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Event Schedule Spokane Area May 2012

May 4 INB Center WSU Graduation - 9:00am May 5 Knitting Factory Cinco de Mayo Celebration 9:00pm May 6 Downtown Spokane Bloomsday Run 9:00am May 8 - Knitting Factory Tech Nine 7:00pm May 10 Knitting Factory Underworld Productions 7:00pm May 11 Spokane Arena Shock vs. New Orleans 8:00pm May 11 Knitting Factory Hell's Belles 7:00pm May 12 Downtown Spokane Jr. Lilac Parade Noon May 12 Knitting Factory Mickey Hart Band 8:00pm May 13 Spokane Arena Gonzaga Graduation 9:35am May 13 Spokane Arena Whitworth Graduation 9:35am May 15 Knitting Factory Social Distortion 7:00pm May 17 Knitting Factory E-40 7:00pm May 18 Knitting Factory Floater 7:00pm May 18 INB Center Grease Sing-A-Long 8:00pm May 18 Spokane Arena Shock vs. Philadelphia 8:00pm May 19 Downtown Spokane Lilac Parade 7:45pm May 19 Knitting Factory Reverend Horton Heat 7:00pm May 22 Knitting Factory Roger Clyne 7:00pm May 24 Knitting Factory Eric Hutchinson 7:00pm May 25 Knitting Factory New Boys 7:00pm May 26 Knitting Factory Girl Talk 8:30pm May 27 INB Center G-Prep Graduation 9:00am May 30 Knitting Factory Pop Evil 7:00pm May 31 Knitting Factory The Pat Coast Band 6:00pm

*All times are start times. Show up 30 min to 1 hour early to intercept and solicit people as they arrive. Petition during and after the event as well, if you chose.