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Dear All: This email is about Shree Rama’s horoscope. Please let me first recall how this all started so we get the context about why we are into this topic now. After the discussions on the Cosmology Lessons from chapter 8 of the Gita, see , and all the related and interesting digressions, I just wanted to call attention to why the sun and moon are called “planets” and
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included in the list of Navagrahas (Nine Planets) in our pooja rituals. The word “graha” actually means “being held”. Something is being held: such as planet, by the sun’s force of gravity, or the moon, by the earth’s force of gravity. Is the sun itself being held? Is the sun fixed and do the planets orbit the sun? That is what we think. But, that would be like saying that the earth is fixed and only the moon is orbiting the earth. May be that is what it might seem like if we lived on the moon and had no concept of life on earth! But, it turns out that the sun is only one of hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. There are many more stars, more massive stars, closer to what is known as the galactic center. The sun, with its family of planets, is moving very very slowly about the galactic center (takes millions of years for one such complete orbit!) This was the purpose of the Navagraha document, which soon turned into a discussion of how the “Universe” was preparing itself to welcome Baby Krishna. This is described in Canto 10, chapter 3, verse 1 to 7 of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Then, the question naturally arose, “Did the Universe also prepare itself to receive Lord Rama?” My response was that the difference in the descriptions of the birth of Rama (in Valmiki RamayaNam) and Krishna (in Srimad Bhagavatam) reflects, at least in my humble opinion, the nature of the two “avatarams”. Krishna is Bhagavan Himself – KrishNas tu Bhagavan swayam (Canto 1, chapter 3, verse 28 of Srimad Bhagavatam) but Rama is one-half human and only one-half divine (VishNoraardham, says Valmiki). Hence, Valmiki describes the divinity of Rama, and also His human nature, by providing us with a complete description of His divine horoscope. This is stated beautifully in just a couple of slokas which give all the details. Valmiki also provides the “janma nakshtra” for the other three brothers of Rama. The janma nakshtra for Rama, as many know, is Punarvasu. This is stated by Valmiki in a coded fashion by naming the “adhidevata” for the nakshatram (it is Aditi). But, the nakstram for Bharata is given explicitly as Pushya, and indirectly again for LakshmaNa and Shatrughna (twin
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brothers, born to Sumitra, who drank the “paayasam” from the Putrakaameshtti yajnam two times – first passed on to her by Kausalya and then again by Kaikeyi) by referring to its characteristic (kuleere abhyudite).

Sita Kalyanam celebration at a temple in Kaliyuga 1_LORD_RAMA_18946f.jpg&imgrefurl= =134&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dlord%2Brama%2Bsita%2Bmarriage%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3D u&zoom=1&q=lord+rama+sita+marriage&docid=Nr8NXJjNDCuuBM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t1GsT7u ONYbV0QHN34C_BA&ved=0CHMQ9QEwAw&dur=230

There is no other human horoscope like Shree Rama’s horoscope. I am not an astrologer but did study this topic at one point (especially after 1998 for a couple of years, even got a couple of nice books on Vedic astrology). They say if one aspires to become a good astrologer, one should do two things. First, study Shree Rama’s horoscope. Then study one’s own horoscope and fully understand these two.

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Only then is one ready to understand horoscopes of others – like we will soon be getting into this year – Romney versus Obama horoscopes! ☺ The relevant slokas from the Baala Kandam of the Valmiki RamayaNam are given below. Indeed, these are among the most well-known slokas of the entire RamayaNam (because of the description of the horoscopes). Tatashca dwaadashE maasE caitre naavamikE tithau ll NakshatrEditi daivatyE swoccha samstEshu pancasu l


ll l

GrahEshu karkatE lagnE Vaakpataa Vidunaa saha ll ProdyamaanE Jagannaatham Sarvaloka namaskrutam l

ll l
Kauslayaa-janayat Raamam DivyalakshaNa samyutam ll VishNOrardham Mahaabhaagam putram Aikshvaaku-nandanam l S

ll l

Then after three more slokas, we find the following about the three other babies born to the other queens. PushyE jaatastu BharatO MeenalagnE prasannadheeh l SaarpE jaatau tu Sowmitree kuleerEbhyudite ravau ll

