Use case name: Conduct Interview ID:5 Importance level: High Primary actor: Employer and Jobseekers Trigger: Employer initiate the interview process at a specified time Type:External / Temporal Major Inputs Description 1.Employer’s Questions 2. Responses to employer’s questions 3. Match Details

Source Employer

Major Outputs Description 1. Employer’s Questions 2. Responses to employer’s questions

Destination Jobseeker Employer

Job Seeker

Archive Data Store

Major Steps Performed 1. Employer initiate interview process and jobseeker respond 1.1 Question and answer continues

Information for Steps Match date, qualification, skill, certification Employer’s questions Jobseeker’s responses

1 Employer Employer’s questions Conduct Interview Job Seeker Responses to employer’s questions D3 Job Seeker Match Details Achive Data Store .Responses to employer’s questions Employer Employer’s Questions 5.

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