HR Initiatives 1.

Tenure Recognition Program: - Recognition of employees who completed one year with the organization (distributing mementos) 2. A weekly e-mail to all staff from a director or senior manager about what has occurred in the last week or what is coming up next week. 3. Employee's Anniversary 4. You should also consider a short questionnaire to all staff about any concerns, what they would like to see in the company. Any point that would give you a feel for what staff are thinking about. 5. Employee of the month award as voted by staff 6. Family time - Set a day once in a quarter for family visits. Let the child feel where his parents are working. Maybe you set aside a day. Invite the folks in the late afternoon. Serve snacks and cool drinks. Organize games for the kids....drawing competitions (things that the parent can display on the soft board at their workstations), some games for the adults (Coordination based) and end the same with the office time. 7. Loyalty bonus for long run employees who completed their five years with you. 8. Create a Fun Day (say 4-5 hours) in a month - have a get-together including the Top management and arrange the antakshari, mimicry competitions, management games, caroms, chess etc. 9. Have the white board appreciations - you can have the mike as well in the office where manager can appreciate his team member over the mike while writing on the white board; so that he/she would feel great and I believe this is the best way to boost the employee’s morale 10. Company In House Magazine or E-Magazine 11. Applaud cards for the employees: If an employee feels that a peer or colleague went out of his/her way to help, then he can express his gratitude by writing an applaud card which could be put up on the applaud notice board so that all can see and be impressed. 12. Funoholic board. Where you can put childhood pic of an employee and let other employees guess who is he/she. After some days put the current pic of that employee. We are doing the same in our org.

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