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l ll
And then (i.e., after the completion of the yajna performed by King Dasharatha with the specific goal of being blessed with progeny), in the 12th month following, in the month of Caitra, in the ninth day of the fortnight, with the nakshatra lord (daivata) being Aditi, with the Ascendant (Lagna) being situated in Cancer (karkate) in which were placed Jupiter (Vaakpati) and the moon, with all the other planets being either in their own (swa) or exalted (uccha) positions, the Queen Kausalya gave birth to Raama. He was embodied with all divine signs. He was indeed Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe, resplendent in every way, receiving the obeisances of all the worlds, He was one-half of Vishnu (Kausalya had drank one-half of the pot filled with “paasyasam” from the yajna), endowed with all Great fortunes, the divine son who brought immeasurable joy to the whole dynasty of Ikshvaaku. Thus, ends the description of the birth of Rama. Then we are told that Bharata was born to Kaikeyi when the nakshatram was Pushya. He would be the upholder of truth and a warrior par excellence. He was verily one-fourth of Vishnu (Kaikeyi had received one-fourth of the paasyasam). Then were born the twin brothers LakshmaNa and Shatrughna to Sumitra (she had received the paayasam twice), when the constellation of Aslesha (Kuleera) was ascendant. (This is the indirect statement of the nakshatrams for these twins.) What was the exact time of the day when Rama born? If the Sun is situated in Aries, the time would be sunrise if the ascendant was also Aries. (Mahatma Gandhi is an example of a famous personality who was born with the sun and the ascendant in the same sign, of Libra, since he was born around sunrise time.) The time can be calculated using this information. Also, since the nakshatram is fixed as Punarvasu, the time can also be calculated, if one is so inclined. However, all of these speculations are naïve at best, if not downright foolish. We must remember that we are dealing here with a divine personality who appeared in a human form. The exalted nature of all the
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planets tells us His divinity. In the Naama RamayaNam that we sing often, we encounter a line “Kaalaatmaka Parameshwara Raam”. Time lies in His control. It cannot act of its own accord without His consent. So, all planets are in their best possible positions. The time of birth is what He chooses and whatever it is, it is the most auspicious. In the Srimad Bhagavatam, we are told that there was a full moon in the sky when baby Krishna appeared. How could this be, if the tithi was ashtami, the eighth day of the fortnight? So, arguments such as tithi being navami and therefore 108 degrees must separate the moon and the sun (since 360 degrees cover the full 12 houses of the zodiac) are naïve, if not foolish, to say the least. (Such arguments have been made, see later.) We are told by Valmiki that the month was Caitra (so Sun must be in Aries) and that the moon was in Cancer (in an exalted position) and so they were. Our common perceptions of time and how the planets and their satellites move are totally irrelevant! How can the Sun NOT be in Aries (as some have argued using the tithi calculations) if the month is Caitra? VishNorardham Mahaabhaagam … He was one-half of Vishnu and endowned with the greatest of fortunes. All the pain and suffering that He went through in His life, His marriage and separation from His lovely wife and eventual permanent separation from Her, were NOT due to planetary influences. This is a foolish way to look at the whole story. They are all His divine lilas so that we might learn how to live the life of the ideal human being. This is where the RamayaNam begins – with the question posed by Valmiki to the celestial sage Narada. This is how we must interpret Shree Rama’s horoscope. Some of the arguments that I see posted, some even apparently mocking, are truly sad! The different lagnas for the four brothers and the different nakshatrams mentioned, all tell a story. The nakshatram changes often only after the tithi also changes, especially when we are dealing with three different nakshatrams. So, a significant time has elapsed between the births. But,
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interestingly, according to the nakshatram charts, all three nakshatras (Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha) are associated with Karkata (Cancer). It appears as if it was the Divine Will that the moon shall be exalted for all the four brothers. Now let us try to understand this horoscope, nonetheless, with all due humility, and marvel at its divinity.

