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IPSO Washer (WE55, WE73) TROUBLE SHOOTING For coin operated machines( pink or green cam timer) MALFUNCTION

Probable Cause(s) Loss of power on phase Safety fuse 4 A blown Coin jammed in coin meter Malfunction of coin meter microswitch Coil of contractor R1 interrupted and contact 3(4) R1 fails to shut Contact 23(17) of timer fails to shut Contact 21(19) of timer fails to shut Must shut. .check with ohmmeter Door open or not completely shut and microswitch S of door interlock Pull door handle devise can not work Door switch defective Micromotor M! of the timer interrupted 2. After inserting coins or token, machine starts but pilot-light doesn’t switch on Check with ohm- or voltmeter Check with ohmmeter Close door carefully Replace door switch Replace micromotor M1 or timer as necessary How to Check Check voltage on the three phases separately with test light or voltmeter Check power before and after safety fuse Push button on coin meter : Coin will be rejected Check with voltmeter Check coil with ohmmeter Check if contact is closed when coins or tokens are inserted As soon as micromotor M1 is under current, contact 21(19) Repair contact or replace timer How to Cure Check where power is lost and repair Replace fuse Insert same or new coin again Replace coin meter microswitch Replace coil or contactor as necessary Repair contact or replace timer

Pilot-light defective

Check with ohmmeter or test lamp

Replace pilot-light

Acceleration button is neither closed or open - on intermediate position 3. After inserting coins or token, there is power on the machine but cycle fails to start and no power Contact 8 2 of timer is open No button or wash selector switch is pushed Water level control switch low level is defective, contact 11 Is not closed 12 Or wire to water level control switch is interrupted

Check with ohmmeter : switch must be closed Check defective contact in timer Check button on facial panel Check with ohmmeter if contact 11 is closed when there is no 12 water in tub

Replace acceleration button (switch) Repair contact or replace timer Push button corresponding to selected program Water level control switch has to be replaced or wire replaced or connection with tub cleaned

stays in one phase of operation NOTE This fault is frequent after acceleration button has been used. check if machine is away immediately again via the open draining drain valve. one of the solenoids must be defective Remove wire from motor Check if there is no internal short circuit or if micromotor M3 is not short circuited Remove wires to wash-winding of motor. If there is no short circuit any more.1 or hot water inlet valve I . last spin by pushing the acceleration button. Door not adjusted (mechanically) interlocked when coin Coil R4 is not activated is inserted Door switch S not set correctly 6. Cycle fails to advance at one stage of the cycle Drain valve remains open and timer waits for correct water level. Adjust correctly Coil R4 is interrupted or core can not be attracted. If fuses don’t blow anymore . because contact 13(11)can not close anymore Step of 30” or 2’ of timer is defective Check contact 13 15 11 9 And a b Replace timer 7. After inserting coins or token. Replace defective parts. motor must be defective Check if solenoid A1 A2 of contactor R2 is short circuited Proceed systematically and try to defect fault by elimination Replace defective solenoids of cold water inlet valve I .4 Replace drain valve Replace reversing switch of motor or micromotor M3 as necessary Replace completer motor as both windings(Wash and spin) are built in the same motor. Cycle fails to Micromotor of timer M1 not running advance. If water enters into the machines and flows where the drain valve must be closed. machine starts but fuse of control circuit Short circuit in wash-winding of motor blows immediately Contactor R2(wash) short circuited Short circuit in wiring harness or on terminals of contactor R2 Reversing switch of motor short circuited Remove wires from solenoids of the valves and switch power on again. the requested water level will never be obtained and timer will not advance anymore hinder closing of valve Motor defective : Replace . Set door switch correctly by stretching spring in the cup nut If impossible.1 or hot water inlet valve I . To push once more mostly solves the problem: If machine stops when you pull door handle during operation Try to advance timer by pushing acceleration button Advance timer to e. replace timer or micromotor as necessary Check if door can be opened when machine is under current Door interlock assembly not correctly 5. micromotot of timer must Micromotor of sender M2 not running Replace timer or micromotor be defective.Cold water inlet valve I .4 short circuited Motor of drain valve short circuited 4. Replace solenoid other contactor Insulate short circuit or replace part of wiring harness as necessary Pin of interlock device is not down and doesn’t hook in door handle.g. If machine goes on spinning.

