Big bazaar


Core Beliefs

Big Bazaar emerging as a classless destination where every part of the society comes together is the hallmark of its success .

Shopping behaviour .


Shopping is a local experience and habit Shopping is a form of entertainment People in smaller towns do not restrict shopping to weekends .

Business .

Storytelling & memetics are important tools for understanding culture and human behaviour .

Retail requires a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences Indian Bazaars provide an inclusive environment .

Consumers .

India one: Consuming class India two: Serving class India three: Struggling class .

an organised chaos . 'Butt and brush' effect .India Two : Characteristics India Two moves and finds a lot of comfort in crowds BB outlets designed to look crowded.

India Two : Characteristics India Two is not individualistic There is a definite need for them to do new things only if they see someone from the community doing it .

Traits Women in India are trained from childhood to preserve everything Consumers demand ideas and solutions that are uniquely Indian .

some of our countrymen are celebrating a festival about which most of us have no clue about When it comes to her family. there are certain things a homemaker prefers to do herself .Traits On any given week.

Summing it up • • • • Making it an inclusive environment A deep understanding of local tastes Storytelling Indian way of doing things .

Bigbazaar .south .

Onam. Udupi festival. aadi. Uthari. Fashion. Sankaranthi. Exchange mela. Easter. ugadi. Bakrid. Mahabachaat. luggage.7 nos varies yoy .Activation calendar • Community connect activations Anniversary. Mahasivarathiri. Sabse sata 5 din. krishna jayanthi. etc – 5 . Price challenge. Wed. Pooram – 17 nos • Monthly shopping activations MBB(every month). GKSF. Holi. Ramzan. Shubh mahrat. year end celebration.bazaar (every wed except first week of every month) – 2 nos • Consumption driving activations Pehli tarik.savings pooram – 8 nos • Category building activations Home mela. Diwali. Dussera. Future group shopping festival.

. a nutshell Total • no. of tvc – Onam.of weeks – 53 • No.Nos. Wednesday bazaar. MBB – 4 nos 13 – 15 nos campaign No. of radios – .of artworks 60 – 65 nos approx/month(non festive) 150 nos approx (festive – 3 bigdays in a year) – • • No.

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