Two Basic Rules
As I have already mentioned, there is no known human who has a horoscope like Shree Rama’s horoscope. What is so unique? The position of the planets (the Navagrahas) in this horoscope is so unique that it has to be divine. After all, Shree Rama was one-half of VishNu. To get some idea about what is so unique about Shree Rama’s horoscope, here’s a brief primer. There are twelve houses in the horoscope, or natal chart, or janma rasi chart, as it is called. (There are other charts too that professional astrologers study. They are all derived from this basic janma rasi chart.) 1. First, the 12 houses are considered to be “owned” or “ruled” by the planets. If a planet is present in its “own” house, or is in “rulership”, it produces the greatest benefit for that person. 2. Second, if the planet is not in its “own” house or in its “rulership” house, the next best thing is for the planet to be present in the house where it is considered to be “exalted”. Then again it produces great benefits for that person. For most ordinary mortals, neither point 1 nor point 2 are readily fulfilled. Most ordinary mortals would be lucky to find that they have one, or may be two, planets that satisfy either condition 1 or 2 above. If a person has three planets that satisfy these two conditions then that person is destined to actually become a king or queen, or rise to great prominence in
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life. The most common example cited by astrologers is that of Queen Elizabeth II. They will also point out the charts of other ordinary people who were born poor but who became fabulously wealthy beyond anyone’s imagination, or rose to prominence, after being born into poverty in some remote village. Yes, there are such people. (See a recent discussion of Jagjivan Ram’s horoscope . He was born in a low caste ‘chamar’ family, in a small village, in the very backward state of Bihar, but got an excellent education and held various important cabinet positions, for nearly 30 years, under Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. Why? How? Jupiter, Moon, and Venus are the three noteworthy planets in his horoscope.)

The Story of Queen Elizabeth II
Let us recall the story of Queen Elizabeth, who is still Queen of England, and immensely popular, to understand the grandeur of Lord Rama’s horoscope. The birth of her son, Prince Charles, was welcomed with great joy by all of England (almost like birth of baby Krishna!). He was born to be the future King of England, on November 14, 1948, married the beautiful and charismatic Princess Diana, who was destined to become Queen. Well, it did not happen, did it? Not only that. Diana divorced Charles and also died under tragic circumstances. Ah, it is all in the horoscope! In Queen Elizabeth’s case, the irony is that she was NOT even destined to become queen at birth. Her uncle, Prince Edward, the elder brother of Elizabeth’s father, George, was the heir to the throne. But, as “fate” would have it, Prince Edward fell in love with a woman, Wallis Simpson, who was universally considered to be unworthy of becoming the Queen of England. (Simpson was already twice divorced when she met the Prince. Her exspouses were still alive and so her fitness to become queen became a politically charged issue, creating a constitutional crisis, since the King or Queen is also the head of the Church of England.) But, King Edward wanted to marry her and no one else. And, faced with opposition, he did
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the unthinkable and decided to abdicate the throne of England and became a commoner and married the woman he loved. (They did live happily ever after for many years. Indeed, the Prince died before her. They were married all his life.) The year 1936 is unique in the history of the British monarchy – it is called the year of three monarchs. First, King George V died thrusting King Edward VIII on to the throne, who then abdicated by year’s end and King George VI, Queen Elizabeth’s father, became the King.

Famous photo of the young Princess Elizabeth with her sister, her grandmother and her parents. H.M. KING GEORGE VI - H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH - H.M. QUEEN MARY - H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II.
With the dramatic turn of events in 1936, the young Elizabeth, suddenly became the next in line to the throne, to succeed her father, who had become King George VI. He suffered from ill-health and many knew that he would not live long and that young Elizabeth would become the queen. Queen Mary, Elizabeth’s grandmother, was very ambitious and wanted to re-establish England’s glory. It is said it was Queen Mary who was behind
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the idea of the great coronation ceremony in India when her husband was coronated as the Emperor of Hindustan. (The Gateway of India, a famous landmark in Mumbai, overlooking the Taj hotel, was built especially to welcome the King George V and Queen Mary when they landed on the shores of India. King George VI was later forced to abandon the title of Emperor of India - the title that Queen Mary so proudly wanted for her husband King George V – after India and Pakistan became independent nations in August 1947.)

