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Spell 1963

Spell 1963

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New Light on Fernández de Lizardi and His "El Periquillo Sarniento" Author(s): Jefferson Rea Spell Source: Hispania, Vol

. 46, No. 4 (Dec., 1963), pp. 753-754 Published by: American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/337203 . Accessed: 02/05/2011 00:03
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tienen dada. when Luis Gonzlez Obreg6n published a biography of Jos6 Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi in which all the then-known facts connected with the life of "El Pensador Mexicano" were brought together. issue of El Pensador Mexicano." Shortly afterward-when his son was scarcely four years old-he accepted the position of physician in the Royal College at Tepotzotlin. and that her mother's parents were from Puebla-her father's from the capital. From the birth certificate which he submitted on entering the University of Mexico in 1793 we know the name of his mother. Among the more important were Lizardi's birth certificate and correspondence regarding his progress as a student in the College of San Ildefonso in 1797 and 1798. periodicalarticlesand newspaperannouncements regarding him and his work from 1811 to 1827 were called to attention by me in 1931. y de sus Resultas certificarme.3After a half-century Gonzilez Obreg6n reprinted his biography with the addition of six documents. but after repeated registrations and failure to finish some inter missarum que se sirva mandarlosamonestar solemnia.NEW LIGHT ON FERNANDEZ DE LIZARDI AND HIS "ELPERIQUILLO SARNIENTO" REA JEFPPRSON SPELL Universityof Texas Since 1888.4 Among them was an autograph petition for a license to establish a children's theater5 and the record of the proceedings of the Inquisition in regard to the September 30. Licdo y mtro Juan Antonio Brunolo courses.pretende contraher matrimonio con da MariaJosefa Tortes. but was careful not to give the location of the original of four of them and not to mention the periodicals in which five were earlier published. in 1794. he finally submitted evidence in 1778 of having completed those required and was exempted from paying certain fees in view of his poverty. a village some thirty miles northwest of the capital. Two years later.espuesta la casade dn Manuel en de Torres. and began at once the study of medicine. the degree of Bachelor of Medicine was finally conferred upon him by the University of Mexico.y resultando la informacion de de Solterio[sic] y Libertad. Don Manuel took a degree in arts as early as 1753. was denounced to the Inquisition by his own father for having a deck of cards with which to tell fortunes-"una baraja divinatoria"-a case that was still pending in 1805. after having served an internship at the Hospital de Naturales. 1813.2 Other uncited official documents.6 Also from the Inquisition recordscame the details of the curious case in which Lizardi. It reads as follows: Dn Manuel Hernandez Lizardi Es afiol Naturaly vezinode esta Ciudad. There Jos6 Joaquin spent his boyhood days. A newly discovered document which lately came into my possession9 throws new light on the Lizardi family and gives new coloring to the figure of the mother in El Periquillo.' comparatively few documents revealing new details have been unearthed.Viudode da Maria BarbaraGutierrez. para en su vista procedera lo que fuere conveniente. Esy pafiola.DoncellaNaturalasimismo Vezinade esta Ciudad. Mexico y Octubre 28 de 1786.ser que la referida MariaJosefafeligres[sic] de esa da a Sta YglesiaCathedral.7 Some very enlightening facts in regard to the character and career of the father of Lizardi had meanwhile been unearthed by Rangel. partizipo Vm para lo de de Parroquia Sta Catalina Virgeny Martir Aside from the inconsequential errors of the document-solterio for solteria. feligres for feligresa. Maria Barbara Guti6rrez. variety in the spelling 753 .

