**Escapism: He wasn’t lost, not really. In fact he was right where he needed to be.

He had become useless in his past life- he could see in her eyes that she no longer recognized him. He knew her secrets. They had told him when he arrived. They had comforted and welcomed him unquestioningly when he had been running. Was he running away? No! Those outside people could not comprehend his powerTHEY were jealous! The walls had told him- that’s why he stayed.

(What kind of comfort can they give him? Make sure it is not too fantastic, but that the walls speaking are a projection of his own fears/ terrors/paranoia) Terror: I wanted to love you. You told me you cared. I fed your children even knowing that you were still dating their mommas. I became your friend, your lover, your caretaker, your support, and finally your enemy- your fists replaced your kiss. I’m sorry I told the cops- I couldn’t let you bring your customers around the kids anymore. I didn’t mean to destroy your operation, but you were destroying

everything I loved, including yourself. I tried to stay and explain, but you wouldn’t have let me out alive. I had to leave. I’ve gone to the one place you won’t think to look for me- the last place I remember feeling safe. Grounding: “Do you remember when we were kids always sneaking up here on weekends trying to make contact with the spirits of the walls?”

you were so sure that your Ouija board would bring us in contact with ‘the other side.’ In all honestly. Your head was crammed full of ghost stories.” “Do you remember the time we came here the summer before we left for college?” . I always thought that was a load of crap.“Hah. I loved coming here though.

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