Queen Elizabeth's Natal Chart (Janma Rasi) The point of all this is that Queen Mary was very fond of Elizabeth, even as a child, and almost treated her as if she was destined to be queen. Her grandfather King George V also cherished her. Both of them did not quite like their own elder son (Prince Edward), who was known to be a playboy
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and too dashing and he finally found someone he liked, and loved, to abdicate the throne. That is how Queen Elizabeth came to the throne. In Elizabeth’s case, ONLY three planets satisfy conditions 1 or 2 above (Sun, Moon, and Mars, see notation ‘Exalt’ or ‘Own’ made by the astrologer). In fact, these three planets are placed in a very unique position, which we will appreciate shortly. Just having these three planets (with conditions 1 or 2 satisfied) was enough for all this drama in her life. Princess Elizabeth was very charming, she met the man she loved and married him in 1947 and became Queen, after her father passed away, in February 1952. She ascended the throne, in a formal ceremony, the next year. Queen Mary died ten weeks before the coronation ceremony. Queen Elizabeth’s chart may be found at the link given above. The chart on the left is called the South Indian style. It has simple boxes, 12 in all, with Aries (the second box going left to right, on the top row) being the first house of the horoscope. As we see here, the Sun is situated in Aries. In this position, the Sun is “exalted” and condition 2 is satisfiedg. The Sun is in “rulership”, if it is present in Leo. In Shree Rama’s horoscope as well, the Sun is placed in Aries. This then is the first qualification for anyone to becoming a monarch, or rise to a high and commanding position in life (in other words, to be treated like royalty, as they say). The fact that Jupiter is neither exalted nor in rulership, in Queen Elizabeth’s chart is telling. It is, of course, well situated, being in the Ascendant (which is Capricorn). If Jupiter is in the Ascendant that person has a commanding public presence, which is true for Elizabeth, but not being in either the house where it is exalted or the house it owns, reduces the impact of this “yoga” (here “yoga” means good fortune) significantly. With this background, which we can certainly relate to, we can study Shree Rama’s horoscope. After all, we are living during the times of this Queen. She is obviously popular in England and also in other countries. When I was a teenager, I remember her very popular tour of India. I also literally walked right behind her, with the royal retinue, in 1976, when she visited Boston for the 200th anniversary of American Independence (somehow
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managed to get past security and all that, and I remember being dressed in a nice suit too on that day! And, nobody spotted me for a long time. The Queen was just smiling and waving away.) Let us now take a quick look at Shree Rama’s horoscope. All good astrologers are filled with awe, although there are also some “idiot astrologers”, no doubt, who make disparaging remarks because of the “sufferings” that Rama and Sita went through. You can find a few such “idiot” discussions of Shree Rama’s horoscope as well on the Internet.

Shree Rama’s Horoscope From the Sundara Kandam Book
The first time I ever came across the horoscope of Shree Rama was in Tamil translation of Valmiki’s Sundara Kandam (published by the Little Flower company, copies still available, I now have the 2011 edition). The translation by Srinivasa Iynegar is truly astounding and captures the meaning of every single sloka without the slightest deviation from the original Sanskrit text. One must be divinely blessed to render such a translation. (I have similar translations of the Gita, in Marathi, which are concise and yet do not deviate even slightly from the Sanskrit original.) The natal chart (janma rasi chart) of Shree Rama is given in the introductory section (page viii) facing the Lakshmi Haygreeva picture with the Hayagreeva Stotram on the same page. Let us recite this now, since Hayagreeva also grants us all wisdom and knowledge. Jnanaanandamayam Devam Nirmalam sphatikaakrutim l Aadhaaram sarva vidyaanaam Hayagreevam upaasmahe ll

l ll
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This sloka says that Sri Hayagreeva is the bearer of all (sarva) knowledge (vidyaanaam). He is the “aadharam”, the One who supports. All knowledge is derived from Him since He brought forth the Vedas. He is also described as Jnana+ananda mayam. It is as if jnana (knowledge) and ananda (bliss, joy) got fused into one as Hayagreeva. The sandhi could also be broken as Jnanaanandam ayam – means the same but forces one more to think about Hayagreeva by pointing to Him seated right in front by saying “Ayam Devam” – This Divine Self. The Lord is also described as Nirmalam, without any taint, without stains, without any impurities, crystal white, like a sparkling white sphatika. What radiates from Him shall be pure, shall fill us with knowledge, blissful knowledge that will fill us also with joy. Now, we are ready to take at least a cursory look at Shree Rama’s horoscope. The text on page viii includes the well-known slokas from the Bala Kandam of Valmiki RamayaNam, with some brief comments. Let me first provide the planetary positions as given in the Sundara Kandam book. The links to some charts for Shree Rama’s horoscope are given below but they all universally have one problem, which will become obvious soon. 1. 2. 3. 4. Aries : Taruus: Gemini: Cancer: Both Sun and Mercury are present. SUN is EXALTED. No planets in this house. Ketu located here. Jupiter and Moon. Jupiter is EXALTED, Moon is in OWN/RULER. This house is also the Lagna, or Ascendant, for Shree Rama. Lagna or Ascendant is taken as house no. 1 for an individual’s personal horoscope. Leo: No planets located here. Virgo: No planets located here. Libra: Saturn. EXALTED. This is the 7th house from Aries, Scorpio: No planets located here. Sagittarius: Rahu located here. Capricorn: Mars located here. EXALTED Aquarius: No planets located here. Pisces: Venus located here. EXALTED
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5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12.


