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Slater and Gordon, My complaint is against TAC, claim number 91/07601, and VCAT reference number G13/2010, from

which all required information is available, however I express my willingness to supply any information or document which may be required, if that is preferred. My complaint against TAC is its failure to supply in some areas of rehabilitation , all that is required, hence my dealings with VCAT, and my complaint against VCAT is a wilful and evasive delay in handling the matters mentioned in original application - which was accepted - in spite of it being pointed out several times since. It is yet to be heard. The person to contact at VCAT is JWD Nelms, Principal Registrar. I hope you are willing to pick up the case, and that on you no win-no fee basis. My intention is to sue both TAC and VCAT for unspecified compensation, both physical and emotional for the hardship and stress caused. The claim will include all costs, legal and otherwise. Sincerely, Max Burgin.