FIRST TIME by Larry R. Boodry Jr.

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FIRST TIME FADE IN: EXT. COW-TOWN BANK CIRCA 1870 - DAY Two RIDERS approach from opposite directions. MATT JONES (28) looks like a cowhand, slouched easily in the saddle, his eyes alert under the brim of his hat. He wears two tied-down guns. KATIE TUCKER (25), her blonde hair long and shaggy, wears jeans, a blouse, and only one gun. They reach the bank, dismount, and tie their horses at the rail. MATT Hi. KATIE (subdued) Hey... MATT You nervous? KATIE A little. MATT Why? KATIE It's my first time-MATT Really? You've never-KATIE No. He looks at her a moment, then shrugs. MATT OK... Matt pulls his kerchief up over his nose and mouth, draws his guns, and waits for Katie to follow suit...Then he opens the door to the bank, and they go in. FADE OUT.

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