(9) Aries






Aquarius (8)

Sun Mercury

Cancer (1)

Lagna Jupiter

Capricorn (7) Leo (2)

Sagittarius (6) Scorpio

Shree Rama’s Raasi Chart
(5) Libra (4) Virgo (3)



The above chart is based on the planetary positions in the Sundara Kandam Book. EXALTED planets in Blue. OWN/RULER planets in Red. The numbers indicate the house numbers counted from Lagna (1). Hence, Sun is in the 10th house, a very important house, related to “Rajyapadam”. The chart relies on the slokas from Valmiki RamayaNam, cited in the Sundara Kandam book. Valmiki’s sloka fixes moon and Jupiter in Cancer and mentions that all planets were either EXALTED or in OWN/RULER houses.
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While reading an individual’s personal horoscope, one looks for the lagna (Ascendant) and then again goes clockwise, counting from the lagna. The chart for Shree Rama given here is based on the above list of planetary positions. The numbers in parenthesis start from Lagna, NOT Aries. A good astrologer will be able to see a chart like this one and immediately tell the number of planets which are either EXALTED or in their OWN/RULER houses. Let us count for Shree Rama starting with the Sun in Aries. The Sun is exalted. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Saturn is exalted in Libra. We already counted three. That is all Queen Elizabeth has. Let us continue. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Venus is also in exalted in the house of Pisces. This gives FIVE EXALTED planets out of a total of nine planets. Let us look at the remaining now. The moon is in its OWN, or RULERSHIP, sign, in Cancer. This also gives the birth star of Shree Rama as Punarvasu, since this birth star is associated with the sign of Cancer. Next, we see that. Hence, out of nine planets, SIX are either EXALTED or OWN/RULER. Now, we must remember that Sun and Venus are both in the top row. This is even more beneficial. Also Venus brings the greatest of good fortunes for any person. We call it “Shukra dasa” or “Shukra dasai” in Tamil. When someone has good fortune we say, “Oh, he say Shukra dasai”. When someone is going through a hard time, we also like to point out that wife will soon have her “Shukra dasai”, so no need to worry. (This was before the modern affliction of “divorces”, the wives good luck was supposed to transfer to the husband and the family. Likewise, if children are born with early Shukra dasa, it brings good fortune to the family as a whole – how else will a baby boy or girl have good fortune of its own? ☺) Now, we can begin to appreciate the uniqueness of Shree Rama’s horoscope. One does NOT have to be a trained astrologer. Out of the nine planets, SIX are either EXALTED or OWN/RULER mode.

