Installing  OEM  Remote  Central  Locking  In  A  VW  Polo  9N  02  -­‐  05  

  This  guide  is  for  installing  Remote  Central  Locking  in  a  Polo  9N  with  only  original  VAG   parts,  no  3rd  party  rubbish,  by  StringsOnFire.  Big  thanks  go  to  Greid  on  ClubPolo  for   guiding  me  through  the  process.    


After  a  lot  of  research,  I  still  couldn’t  find  a  decent  Remote  Central  Locking  kit  for  my   car,  a  9N  Polo  04.  I  wanted  a  flip  key  for  pocket  space  (and  awesome  factor).  All  of   the  Remote  Central  Locking  kits  are  cheap,  however,  and  therefore  so  are  the  fobs.   Not  cool.  So  I  posted  on  about  OEM  Remote  Central  Locking,  and  the   day   I   was   about   to   give   up   after   no   luck   at   the   stealers,   Greid   responded   and   has   since   put   up   with   all   my   questions,   having   already   done   the   upgrade   himself.   So   this   is  me  giving  back  to  the  Polo  community.  Hope  it  helps!    

Requirements   • Car  

o Volkswagen   Polo   9N,   02   -­‐   05.   Maybe   9N3,   I   can’t   confirm   it.   Check   part   numbers   and   see   if   they’re   the   same.   Have   ALL   of   your   keys   to   hand,  including  spares.  You  need  to  reprogram  ALL  of  them.  

• VCDS-­‐Lite  (I  paid  £13  on  eBay)  

o Diagnostic  Software  by  Ross-­‐Tech,  successor  of  VAG-­‐COM   o You  need  a  FULL  license  to  make  changes  (Google  is  your  friend)   o You’ll  need  a  K-­‐Line  Diagnostics  Cable.  Search  eBay  for  ‘VAG-­‐COM’   o This  does  things  VCDS-­‐Lite  can’t,  such  as  getting  the  immobiliser  PIN   o Get  the  cable  on  eBay  (it’s  not  the  same  as  the  VAG-­‐COM  cable)   o Get  version  2.5.  Version  3.01  didn’t  work  for  me   o Part  #6Q0  959  433  E   o Mine  was  used  from  a  Skoda  Fabia   o You  may  also  need  a  couple  cable  ties  (see  step  7.)   o FOB  and  flip  blade  mechanism.  Easier  to  buy  as  one   o Part  #1JO  959  753  DA  (MUST  be  ‘DA’  model  to  work  with  the  ECU!)   o Part  AKTP2  on  for  £3.50  +  VAT  

• VagTacho  (I  paid  £27  on  eBay)  

• Remote  Central  Locking  ECU  (I  paid  £25  on  eBay)  

• 3-­‐Button  Flip  Blade  Remote  (I  paid  £20  on  eBay)  

• Transponder  for  the  new  key  fob  (Mine  came  with  the  FOB)   • Key  blade  for  VW  Flip  key  (I  paid  £6.50)   • Money  
o Copied  from  your  current  key   o Go  to  to  have  it  cut  from  a  digital  photo   o Enough   for   the   above.   I   paid   £91.50,   but   I   had   no   VAG-­‐COM   and   VagTacho,  and  I  didn’t  wait  for  cheap  listings  on  eBay.  Greid  did  the   lot  for  £40.  Shop  around!  


Installing  OEM  Remote  Central  Locking  In  A  VW  Polo  9N  02  -­‐  05            


Method   1.   Remember.   Under   ‘Select   ECU’.   the   key   is   not   capable   of   being  adapted  to  Immobilizer.   Go   Back]  [Close   Controller.  This  5  digit  number  is   your  immobiliser  login.  I  ordered  mine  used   on   eBay.  If  the  fields   are   all   zero.   Go   Back   -­‐   06]  Do   not   switch   off   the   ignition!   Allow   the   car   to   sit   for   AT   LEAST   the   number   of   minutes   that   were   indicated  by  the  display  in  Group  024   [Select]    [17  -­‐  Instruments]  [Meas.   Enter   a   "new   value"   (again   use   up   and   down.   Be  sure  at  least  to  check  the  new  key  to  make  sure  you  have  the  right   transponder.   turn   on   the   ignition   and   open   VagTacho. Make   sure   VCDS-­‐Lite   and   VagTacho   are   both   working. Assemble  your  key  fob.  Go  Back]   [Login  -­‐  11]  Enter  the  5-­‐digit  PIN  [Do  It!]     [Adaptation   -­‐   10]    Enter   21   in   "Channel   Number"  [Read]  The   "Stored   Value"   is   the   number   of   keys   currently   matched.5   V   or   higher.   Blocks   -­‐   08]  Group   024  [Go!]  Any   numbers   displayed   in   fields   1-­‐4   represent   the   time   in   minutes   that   must  be  counted  down  before  the  Immobilizer  is  unlocked.  You  can  check  each  key  in  this  manner.  so  credit  goes  there.   skip   to   step   5.   These   are   for   the   most   part   the   instructions   found   on   the  Ross-­‐Tech  website.   Enter   "new   value"   (use   up   and   down.   If   value   is   not   1.   3.   with   a   new   transponder   fitted   already   and   the   retention   pin   out   awaiting  the  new  key  blade.   so   I   didn’t  check.   If   the   Immobilizer   is   locked:  [Done.   [Select]    [17   -­‐   Instruments]  [Meas.  which  I  then  fitted.   4.  Unplug.  Write  it  down  and  add  a  0  to  the  front  of  it.  Blocks  -­‐  08]  Group  024  [Go!]  Make   sure  all  fields  are  zero  [Done.  including  any  existing  keys  [Save]           2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Installing  OEM  Remote  Central  Locking  In  A  VW  Polo  9N  02  -­‐  05             2   .   don’t   type   it)   corresponding   to   the   total   number   of   keys   to   be   matched.  choose  ‘VDO  NEW’.   Blocks   -­‐   08]  Group   022  [Go!]  The   value   in   field   3   must   be   1. Plug   in   with   VCDS-­‐Lite.  I  can’t  help  you  much  with  this.  but  feel  free.   It   usually   is.   This   clears   out   the   old   key-­‐matchings. Plug   in   to   the   car.  This  process  is  for  matching  keys   with  Immobiliser  III  in  the  Instrument  Cluster:   1) The   car's   battery   voltage   must   be   12.   don’t   type   it)   of   0  [Save].  ‘Connect’  to  the  ECU  and  use  it  to  retrieve  your  4   digit  PIN.   You   can   check   to   make   sure   a   key   has   the   correct   transponder   in   it   by:   [Select]    [17   -­‐   Instruments]  [Meas.   they   can   only  connect  to  your  car  if  the  ignition  is  ON.     2.

