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Published by: Nat Urwin on May 08, 2012
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Nat Urwin Commission

The Cell Cycle
9th May 2012

Chosen Subject
I have chosen to animate ‘The Cell Cycle’ Act 01 : A hand drawn style opening sequence to show the animation is inside the body. Act 02 : We enter into the conveyor belt of the Cell Cycle, this looks like a hand crafted cardboard world. Act 03 : After viewing the stages of cells, good and faulty, the cells split and the two new cells continue along the conveyor belt to begin again.

I plan to artistically show science for the layman. The dictionary definition of layman is; A person who is not an expert in a given field of knowledge. Also, I think the design of this animation would appeal to a wide general audience, including children.

Concept Art

Concept Art

Concept Art

Concept Art

Concept Art

Concept Art

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