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Only the position of Mercury is left open for debate. Valmiki only says that ALL Planets were in their highest state (exalted or ruling). Since the month is Chaitra, the Sun has to be in Aries. So, position of Mercury cannot be changed at will. It will be dictated automatically by the position of the Sun. There are only three choices for Mercury, if the Sun is in Aries, Mercury can be in Aries, or in the following house (Taurus) or in the preceding house (Pisces). There is no other choice, since this is the behavior of the planets in the physical world. What is the BEST position for Mercury is we understand this logic? In Aries it will yield the most auspicious Budha-Aditya yoga in the 10th house from the Lagna of Shree Rama’s chart. What is the significance of Rahu and Ketu placement? These two bodies, it will be recalled have to do with eclipses of the sun and moon. These eclipses occur at various times during our lifetimes. The positions of Rahu and Ketu signify the “auspicious” time for their occurrence during the time of Rama’s sojourn on this earth. The 10th house of any horoscope is the “Rajyapadam” house – indicating rise to monarch status and the auspicious time for coronation. As we saw, Queen Elizabeth has experienced unimaginable good fortune in her life, first becoming Queen, which she was not supposed to become at birth, and then having such a long and successful reign as monarch. She is now the second longest reigning monarch and might surpass Queen Victoria whose reign on the throne of England is the longest to date. Perhaps, Queen Elizabeth II is aware of this unique place in history that she will soon occupy if she does NOT VOLUNTARILY give up her throne, which some had advocated to allow Prince Charles to become King. The one born to become King is still waiting his turn and the one who was not even in line for succession to the throne of England is now ruling and may soon be the record holder for the longest reign. Long may she live!
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Take a look at Elizabeth’s chart again. Mercury is lagging – it is in the house preceding the sun (we go clockwise from Aries when we read the horoscope). The Sun is in the same position as in Shree Rama’s chart, in Aries. The moon is in Cancer but its exact position within Cancer is different making her nakshatram Ashlesha ( ), instead of Shree Rama’s Punarvasu. Mars is also in the same position as in Shree Rama’s horoscope. This means Queen Elizabeth matches three important characteristics of Shree Rama’s horoscope. This was enough to give her the great life she has had so far. Her horoscope is also unique in another way. Her Ascendant is directly opposite to Shree Rama’s. It is Capricorn, instead of Cancer. So, she has Mars in her personal first house and Jupiter and Moon in her personal 7th house. The 7th house is the house of marriage. With Jupiter and Moon in the 7th house of marriage, with Jupiter being exalted and Moon in OWN house, no wonder, she has had a successful marriage. She was also a very beautiful and charming young girl and the darling of her grandparents. And, she is certainly well-liked by her subjects. Also, the 10th house, the Rajyapadam house, has no planets. It is empty. But it is directly opposite her exalted Sun and so receives what we call the beneficial “drishti” or aspect of the Sun. The exalted Sun is the reason for Queen Elizabeth’s exalted position. Hence, to argue that the Sun in Shree Rama’s horoscope is NOT in Aries, as some have done (see later) seems downright ridiculous. He is still Sarvaloka namaskrutam, although His coronation was delayed by His acceptance of the exile imposed by Kaikeyi (His father King Dasharatha never told him to go to the forest, only Kaikeyi did.)

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Also, notice that Rahu and Ketu are in the same two houses as in Shree Rama’s horoscope but their positions are flipped. Even so, Elizabeth has had a successful reign as the Queen of England.

All of this was possible for Queen Elizabeth II with just three of the nine planets in their EXALTED/OWN/RULER status. Of course, she matches exactly, at least the house locations, for Sun, Moon, and Mars.

Alternative Mercury Positions in Shree Rama’s Horoscope
Now let us read the following alternative analysis about Shree Rama’s horoscope. This chart is given by Dr. Ramana Rao V. Komaragiri and it is in the South Indian format. He locates Mercury in Taurus (the house following Sun), i.e., not joined with the Sun in Aries. I have also seen others give the position of Mercury as in the preceding house (as for Queen Elizabeth), in Pisces, where Mercury will be joined with Venus. Even more controversial are the recent arguments made to show that Sun cannot be in Aries and contradicts tithi and moon’s position (see later).
Sri Ramachanra arapana-masthu = I dedicate all this horoscope-analysis to the lotus feet of Lord Sri Rama.

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Pisces AL; UL Venus Sun (9) (11)

Taurus Ketu Mercury (12) Lagna

(8) RAASI CHART Mars (7) Shree Rama of Ayodhya Leo (2)

Moon Jupiter

Rahu (5) (6)

