Slurs adalah pengucapan kata2 yang dipersingkat dan bersifat informal, jadi hanya digunakan secara santai dan

verbal. Apaan sih Word Slurs? Apa kalian pernah dengar wanna, gotta, gonna, sorta, dll? Selain 4 slurs itu, masih banyak slurs lainnya. Coulda [ˈkʊɾə] - could have. Arti: bisa dilakukan, tapi tidak dilakukan. He could have begun(v3), but he waited for me instead. Musta [ˈmʌstə] - must have. Arti: pasti sudah terjadi. It must have rained (v3) last night because the streets are wet. Shoulda [ˈʃʊɾə]-should have.Arti:seharusnya dilakukan, tp gak dilakukan. He shoulda called (v3) the police when the robbers came. Woulda [ˈwʊɾə] - would have. Arti: pasti akan, u/ conditional3 » andai dulu (if+S+had+V3) pasti akan (S+would have+V3). Cth: If I had had enough money, I would have flown to Europe. A lotta [əˈlɑɾə] - a lot of. Arti: banyak, bisa u/ countable&uncountable noun. I might not have a lotta money, but I have a happy life. Kinda [ˈk ɾə] - kind of. Arti: agak. He doesn't talk much. He's kinda shy. Outta [ˈ ʊɾə] - out of. Arti: Now that's enough bullshit! Get outta here right away! Sorta [ˈsɔɹɾə] - sort of. Arti: agak. It sort of makes sense the way he explains it, but I still don't really understand. Gonna [ˈɡʌnə] - going to. Arti: akan, u/ future tense (S+going to+v1). Nothing's gonna change my love for you. Gotta [ˈɡɑɾə] - (have) got to. Arti: harus, diikuti v1, synonym - Must. I must go. I've got to go. I gotta go. Gotta [ˈɡɑɾə] - (have) got a. Arti: punya sebuah, diikuti single countable noun. I gotta feeling that today's gonna be a good day. Hafta [ˈhæftə] - have to. Arti: harus, diikuti v1, synonym - Must. I must be there by 10PM. I have to be there by 10PM Wanna [ˈwɑɾə] - want to. Arti: ingin/mau, diikuti v1. I wanna go to the mall, will you give me a ride? Oughta [ˈɔɾə] - ought to. Arti: harus, seharusnya, kemungkinan besar. They ought to finish the construction by next week.

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