Business Communication Space Management

Stadium Restaurant Hema Pandhi Monaaz Mistry Ashwin J Prakash Iyer Viraj Kapadia

Birds Eye View Entrance .

Ergonomics .

Certification Matters .

Lighting and Ambience .

Menu .

Image Projected .

The Change • A fast food joint on the ground floor • A restaurant on the first floor .

Why the Change??? The ceiling is approximately 25 ft .

Fast Food Joint KITCHEN Fast Food Counter Way to Kitchen Wash Basin Juice Counter Way to stairs Entrance Cash counter .

Restaurant Wash room KITCHEN Entrance Mini Bar Provision for Music / karaoke .

Cons • Increased Capital Investment • Original Identity (Iranian Outlook) Pros • Location Advantage • potential customers yet to be tapped • Mezzanine – effective utilization • Diversification into both a fast food and restaurant • Ventilation. lighting and decor • Ergonomics and maneuverability • Cost effectiveness in labour .

Thank you .

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