Libra (3) Saturn®

EXALTED planets in Blue, OWN/RULER planets in Red. Chart prepared by Dr. Ramana Rao Komaragiri, reference given earlier.
This chart is prepared based on the descriptions written by Maharshi Valmiki, the original author of Ramayana in Sanskrit about the birth of Sri Rama. This is a very rare chart; this chart clearly shows Lord Sri Rama as an exemplary and a role-model (true hero) for mankind. Sri Rama is deemed to be the incarnation (Avatar) of God Sri Maha Vishnu. Place of birth : Ayodhya. Year : Sri Prabhava. Month: Chaithra. Day : Sudda Navami. Birth Star : Punarvasu. Maharshi Veda Vyasa in his Adyatma Ramayana described Bhagavan Sri Rama’s birth time in these slokas (Sanskrit verses). Madhu maase, sithe pakshe, Navamyaam, Karkate subhe, Punarvas nakshathra sahithe, utchasthe graha-pamchake ! Mesahm Pooshani samprapthe, pushpavrushti samakule, aviraasee Jagannaatha, Parama-atmaa, sanaathanaha = During the Spring season of Vasantha-ruthu (madhumaase means Chaithra month; in April), Sukla
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paksha (waxing Moon), Navami thithi (9th day after new-moon), in Karkaataka lagna (Cancer is birth house; ascendant) . in Punarvasu star (Moon is in Punarvasu star in Cancer; so Cancer is also Rasi-lagna (Moon); Cancer is own house for Moon) when 5 planets were in exaltation and when Sun was in Mesha (Aries) Bhagavan Sri Jagannaath (the Supreme Lord of Universe was born; then sweet-scented flowers rained profusely for one muhurtha (duration of 12 minutes) from the sky on the castle where Sri Rama was born. The time of birth was described based on Lunar System of Vedic astrology. Sun stays in Aries during Mesha month (roughly from April—14 to May—14 ) of every year. (My note added here: This position of sun is true only if we do ayanamsa correction, as does in Vedic astrology. If not, the sun is moved to next house of Taurus in April, as Western astrologers put it.) In this chart four planets are exalted in beneficial houses. Sun is in Aries & is exalted. Moon is in cancer in his own house. Jupiter is in cancer & is exalted. Saturn is in Libra & is exalted. Mars is in Capricorn & is exalted. Venus is in Pisces & is exalted. Rahu is in Sagittarius and Ketu is in Gemini. So all these planets possess the highest positional strengths. So among the Pancha- Maha-Purusha-yogas, three yogas, Ruchaka, Hamsa, Shashaka, are found in this natal chart. ------

The Shree Rama chart in the North Indian format is also given below for completeness. Let us read the “diamonds” or “boxes” here. There are 12 total, which represent the 12 houses of the zodiac. The box with the number 1 is the first house of the “standard” horoscope and so on. The first house of an individual’s horoscope is something else. It is called the “ascendant”, as mentioned briefly before. The most controversial part of Shree Rama’s horoscope that I have come across is the location of the planet Mercury, as we also see here. This has to do with how the planet Mercury moves in the sky. It moves fast but it also remains close to the Sun. In what I have come across, I have seen charts given for Shree Rama in all three possible positions. Here it is given in the house after Sun.

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North Indian format for Shree Rama’s horoscope [The Sundara Kandam book gives the Sun and Mercury joined together in the same house. This is the also the house of Aries. Having Mercury and Sun together also leads to the Budha-Aditya Yoga. This is a great yoga and the person possessing this yoga gains the highest knowledge. Hence, many people who are highly educated and acquire degrees from prestigious universities have this yoga and Sun and Mercury will be found to be in the same house in their charts (even if the house is NOT Aries, since the position of Sun depends on the month the person in born). ] The location of Mercury in Taurus is also confirmed by the following South Indian style chart from another source. I sincerely believe Shree Rama must have the Budha-Aditya yoga and so Mercury must also be in Aries. This is the problem with the above.

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Rashi Chakra of Sri Rama
Venus Sun Mercury Kethu

Shree Rama’s

Lagna Moon Jupiter

Raasi Chart



This is the Rashi Chakra or the Vedic Zodiac of Lord Sri Rama, the legendary incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu on the Earth. Let us analyse it to see what makes him maryAdA puruShottama (the best among the men). Why is Mercury in the house next to the Sun? At least one author, see link below, states that Ubhayaacara yoga results when a planet (other than the moon) is present in the houses on both sides of the sun. Hence, the placement of Mercury in Taurus will create this yoga. Unfortunately, in this context, the author also states that Mercury is in own house. Mercury is NOT in OWN house, if placed in Taurus. Mercury owns Gemini (and Virgo.) Some links are given below for those who wish to pursue this topic further.
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Sun NOT in Aries Controversy Ashtalakshmi Yoga for Shree Rama Position of Mars in Shree Rama’s horoscope (possible reason for separation from spouse – also Mars is in marriage house). (Extracted below in entirety. This author thinks it is impossible for Sun to be in Aries, based on the moon’s position in Cancer, and the tithi being navami. But, Valmiki also says that ALL planets were either in exalted position or in their own/rulership houses. Interesting opinion!) Dear all, I am looking at the horoscope of Sri Rama for the past few days. I am giving below the slokas connected with the birth :tato yaj~ne samaapte tu R^itUnaam SaT samatyayuH | tataH ca dvaadashe maase chaitre naavamike tithau || 1-18-8 nakxatre aditi daivatye sva ucCha sa.nstheShu pa.nchasu | graheShu kar.hkaTe lagne vaakpataa i.ndunaa saha || 1-18-9 prodyamaane jagannaatham sarva loka namaskR^itam | kausalyaa ajanayat raamam sarva lakSaNa sa.myutam || 1-18-10 viSNoH ardham mahaabhaagam putram aixvaaku na.ndanam | lohitaaksham mahaabaahum rak{}ta oSTam du.ndubhi svanam || 1-18-11 8, 9, 10, 11. tataH yaj~ne samaapte= then, ritual, on completion; R^ituuNaam SaT sam atyayuH= seasons, six, well, passed by; tataH= then;

