Easterling Battle Company

Upon Khand’s northern border and shrouded in mystery to western eyes, are the Rhûnish lands -- home of those know as “Easterlings.” Were most of the Dark Lords vassals, even the brutish Trolls and cankerous Orcs, submit to his rule chiefly through fear, these Easterlings worship Sauron as a noble and vengeful deity to be praised above all others, and honor the wights and wraiths that share in his power. Beyond argument is that the Easterlings are a fierce and well-disciplined force upon the battlefields of Middle-earth, their warriors trained beyond reproach in the arts of sword, spear and bow and governed by a complex system of honor that is all but impenetrable and seemingly contradictory to outsiders. Children are schooled in war from the time they can wield a blade and uniquely in the Mannish realms of Middleearth, the Easterling womenfolk fight alongside the men as equals. Without question theirs is a nation dedicated to war for the greater glory of Sauron. Of all the Battle Companies that further the cause of the Dark Lord, the Easterlings are the most dedicated. While other less-focused warriors might deviate from their task to accomplish personal vendettas, the Easterlings are totally committed. With expertly crafted armor and iron discipline, they are always foes to be feared.

Easterling Starting Force 2x Easterling Warriors with Bows 2x Easterling Warriors with Spear and Shield 3x Easterling Warriors with Sword and Shield

Easterling Equipment Options Shield Bow Spear Easterling Halberd (Hero Only) Armored Horse (Hero Only)

1 1 1 1 2

Troop Type Easterling Warrior

Easterling Promotion Option Promotion Option Easterling Kataphrakt. All equipment/statistics are exchanged for that of an Easterling Kataphrakt.

Easterling Influence Table 1...No Result 2...Easterling Warrior with Shield 3...Easterling Warrior with Spear and Shield 4...Easterling Warrior with Bow 5...Choose one of the above 6...Easterling Kataphrakt

Blade Lord. Easterling Warriors are trained to fight from childhood. A Hero with this skill has learned to detect swordplay tricks. When determining the winner of a fight, no enemy model may benefit from re-rolls for banners or special rules (except those bestowed by magical means). Also, the Hero cannot be forced to re-roll any of his own dice under any circumstances. Any Easterling Hero can select this special rule instead of rolling for a new special rule on one of the existing tables.

v1.0; April 23, 2008

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