South Manor Neighborhood Association PO Box 60247 Washington, DC 20039-0247 May 4, 2012


Dear Sirs:
South Manor Neighborhood Association writes this letter in connection with the above proposed memorial park. We reviewed the intended purpose and site with Mr. Robinson of the City Administrators Office and we know the site well. On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, the members of the South Manor Neighborhood Association voted in opposition to the Memorial Park slated for the New Hampshire Ave & S. Dakota Ave, NE. We wish to strongly oppose to the development of a memorial park in this location on the following points: 1. Design out of keeping with the desire of the community The proposed park includes an art project, benches, possible lighting and playground equipment which the current residents of the neighborhood do not support. 2. Excessive noise, traffic and parking The noise, traffic and parking disruption caused by the construction of this site and the memorial itself has not been considered. The impact to the neighbors is not pleasant. For years, this community has asked for additional support in addressing the traffic and parking issues and anything that would add to the ongoing problem will not be supported. 3. Loss of privacy / visual intrusiveness Several neighbor’s property, especially the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen windows will look directly onto the site causing an invasion of privacy and a disruption of their view. 4. Potential increase in crime The proposal will increase foot traffic as well as increase use by the type of crime we are working to prevent. Problems that already exist will be further exacerbated. At present, we are struggling to address the problem of sexual activity in the neighborhood. Benches in a park setting could encourage increased activity. If this memorial park is to be discussed at a future date, please take this letter as notice that SMNA would like to be informed of the meeting date at which this application is expected to be discussed. We intend to oppose all future requests to place the memorial at the New Hampshire & S. Dakota Avenue site.


Alison Brooks
Alison Brooks SMNA Secretary