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dvaadashe maase=in twelfth, month; chaitre naavamike tithau= chaitra month [April-May], ninth, day; nakshatre aditi daivatye= star of the day [punarvasu,] [whose presiding is] Aditi; panchasu graheSu swa uccha samstheshu= of five, planets, in their own, highest, positing; karkaTe lagne= in Cancer [of Zodiac]; vaak patiH indunaa saha= when Speech's, Lord [Jupiter,] is [with] Moon, along with; pra udyamane= when raising � ascending, advancing daytime � abhijit lagna; kausalyaa= Queen Kausalya; jagat naatham= worlds', lord [Vishnu]; sarva loka namaskR^itam= by all, worlds, adored; divya lakshana samyutam=divine, attributes, along with; viSNoH= Vishnu's; artham= epitome of [not half of Vishnu]; mahaa bhaagam= greatly blessed one; ikshwaaku nandanam= Ikshvaaku dynasty, delight of; lohita aksham= lotus-red, eyes; mahaa baahum= lengthy, armed; rakta oSTam= roseate, lips; dundubhi svanam= drumbeat, voiced; raamam= Rama as; putram= the son; ajanayat= gave birth. if you carefully look at this, the following are clear:1. The birth occured in chaitra masa on the tithi of Navami 2. The birth occured in Punarvasu nakshatra3. The lagna is Cancer4. Moon is in lagna The following two points are to be discussed. 1. here, the planet with which moon is there is said to be vakpati. Is it Mercury or Jupiter? Obviously, he is Jupiter since Mercury could not be with Moon on a Navami day. 2. The five planets mentioned here are either in swa (own) or uccha(exalted) positions. It should not be taken that there are five planets which are in exaltation, which seems to be popular refrain3. These five planets are Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. While the sloka fixes the places of Moon and Jupiter, the other three planets places can be fixed only by discussion 4. Clearly, Sun cannot be in exaltation when Moon is in cancer on a navami day. The distance between moon and sun should be more than 108 degrees. hence, the place of sun also can be fixed to pisces. Thus, the place of mercury is to be bound by three rasis- aqua, pisces or aries. Hence, I would post my reasoning of planetary positions after hearing from all of you. with best regards, kishore patnaik 98492 70729

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Exactly same opinion expressed here as well. For Moon to be in Punarvasu Nakshatra and the Zodiacal sign Cancer, the degree of Moon must be between 0.0 to 3.20 of Cancer. Let us fix the position of Moon there and count back for the position of Sun. Navami means – the distance between Sun and Moon is between 96 to 108 degrees. Subtracting this from the degree of Moon, the possible degree of Sun falls between 12 degrees Pisces to 27.20 Pisces. Sun cannot be in Aries and hence cannot be in exaltation. The slokas clearly state that Moon, Jupiter and Lagna are in Cancer. But they do NOT mention about Sun being in Aries. They say – “sva ucCha samsthEShu panchasu grahEShu” – this only means that there are 5 planets either in exaltation or in own signs. But this was interpreted as 5 exaltations by Astrologers and that was the mistake. It turns out to be only 4 exaltations ( Jup, Ven, Mars, Saturn) and one (Moon) own house. Note: If the Sun is moved out of Aries, Mercury must also be relocated and one has to redo the entire calculation of all planetary positions and the various “yogas”. Mercury’s position in a horoscope has great many implications. This is NOT a matter to be treaded lightly. Also, since the position of the Moon has been stated clearly at the outset, “pancasu” must refer to five additional planets, excluding the moon. There is no need for Valmiki to make redundant statements in this context. May be the moon slowed down for Rama’s arrival!

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