Kirkwood great harvest Summer 2012 Lunch Menu generous sandwiches

Full menu served Mon-Sat 11am—2 pm *THESE SANDWICHES SERVED

All sandwiches are served on your choice of delicious Great Harvest bread and include romaine lettuce, thinly sliced purple onions, salt & pepper and sandwich tomatoes.

100% natural Turkey or ham with swiss…$6.25/(half) $4.25 spicy mustard on one side, light mayonnaise on the other, and a whole lotta’ meat and cheese in between. 100% natural Roast beef with provolone…$6.25/(half) $4.25 ditto. California cobb…$7.25/(half) $5.25 avocado spread on one side, bleu cheese spread on the other, and a stack of thinly sliced turkey with three bacon strips. Our most popular sandwich! Pepper bleu roast beef…$6.95/(half) $5.25 a generous portion of our rare, lean roast beef paired with our savory bleu cheese spread. Makes your mouth water just thinking about it, huh? Harvest veggie….$6.95/(half) $4.75 roasted red pepper spread with cheddar and provolone cheeses, pepper rings, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Very hearty! Marcia’s Tuna salad…$6.95/(half) $4.75 white albacore tuna with a hint of dill, crisp, diced celery and chopped, boiled eggs blended in a seasoned light mayonnaise. The kind momma used to make! Late-For-The-Train Chicken salad…$6.95/(half) $4.75 pieces of white and dark chicken in a seasoned light mayo with not-too-sweet-not-too-spicy pecans and craisins. Almond crunch…$6.25/ (half) $4.25 Almond butter, smashed banana, a sprinkling of our Groovy Granola, and a drizzle of honey. Make it a meal: ADD CHIPS OR FRUIT and COFFEE, TEA OR CANNED SODA Pb&j…$4.55/(half) $2.75

Fresh, tossed salads
“Tomato Bowl” salads (one size only):..$6.25 A generous serving of our tuna or chicken salad stuffed into a sliced ripe, red tomato and served on a bed of greens “everything veggie” salad:..$6.25/(half) $4.25 grape tomatoes, cucumbers, red/yellow/green peppers, purple onions, roasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower and sesame seeds. My big, fat greek salad:..$6.25/(half) $4.25 grape tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onions, whole kalamata olives and a sprinkling of feta cheese, tossed in our Greek Feta dressing. GRILLED CHICKEN ‘N PECANS..$6.95/(half) $4.75 tender slices of grilled chicken breast, Cajun pecans, craisins, purple onions and grape tomatoes.
Salads include a generous slice of any bread from our bread board. Dressings: fat free raspberry, blue cheese, creamy Italian, or Greek feta

Delicious soups
A 12-oz. bowl is

Mon/wed: Country Veggie Tues/thurs: Chicken Tortilla

$5.25 and includes a generous slice of any bread from our bread board.

Fri/Sat: Cr. Of Tomato Bisque

Great harvest bread company * 125 W. Argonne Dr., Kirkwood, MO 63122 * 314.821.1848 Open mon—fri 7 am—6 pm; sat 7 am—4 pm; closed sun

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