Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum
PO Box 400 Madrid, NY 13660 On May 5, 2012 three machines built in the late 1800s arrived at our Museum, a gift from the Log Cabin Village, a living history museum of the city of Ft. Worth, Texas. The three machines were once used to refine buckwheat and include a shucker, a separator/cleaner, and a sifter. These produced buckwheat flour for cooking and animal feed. The machines will be a focal point in a new exhibit at the Museum featuring the use of grains and related crops as they were once produced and used more than a century ago. The shucker was manufactured about 1885 in Silver City, New York while the separator and sifter were made in Chambersburg, PA. They will be on display at the Museum’s 30th Annual Antique Gas & Steam Engine Exhibition on the 9th and 10th of June. The Log Cabin Village blog site explains how the trip began over 40 years ago in Massachusetts. Find their exciting story at . The arrival of the machines culminates nearly 1 1/2 years of planning. A special thanks goes to Director Kelli Pickard and Educator/Collections Manager Rena Lawrence of the Log Cabin Village museum for making it happen. e

The truck arrives at the Museum as rain threatens. Ken Tupper carefully unloads the buckwheat shucker (left). Jim McGraw directs its placement in the horse building (lower right). The machine had been well wrapped for its long trip.

The separator/cleaner was removed from the truck and placed in the horse building (left).

The flour sifter is the last machine unloaded and placed in the horse equipment building (above and right).

The unloading crew: (l-r) Trustee Ken Tupper, Asst. Treasurer Lee Dezell, former President and Trustee Dave Baker, Trustee Reg Chester, Secretary/Trustee Roger Austin, and Collection Management Committee Co-Chair Jim McGraw.
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