Citizenship Verification for Voter Registrants July 21, 2011 Meeting

Out of almost 12.4 million registered voters, DHSMV identified 9.9 million matching driver records based on DL number, full SSN, or full name/date of birth/gender. Of the 9.9 million matching records, approximately 1,500 voters are flagged as nonimmigrants in the DHSMV database, based on documentation the driver presents to DHSMV for driver license issuance. Almost 184,000 are flagged as immigrants.

Action Items: 1. DHSMV will attempt to match the almost 2.4 million unmatched records by calculating a 12-digit driver license number with the data provided. The goal is to reduce the number of unmatched records.

2. DHSMV will send a list of voters to DOS for which the department’s database indicates that the person is deceased. Approximately 27,000 individuals on the voter registration list are marked as deceased in DHSMV’s database. DOS will attempt to reconcile and determine why their records and ours differ. 3. Dr. Salas and DOS staff will work toward notifying the 1,500 known nonimmigrants that they are not legally authorized to vote. DHSMV will assist with the notification and appeal process where necessary. 4. DHSMV has recommended that the entire known immigrant population be reverified through the DHS SAVE program. In a small sample, we found that approximately 80% of identified immigrants have become citizens. The goal of re-verifying these through SAVE would be to capture the most current citizenship status in order not to alienate a voter’s rights. DOS is considering this recommendation and must determine if DHSMV will process the data through SAVE or whether DOS will do that directly. Either way requires a contract with DHS and batch programming and coordination with DHS IT staff. DOS will pay the $0.50 per inquiry. We have since provided a copy of the current contract between DHSMV and DHS to DOS for their review. 5. DHSMV and DOS must establish a process for new voter registrants. DHSMV currently verifies DLs for new voter registrants and processes voter registrant SSNs through SSA electronically for verification. We have discussed that we can modify the existing process to include citizenship data, but that any immigrant status would likely need to be re-verified through SAVE (this relates to an on-going process for #4).

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