All the students of MBA & MIB completing the second semester are to take up a one month of ORGANIZATION STUDY in an organization of their choice. The objectives of the study are: i. To familiarize the students with a business organization ii. To familiarize them with he different departments in the organization and their functioning. iii. To enable the students to understand how the key business process are carried out in organizations. iv. Understand how information is used in organization for decision making at various levels and v. To relate theory with practice. The above are required so that they better understand the area wise subjects taught in their Business Management Programme. This should also prepare the students with enough understanding about business organizations to enable them to locate problems to be solved as ‘ Final Year Project’ later in their course. Please Keep in mind the fact that this is NOT intended to be a problem-solving project, which has to be done in the final year. Please bear in mind that processes and functions are your focus and not data from various departments, which should only be used to help you understand the organization. Care to be taken when choosing the organization Try and choose an organization where you will be able to see a) Operations & Systems b) Accounts & Finance c) Personnel & HR d) Marketing Functions and their interactions with each other. The organization chosen need not be very large, but should have all the above functional areas for you to study. This study is focused on principles and techniques in use and not on data and information i.e. to gain first hand knowledge about how an organization is being run. How to go about the work a) b) Have an organization coordinator/guide in the organization. Visit the organization and have a walk through and to identify and acquaint themselves with the different departments. Make the organization chart for the organization and try to understand the functions of the managers/officers and supervisors in the different departments. Record these observations of yours and clarify with your supervisor to check if the same is correct. Identify the key functions of each department and try to understand how it is carried out (the process) For e.g.: Materials department having the purchase function. Process could be : collect intends, check intends, find suppliers, get


d) e)

quotes, decide whom to purchase from, prepare and issue purchase orders, follow up till delivery is got. Try and interact with personnel and customers (both external & internal) users, to find if there are problems with the processes. Make record of your findings. Find how the following are done in the organization. i. ii.

New product development Marketing Promotion Sale – locating customers -Qualifying customers - Contacting customer and making sale - Order filling - Payment Collection iii Operation / Manufacturing The operations/Manufacturing process Raw Materials and conversion Procurement Sores Production planning and control Quality control iv Accounting and Finance A/c systems adopted Source & application of funds Management of payables and receivables Costing system Pricing system Budgeting and budgetary control Financial analysis of a few previous years statements of accounts. v Personnel & HR - Recruiting - Induction - Training – types & where used (process of training) - Performance appraisal system - IR Scenario - Grievances & Grievance handling - Discipline - Separation Study the extent of use of information technology in different departments and also try and ascertain the possibility of its use wherever the use is currently less. Do a SWOT analysis for the organization. Evaluation On return to SMS each students will be required to make a presentation of the study and will also have to submit a written report, which will be used for evaluation. Please also make it a point to send a joining report (By organization Guide/Co-ordinator) from the organization within a week of your reporting for the study . Please mark your attendance daily with the organization Guide. The school shall also contact the organization guide to receive a confidential feedback report about each student at the end of the project.

School of Management Studies Cochin University of Science and Technology Kochi – 22, Kerala

Evaluation Report
Name of Student Name of the Project Name of the Organizations Period of Study : _____________________________________________ : ______________________________________________ : _____________________________________________ : From ___________________ to ______________

To be filled by your Supervisor at the Organization(Kindly tick in the appropriate box) 1. Regularity Very Regular Regular Not regular Seriousness and Very serious & Calls for 2. dedication Serious Dedicated improvement Manners and 3. courtesy Very courteous Courteous Need to improve Ability to 4. understand Very able Able Yet to develop Willingness for Not much 5. hard work Very much willing Willing willingness shown Working towards Does work with 6. an objective Partially focused Needs to focus complete focus

7. 8. 9. 10

Coverage of topics Interest in linkages among functions Capacity to see business as a whole

Very much Exhaustive Very much interested Can conceive business as a whole

Average Shows some interest Somewhat comprehensive view

Patchy Not interested Needs to widenhorizons

OVER ALL PERFORMANCE (Please put your Marks: out of 100) Other Remarks or Suggestions:

Signature of the Supervisor : Name : Office Seal Designation: Organisation:
Please Note: Student is required to bring this form in a sealed envelope, duly filled by the supervisor at the organization.

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