There are three sections in eLitmus paper. 1. Quant 2. Logical Reasoning 3.

Verbal Section 1: Quant Section ( 20 Questions) Quantitative aptitude is the first section where every students faces. This is a section which test student on their mathematical skills which we have studied i n our lower grade. Usually getting a correct answer for about 8 - 9 questions wi ll surely fetch you around 90 percentile. This is an important section as well a difficult section where question will be based on the following. 1. Number System 2. Work and time 3. Permutation 4. Geometry 5. Probability 6. Mensuration and other basic mathematics. This is not the full list which comes sure for your test. This list covers the m ajority which comes in the pH test but also you need to study for complete quant . Section 2: DI and Logical Reasoning ( 20 Questions) Logical Reasoning is the second section which tests your ability in lateral thin king to solve problems. This is most important where companies see your talent a s this lateral varies from people to people. A simple problem can be reasoned in many ways by each people. So companies look in for candidates who can think the best and solve the problem in the easiest way. As stated it is the most difficu lt section of the eLitmus and you need to answer at least 5 correctly to get som e 90 percentile. This section includes, 1. DI- tabular data with conditions 5 questions 2. Arrangement ( visiting 3 villages each day, 5 villages... with lots of condit ions) 3 questions 3. Coding/Decoding based on multiplication Section 3: Verbal ( 20 Questions) This is the last section and the easiest section to get good score. When compare d to other sections, Verbal is the most easiest and all students gets the most h igh score in this section. This section includes, 1. 3 Reading Compression with 4 questions in each 2. Paragraph formation 3. Fill in the blank with appropriate word 4. Grammar test. 5. Sentence Correction/Completion 6. Analogy.

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