 Periodical meetings between the Allied leaders. .

 Distrust between the leaders. .  Demands from Stalin to Roosevelt and Churchill.

Total War  Commitment from Allies to Total War.  Actions taken by democratic governments during Total War.  Reparations after war.  Wartime policy towards Japaneses and Germans. .

Women Help Win the War  Millions of women replaced men’s essential jobs. .  Women fought in the resistance.  British and American women served in the armed forces in many auxiliary roles.

 Marie Fourcade  Lily Litvak .

. Soviet Union suffers a major turning point during the war.  1941 German Army stalled outside Moscow and Leningrad  1942 Hitler launched a new offensive.

 The battle when the Germans surrounded the city. .Stalingrad  The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the most expensive battles of the war.  Trapped without food or ammunition Germans surrendered.

.Counterattack  After the Battle of Stalingrad. the Red Army took the offensive and drove the invaders out of the Soviet Union entirely.

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