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The word ‘Fision means ‘Split up’. The process in which the heavy nucleus of a radio-
active atom splites up into smaller neclei when bombarded with low energy neutrons is
called nuclear fission. A tremensdous amount of energy is produced in the nuclear fission
process.The sum of masses of the smaller nuclei formed in fission reaction is a little
less than that of the mass of the original heavy nucleus.So, there is a small loss of
Mass in the nuclear fission process which appears as a tremendous amount of energy.
Please note that nuclear fission is carried out by bombarding the heavy nuclei with low
Energy neutrons which are also called slow moving neutrons. We will now give
aexample of a nuclear fission reaction. We will use the easily fissionable isotope of
Uranium,-235 in this example. The reaction is

U+ n = Ba +