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1 the 2 Find the area of a circular park whase rad ‘cumference of a circle is 88 cm. Find its diameter. D = 28 cm 4.5 m. (Taken x = 22) Required area = 63.64 sq. m. 3 Side of a square i 4.4 regular hexagon of side 10 uni a circle. Find the area of the region in the circle which is outside the hexagon. ( 1.73) (Oct. 98) Area of the region which is outside the hexagon = 54.5 sq. units. 5.A sectors cut froma circle of radius 21 cm. The angle of the sector Is 180°. 94 49) om Find the length of its arc and area. VSI B LY, 10 6. Find the area of the sector of a circle when the angle of the sector Is 63° and the diameter of the circle is 20 om. (x= 22) Cqss Area of the sector = 55 cm? 7.The diameter of a circle is 20 cm and the measure of the arc is 54°. Find the area of thesector bounded by the arc. (x= 3.14) (March 96) The area of the sector = 47.14 cm? 8. The measure of the arc of a circle with a radius of 7 cm is 36°. Find the area of the sector. (March 98) Area of sector = 15.4 cm? 9.4 circle of diameter 7 m is divided into three sectors with central angles 50°, 100° and 210°. Find the area of each sector. Area of sector with central angle 50° = 5.347 m? Area of sector with central angle 100° = 10.694 m? Area of sector with central angle 210° = 22.458 m? 10.A horse is tethered to a corner of a field which is of the shape of an equilateral triangle. If the length of the rope by which it is tied by is 7m, find the area of the field over which it can graze. ‘The area of required portion of field = 25.66 m? 05 0» HORSE eo ZJou Ni a 7m—"0