy sweat. Hmm turn the AC on I can't be lost, No more rebel, And the cause is lost yet blacker than black Time and space Zap relativity Physics does not run On proximity like chemistry Bah! Poet speaking science! And so I promise myself I won’t look back! And rev up the engine To go! Shyam