 There  is  a  single  torx  screw   holding  it  in  place.   The   transponder   chips   have   been   written   already.  repeat  step  6. Remove  your  old  central  locking  ECU.   Connect   the   wire(s).   3           Installing  OEM  Remote  Central  Locking  In  A  VW  Polo  9N  02  -­‐  05             .   Click   "Recode   -­‐   07"   and   enter   the   soft   coding   you   wrote   down.   a.   such   as   auto-­‐ lock/unlock  and  indicator  flashing. Remove  the  air  vent  from  the  driver’s  footwell.   8.  but   don’t   type   in   the   new   values.   Secure   with   cable   ties   if   you  broke  the  clips.7) [Done. Click   "Adaptation   -­‐   10"   to   change   the   locking   settings.  locate  and  connect  to  the  ECU  (46  -­‐   Central   Convenience)   and   write   down   the   ‘Soft   Coding’.   Go   Back   -­‐   06]  Switch   ignition   off   and  remove  key   Insert  the  next  key  to  ignition  and  switch  ignition  on.   I   think   there’s   one   for   3   doors   and   2   for   5   doors.  In  VCDS-­‐Lite.   changes   to   ‘new   key’   when   you   use   the   up/down   buttons  to  select  the  values.   Disconnect   the   wire(s).  If  you  have  a  LHD  car.  located  behind  the  (blue)  clutch  pedal   switch.  you  won’t  have  a  hard  job.   Notice   that   box   one.  The  ECU  is  secured  in  it’s  own   holder.   Go   Back]  [Close   Controller. With driver's window down and all doors closed.  Remove  the  ECU  before  unplugging  it.  Switch  ignition   off  and  remove  key.   Now   it   will   work  with  your  car.   as   you   did   earlier. Time  to  program  the  remote.   I   can’t   give   you   too   much   detail  here  as  my  uncle  did  this  part  for  me.   10.   This   code   tells   the   ECU   the   number   of   doors   and   central   locking   mode.  You  can  select  single  door   mode   or   all   locks   mode.  If  the  immobilizer  light  flashes.   9.   replacement. put the old key in the ignition and turn the electrics on.  the  ECU   is   orientated   so   you   can   unplug   the   cables   first   and   slide   out   the   ECU.  The  Immobilizer   warning  light  will  light  up  about  a  second. Connect   to   the   new   central   locking   ECU   with   VCDS-­‐Lite.   7. All  of  your  keys  now  work.  but  not  when  you  type  them   Repeat   step   8   with   each   key   until   all   keys   have   been   matched.     Replace   it   with   the.  according  to  the  pop-­‐up  VCDS-­‐Lite  displays.   Though   I   think   single   lock   mode   kind   of   spoils   the   point   of   central   locking…  Unplug  from  the  car  and  unplug  your  battery  too   6.   but   that’s   fine   because   they’ve  been  written  to  the  car  you’re  programming  them  to  anyway   8) 9)     5.   erm.   The   third   socket   is   presumably   for   the   OEM   alarm.  then  go  out.  Exit  and  unplug.   use   up/down   to   select   them.   So   write   down   the   altered   version   if   changing   the   mode.   ‘old   key’.   which   in   turn   clips   onto   a   larger   frame.   You   can   change   this   code.  You  may  have  to  break  the  clips   holding   it   in   place.   Reconnect  your  battery.

    c. Press unlock on the remote. wait a couple of seconds and press it again   Installing  OEM  Remote  Central  Locking  In  A  VW  Polo  9N  02  -­‐  05             4   .     Congrats!  You  now  have  full  VW  central  locking.  and  not  a  third  party  in  sight!   b. Lock the driver’s door from the outside with the fob key.

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