Note before installing ---------------------The patch provided must be installed with the expansion installed.

Only one Icon is reqired to run Diablo II (they both point to the same place, even the expans ion) The 1.12 patch allows you to play diskless, as long as you have all the MPQs in the install directory

Installation -----------1: Mount the file "Diablo II - Install Disc.iso" and click "Install Diablo II" 2: Select "Full Install" and follow the setup, mounting each disc as required. 3: Once setup is complete, close the installer and mount the file "Diablo II - E xpansion Disc.iso" 4: Select "Upgrade to Lord of Destruction (800MB)" and follow the setup, mountin g each disc as required. 5: Once setup is complete, click "Upgrade Installation" then click "Upgrade from Multi-Player to Full", now close the installer. 6: Open the "Patch" directory and run "LODPatch_112a.exe", the game should now r un automatically. 7: Mount the expansion disk and copy all the .mpq's over to your d2 directory, o verwriting. 8: Mount the d2 cinematics disk and copy all the .mpq's over to your d2 director y, overwriting. 8: Mount the d2 install disk and copy all the .mpq's over to your d2 directory, overwriting.

Extras -----The extras found in the "Tools" folder serve the following purpose: * Hero (Character) Editor - Allows you to edit your character including inventor y items and skills, etc. * Rune Wizard - Allows you to see which rune words you can create with the runes you have. Credits ------Torrent by DataMatrix. 112 patch added by nerolt

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