In the novel she is generally represented as considerably younger than her husband and. unfortunately too often dominated in his later life by the young and pretty Maria Josefa Torres.754 HISPANIA of vecino. Jose Joaquin Ferndndez de Lizardi: Apuntes biogrdfios y bibliogrdficos (Mexico." At the head is the stampof 1810 and 1811 and below in the left marginis that of FerdinandVII. o10 single folio. Although he never speaks disrespectfully of her. 2 Nicolis Rangel. with that of a chapel of the religious order of Santa Catalina de Senathis communication clearly states that Jose Joaquin's mother is dead and that his father intends remarrying. in the many references Periquillo makes to his mother. Nuevos documentos noticiasbiogrificas.co Aiio de 1815. In Periquillo's portrait of her she is a shallow creature. a calling which his father considered more fitting to his caliber and to the family resources. and her inability to recognize or appreciate true nobility-his respect was reserved for his father. signed by the inquisitor Flores and dated October 25. "El Pensador Mexicano." In reply Lizardi advised that he wouldhave to have was of such diversions. del Afio de 1815. pp." El y Libro y el Pueblo. m (Mexico. While Periquillo later saw her faults clearly-her prime concern for appearances. "El Pensador Mexicano. Vol. 174-204and 222. The documents on pp. pp. 1888). apparently A G. This document was published control Coliseo]whoseleasegavehim complete the consent of the manager of the theater [the by Gonzi1lez Obreg6nin the RevistaNacional de Letrasy Ciencias. Iv. Naci6n in Mexico City. "El Pensador Mexicano. La Inquisici6n. de Mex. in Boletin my great interest in all pertaining to Lizardi. 1925). and the last entry." del Archivo General de la Nacidn. Novelistas Mexicanos. a genuinely worthy man. married. 258-276. since he was susceptible to tears. Nuevos documentos y noticias biogrificas. with verso blank. de 5 This petitionis in the ArchivoGeneral la in the records of matriculation. Marzo-Abril. a foolish woman. M. These were found in 1914 as follows: "Secretaria Virreynato. are 1938). The Life and Work of de Fernandez Lizardi JoseJoaquin (Philadelphia. Maria Josefa Torres. Yet in El Periquillo Sarniento. 6 This documentis also in the Archivo General. pp. pp." El Libro y el Pueblo. Que su autor de este papel se llama Dn.there is no suggestion. Jose Joaquin Ferfiz de Lizardi [sfe. The denunciation is dated February9. n 1931). that she is a stepmother. Diversiones.Vol. repre]sentar Comedias de Nifios por qe no tiene [otro m]odo de sub- sistir. were. The cover page reads R. and she thereupon entered into the family picture. At the head is "Inq. courses and grades of the Real y Pontificia Universidad de Mexico. 7 Nicols Rangel. 1931). don Manuel Lizardi and his prospective bride. Al Sor Fiscal de rl Hacienda encargadode lo Civil. who knew of of tornfromsomebookof records. . 41-50. Dn. Once the bans were published. To him I again extend my thanks. 9 This document was presented to me by Sr." "Expediente formado en virtud de haverse denunciado el papel intitulado el Pensador Mexicano del treinta de Septiembre de mil ochocientos y trece afios. who became his second wife. N. of which don Manuel Lizardi had evidently been a communicant. but rather in a kindly tone.N. 336. Echniz of MexicoCity. to whom social status is more important than character and a university degree more to be desired than knowledge. Josef Fernandez. 8 Nicols Rangel. Jose Joaquin Fernandez 4 de Lizardi("El Pensador Mexicano") (Mexico. which is in a measure autobiographical. in all probability. 10-12 (Mexico. Iv (1925). (numero2. and the more serious confusion of the name of the parish church of Santa Catarina Virgen y Martir. NOTES 1 D. Cartas Divinatorias. advises waiting pending the return of other papers. At the end of the petitionis "Mexico 25 de Abril de 1815. generally able to wheedle him into doing as she wished. 181-195. Vol. 42-43. he regards her as having ruined his life by insisting that he be sent to the university instead of being trained as an artisan. probably the or churchof SantaCatarina the Cathedral. Jefferson Spell. Nos. her attitude toward manual labor as degrading. 1890). 5.

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