NORTHPARK  CENTER  CODE  OF  CONDUCT     NorthPark  Center,  including  its  buildings,  gardens,  parking  garages  and  parking

 lots,  is  private   property.    All  guests  are  expected  to  follow  the  NorthPark  Center  Code  of  Conduct  at  all  times.    Any   person  not  adhering  to  the  Code  of  Conduct  may  be  asked  to  leave  NorthPark  Center.    For  the  safety   and  enjoyment  of  all  guests,  NorthPark  Center  kindly  requests  cooperation  and  courtesy  by  following   the  directions  of  NorthPark  Center  management  and  security  personnel  at  all  times  and  by:     • Accompanying  anyone  17  years  of  age  and  under  by  a  parent  or  legal  guardian  each  evening   beginning  at  6pm,  unless  coming  from  or  going  to  employment  at  NorthPark  Center.     • Any  unaccompanied  person  17  years  of  age  and  under  will  be  asked  to  produce  an   acceptable  form  of  identification.  Acceptable  forms  of  ID  include  state-­‐issued  driver’s   license,  government-­‐issued  work  visa,  passport,  military  ID  and  school  ID  with  date  of  birth   and  a  valid  photograph.    NorthPark  Center  management  and  security  personnel  reserve   the  right  to  ask  for  ID  from  all  parents  and  legal  guardians  to  verify  a  custodial   relationship.   • Parents  and  legal  guardians  are  expected  to  maintain  full  supervision  and  responsibility  for   the  behavior  of  any  person  17  years  of  age  and  under  in  their  care.     • Parents  and  legal  guardians  may  accompany  no  more  than  six  unrelated  persons  17  years   of  age  and  under.     • Any  person  who  fails  to  comply  with  the  request  of  NorthPark  Center  management  or   security  personnel  may  be  asked  to  leave  NorthPark  Center.   • Dressing  appropriately  for  a  family-­‐oriented  shopping  center.    Clothing  must  adequately  cover  the   body.  Visible  undergarments  are  not  permitted.    Clothing  cannot  obscure  the  face  of  any  guest   nor  exhibit  lewd,  obscene,  vulgar  or  offensive  language  or  images.    Guests  may  be  asked  to   remove  masks,  hoods  or  other  clothing  that  obscures  the  face.    Clothing  likely  to  provoke  a   disturbance  or  involve  other  guests  in  open  conflict  is  not  permitted.    Shoes  must  be  worn  at  all   times.   • Respecting  other  guests  by  not  yelling,  screaming,  using  offensive  language  or  gestures,  engaging   in  any  conduct  of  a  sexual  nature,  playing  electronic  devices  loudly  without  headphones,  or   engaging  in  any  disruptive  behavior  that  would  upset,  intimidate,  offend  or  incite  any  other  guest.   • Not  loitering,  congregating,  blocking  access  or  interfering  with  the  movement  of  any  other  guest.   • Not  fighting,  using  any  form  of  physical  force  or  intimidating  other  guests,  regardless  of  intent.   • Not  staging  any  form  of  public  event  or  protest,  soliciting,  or  distributing  information  of  any  kind   without  the  prior  approval  of  NorthPark  Center  management  or  security  personnel.   • Not  leaving  bags  or  baggage  unattended.    Any  unattended  bags  are  subject  to  search  and  possible   seizure.   • Observing  the  hours  of  operation  of  NorthPark  Center  and  its  merchants,  and  promptly  leaving  at   the  close  of  business  hours  or  as  otherwise  directed  by  NorthPark  Center  management  or  security   personnel.   • Respecting  the  physical  property  of  NorthPark  Center  by  not  littering,  damaging,  defacing  or   abusing  the  buildings,  artwork,  landscaping  or  other  structure  or  property.   • Not  sitting  or  climbing  on  artwork,  planters  and  plantings,  railings,  walkways,  escalators  or  any   other  area  not  intended  for  sitting.   • Not  using  motorized  scooters,  skateboards,  rollerblades,  Heelys  or  similar  items  within  NorthPark   Center  or  on  sidewalks,  unless  required  for  health  reasons.   • Not  smoking  in  NorthPark  Center  or  CenterPark  Garden.     • Not  consuming  alcoholic  beverages  outside  of  restaurants  licensed  to  serve  alcohol  by  the  Texas   Alcoholic  Beverage  Commission.  Guests  are  not  allowed  to  bring  alcohol  on  NorthPark  property.  

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•   NorthPark  Center  management  and  security  personnel  reserve  the  right  at  any  time  to  disperse   crowds  or  remove  any  person  or  groups  of  people  from  any  area  of  the  property  when  necessary  or   otherwise  deemed  appropriate.    Any  person  engaged  in  any  unlawful  activity  may  face  criminal   prosecution.     Guests  are  strongly  encouraged  to  report  any  behavior  that  is  not  in  compliance  with  the  Code  of   Conduct  to  NorthPark  Center  management  or  security  personnel  at  (214)  363-­‐7441.     NorthPark  Center  respects  the  rights  of  all  individuals  and  pledges  the  equitable  enforcement  of   these  rules,  reserving  the  right  to  define  and  interpret  conduct  that  may  be  unacceptable  and  to   modify  the  terms  of  the  Code  of  Conduct  at  any  time.       NorthPark  Center  appreciates  your  cooperation  in  adhering  to  the  Code  of  Conduct.  

Parking  only  in  designated  areas.  No  unauthorized  overnight  parking  or  camping  is  permitted.     Obtaining  prior  consent  from  NorthPark  Center  management  or  security  personnel  for   photography  or  videography  of  any  artwork  or  storefronts.    Photographing  or  videotaping  other   guests  without  their  consent  is  also  prohibited.   Using  only  service  animals  that  are  essential  for  personal  safety  and  access.    


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