Further Education / Undergraduate Courses

please detail any qualifications you hold or for which you are studying. with this application. if necessary.) Dates Qualification Grade achieved Further details . the dates of any examinations and the grades achieved. (IELTS. Name of School/Institution English Language Proficiency if English is not your first language. TOEFL etc. You should also provide a certified copy of your English language certificate. State the schools you have attended and qualifications you have achieved. Please send a certified copy of your academic transcripts/certificates with an officail translation.Please add details or your educational background.

however. slides giving details of any special instructions required to view your work. sketch books/notebooks. photos. what you hope to achieve during your studies and how this relates to your career aspirations. videos. Please return my portfolio by regular mail I will collect my portfolio I do not wish my portfolio to be returned Supporting Statement Your personal statement should explain the reasons why you are a suitable candidate for the course. the University cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any of the work you submit. . Give details of your subject interests. We treat all work submitted with the greatest care and respect. relevant experiences and abilities. Further Education / Undergraduate Courses If you need more space please attach additional pages with this application.Portfolio / Additional Work Submission Please describe below any additional items you are submitting. such as CD ROMs.

Please return this form to: Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design International Office Granary Building 1 Granary Square King’s Cross London N1C 4AA United Kingdom T F E Additional information required for certain courses (please check prospectus for details) Copy of your passport enclosed +44 (0)207 514 7027 +44 (0)207 514 8013 international@csm.arts.ac.uk .

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