1Dear Friend, Thank you for obtaining these Free Samples of Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP Systems, and

congratulations on taking this first step to make the rest of your life the best of your life. In these Free Lessons you will learn from the leader in the mind training field how to find the powerful Alpha Brain Wave Level and use it to help you: * Maintain ideal health * Enjoy fulfilling and beneficial relationships * Acquire the money and resources that you need for yourself and your family * Succeed at your mission in life You will learn specific techniques to help you: * Relax and relieve stress to improve your health, your relationships, your abundance and prosperity, and your success in life * Use the Alpha Level to detect and analyze information better so that you will make more correct decisions and be right more often * Use visualization and imagination to correct problems and to program yourself for success * Detect hidden information with your natural God-given intuition * Obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to make sure that you are doing the right thing * Achieve success in fulfilling your unique purpose in life Learn from the acknowledged leader in the field You are just moments away from joining Jose Silva in class and sitting at the feet of the master, the scientist who is responsible for the lifechanging consciousness movement that literally changed the consciousness of humanity over the last 50 years.

It was Jose Silva who succeeded where everyone who came before him had failed when he found a way to teach all of us how to use our mind the way the ultra successful people do. The Silva UltraMind ESP System and his Holistic Faith Healing System are the only authentic course of Jose Silva that have not been changed or altered by someone else after his passing. Why are some people so successful? If you are like me, you have probably wondered why some people seem to have all the luck, while others experience hardship, disappointment, and failure. It is not just education, we all know “educated fools.” It is not all about who you know, or lucky breaks. We have all watched people blow their big break and squander wonderful opportunities. The one advantage that they all possessed is how they use their mind. Discovering the power of the Alpha brainwave level Jose Silva began studying psychology to find a way to help his children do better in school. His research led him to hypnosis, and eventually to an electronic instrument that measures the electrical activity of the brain: the electroencephalograph, or EEG for short. He had learned to repair radios when he was 14 years old. His electronics expertise, along with his study of psychology, hypnosis, and music, gave him a unique set of tools that allowed him to see the actual interaction of the electronic frequencies of the brain, with the functioning of the mind and human behavior. Using the EEG, he observed that the brains of the most successful people would go to the alpha brain wave level when they were analyzing information and searching for a solution. This made sense to him, since the alpha frequencies are the strongest and most synchronous of all the brain frequencies. The strongest circuit is

the one with the least resistance, and he reasoned that the less resistance, the better you can think. He tested his theory with his children, and with other people he worked with. He would guide them to the alpha level and sure enough, they gave more correct answers, and they solved more problems. Alpha advantages There are many benefits of learning to do your thinking at alpha, the center of the brain frequency spectrum - the center of the brain. When you are centered, you have access to more information - more information is within reach. When you are centered you can use both your logical left-brain hemisphere, and your creative and intuitive right brain hemisphere. Using just the left brain hemisphere, like 90 percent of people do, is like using only one leg. When you use both of your legs you can move much better and faster than when you use just one. The improvements you will experience when you start using both brain hemispheres is just as dramatic. Successes from the very first day: Here is are some typical success stories from people who have learned Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP Systems: * “I shut off the recorded Centering Exercise and continued on my own, asking the questions of ultimate purpose. I was amazed at what flooded in. All sorts of things, some very unexpected and including at least one observation about the UltraMind program.” -Max in Texas * “Not only do I feel serene and peaceful but some of my physical ailments are getting better or I should say better and better.” -Linda Williams

* “I went to sleep last night and all fired up after reading in the UltraMind book. I used the countdown and assumed I was in Alpha. This morning I got great news at work: I was told my artwork was approved to be framed in a style I could never afford and that the mural I painted was indeed going to be well compensated. This came minutes after I had offered my art work as a Thank you to my company CEO, having been inspired by Jose Silva's words about the secret of the wealthy: to give!” -Dennis in North Carolina * After being unemployed for three years, Jeanetta Wright found a job with a little help from higher intelligence. * Pablo Herrera of Peru used ESP to improve his relationship with his mother-in-law. * Steve Mayes of Dallas, Texas, got a bonus from somebody else’s boss. A “new way of living” Jose Silva's prescription for successful life is simple: * Be healthy * Solve problems and correct abnormalities * Leave behind a better world for those who follow People who are centered, who function at the powerful alpha brain wave level, use both their logical left brain hemisphere and also their creative and intuitive right brain hemisphere, experience many benefits: * They are Healthier, have natural healing powers * Solve more problems * Luckier * Have fewer accidents * Are more creative and intuitive * Fast learning because of good memory * Easy adjustment to any environment or circumstance * Correct decision making the majority of the time * Good guesses because of naturally enhanced intuition * Are more successful in life What you must do to succeed

In order to succeed, you must do your part. To gain the full benefits of Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System you need to: * Practice for 15 minutes a day... relaxing * Apply what you learn to specific problems that need to be solved, and abnormalities that need to be corrected * Remember that the world wasn’t created for just one person, and that we get what we want and need by correcting problems and helping others get what they want and need What you can expect from this free mini-course Now you can quickly and easily create your own successes, just like thousands of others have done before you. Here is what you can expect when you practice what you learn in this first lesson: * You will feel more relaxed and less tense, more energetic, optimistic, and hopeful * You will find it easier to get up in the morning and greet the new day * People will respond better to you because you are projecting a more relaxed and positive attitude * Your work will go a little more smoothly because you are more relaxed and optimistic, and because you are beginning to take advantage of the powerful Alpha levels where there is more information you can use to help you make better decisions * You will find it easier to fall asleep at night What does your future hold As you continue to learn more of the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems techniques, you will experience many more benefits. After you practice the Silva Centering Exercise and learn to reach the

alpha level, we will cover ESP - what it is and how you can use it to detect “hidden” information, and correct stubborn problems. Later you will learn how to use visualization and imagination to correct problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve success. You will learn how to communicate with higher intelligence and obtain guidance and support to help you correct problems and fulfill your purpose in life. Your current assignment I want you to practice the Silva Centering Exercise 3 times over the next couple of days, then we will cover ESP and take you on your first introductory “remote viewing” exercise. I will check back with you tomorrow to see how you are doing, and to answer some questions you may have about the Centering Exercise after you have had an opportunity to practice it. To get started with the Silva Centering Exercise right now go to http://SilvaNow.com/ It you want to go ahead and obtain the Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar immediately go to http://SilvaNow.com/products.htm To find an Instructor and classes in your area, please visit http://SilvaInstructors.com/ Thank you again for taking this first step in making the rest of your life, the best of your life. Yours in service to humanity, Katherine Watson with Ed Bernd Jr. Jose Silva Jr.

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