this malfunction is rather rare Remove coin If machine stops. If water stops Replace water level control coming in.5 PSI Check with ohmmeter Check with ohmmeter Take down valve and clean diaphragm. As both contacts are on the same cam.Motor of drain valve receives no power Contact drain in timer 27 29 Doesn’t shut. replace timer Replace solenoid of water inlet valve I-2 or I-7 Replace timer if contacts do not close Clean or replace filters Check if on step 52 contact 19-21 is open or not 8. replace timer Replace solenoid of water inlet valve I-3 If contacts do not close. Water still coming in until overflow and machine still goes on filling Failure of water inlet valves Remove wire from water level control switch. Machine will not fill If it happens during main wash. 53-51. replace microswitch Clean drain valve and remove dirts or foreign piece Contact 27-29 timer defective replace timer Replace solenoid valve I-1 or I4 If contacts do not close. Machine will not The motor of the drain valve is drain. 55-49. If water is still coming in. Machine will not stop at the end of cycle but continues on Microswitch level fails to open owing Coin jammed in coin meter to coin into a new cycle Microswitch short circuited Disconnect wire from coin meter and short circuit to start cycle If water is coming in but machine has not filled after a reasonable length of time. inlet valve I-7 or I-2 could be interrupted Water inlet filters completely clogged Water doesn’t come into the machine Failure of water level control switch 10. Check voltmeter Contactor R1 31(32) defective Replace timer or repair defective contact Replace or repair contactor or replace bridge Replace timer or repair contact. and 39-33 Timer defective : contacts 19-21 and 17-23 are short circuited Drain valve remains open If it occurs during prewash water inlet valve I-1 or I-4 could be interrupted 9. Put together again Put more pressure in the line by installing a pump Replace motor Replace solenoid or contactor as 11. then water level control switch is stuck or there are switch or pipe air leaks in water level pipe Shut off machine completely and let water faucet open. inlet valve I-3 could be interrupted If it happends during the rinses. there must be dirt in the water inlet valve or pressure of the feeding line is below 3. will also fail to interrupted take soap for wash The solenoid of contactor R1 is . drain valve probably remains open Check with ohmmeter valves I-1 and I-4 Check contact 67-69 and 63-57 of timer Check valve I-3 with ohmmeter Check contact 65-71 of timer Check with ohmmeter valves I-2 and I-7 Check contacts 70-68.

Machine will not fill in rinses Failure of inlet valve I-1 or I-7 Check solenoid with ohmmeter in 1st rinse: I-7 +I-1 or Contact 68 or 69 70 67 In 2nd rinse : I-7 Or contact 55 or 39 49 33 . If not. it is possible that soap remains in soap dispenser necessary Replace contactor Repair contact or replace timer Clean drain valve Modify installation as required 12. But if there is a low water level Replace solenoid I-3 control (1 7)cycle will not advance anymore Contact 71 of timer does not 65 close Repair contact or replace timer Replace solenoid or repair contact or replace timer as necessary Replace solenoid or repair contact or replace timer as necessary Replace solenoid or repair 16. During any drain contact 31 32 R1 Must be closed Check on these steps with ohmmeter By removing of drain hose can be checked easily To fill normally pressure should be at least 28 PSI. Inlet valve I-4 is interrupted and cold water only is filling the machine Replace solenoid I-1 or filter of water inlet valve I-1 is fouled and water mixing is not correct anymore Repair contact or replace timer as necessary Replace solenoid I-4 Clean inlet filter Check contact and repair or replace timer Repair connection 13. Water too hot in prewash Malfunction of water mixing 14. Water fill times too long on machines Low water pressure on line Inlet filter fouled Normally inlet valves are filling the machines with 5. Water inlet valve I-1 is interrupted and hot water only is filling the machine Contact 69 of timer does not 67 close anymore Check temperature with thermometer.29ft /min Clean or replace filter Check temperature with thermometer. there will still be water in tub and be careful when opening the door interrupted Contact 31 R1 of the contactor 32 R1 does not close anymore when R1 is attracted Contact 27(29) of the timer does not Close during the steps of drain and spin Drain valve doesn’t shut completely and water is flowing away slowly Check with ohmmeter.and will not spin NOTE: at the end of the cycle. It may not be higher than 40 C. No waterfill (hot) Failure of water inlet valve I-3 in wash As there is no water level control program will go on but soap will remain in soap dispenser. Water too cold in Malfunction of water mixing prewash Water valve I-4 is fouled Contact 69 of timer does not 67 close anymore Electric interruption towards Contact 63(57) of timer 15.

broken or not connected Pulley of motor shaft loose Pulley on cylinder loose [Please feel free to Email Metro Laundry tech anytime when you have or replace timer as necessary 17. short circuit 41 contact R(S) If machine spins.could turn loose Replace water level control switch or clean air pipe to tub Replace drive belt if necessary RE-tighten nuts Fasten limit ring on shaft 21. Motor runs but cylinder doesn’t run Drive belt loose. overdosage with as result that machine fills each time. Excessive vibration 19. Failure of automatic suds control system 18.tighten nuts Replace micromotor M1 or timer as necessary Repair contact or replace timer Repair contact or replace timer Repair contact R(S) of the reversing Switch or replace reversing switch as necessary Replace solenoid or contactor R3 Replace auxiliary contact Nuts on machine mounting bolts loose Foundation appears to be solid but machine is visibly moving Check micromotor M1 with voltmeter or test lamp Check if contact 13(11) is closed Check if contact 13(11) is closed During steps on which contact 47 is closed. this foam can switch on and off water level switch. Entire machine appears to be moving excessively Construct adequate foundation Re. Machine goes on extracting Inadequate dosage of soap Inadequate foundation Contact 47 doesn’t open 41 because micromotor M1 is interrupted Contact 13(11) 30” doesn’t close Contact 47(41) not closed The starting contact R(S) of the Reversing switch not closed If too much soap is used during the extraction foam will open Use adequate soap powder with lid of soap dispenser and water + foam will split over. Machine doesn’t spin Solenoid of contractor R3 interrupted Check with voltmeter Contact 53(54)of R3( auxiliary Contact) not closed during spin (for machines with such a contact) Drain valve fails to open Water level control switch contract 11-12 is open Check with voltmeter When solenoid is accuated check distance of closing part drain Increase compressive force of valve spring by folding it Check with ohmmeter See at back and note condition of drive belt Check if nuts are not loose Check if fastened by limit ring . foam breaker and avoid Moreover. contact R/S is the cause of the malfunction 20.] .