Brand portfolio


• Brand portfolio strategy specifies the
structure of the brand portfolio and the scope, roles, and interrelationships of the portfolio brands.

Brand Portfolio Strategy

• The goals are to create synergy,

leverage, and clarity within the portfolio and relevant, differentiated, and energized brands.

Product Defining Roles Brand Portfolio Portfolio Roles

Brand Portfolio Strategy
Brand Scope Portfolio Graphics Portfolio Structure

Brand Portfolio strategy can be further • Brand portfolio Strategy elaborated in terms
of six dimensions:
- The first of these is the brand portfolio itself, which provided the set of brands to be drawn upon to achieve the portfolio objectives. - Two others, product-defining roles and portfolio roles, specify the varied set of roles that each brand could potentially play. -The brand scope reflects the product categories or subcategories for which each brand will be relevant and the relationships between brand contexts. -The portfolio structure formalizes the relationships between the brands. -And portfolio graphic indicate how they are to be presented by themselves and relative to other brands.

Brand Portfolio
• Brand portfolio includes all the brands
and sub-brands attached to product market offerings.

In order to distribute the company’s investment most effectively, we have to look at the relationships between all the sub-brands and its strategic importance in overall brand building.

Endorsers Brands Master Brands Alliance Brands Brand Portfolio Corporate Brands Branded Energizers Branded Differentiators .

Apple Case: .

Master Brand (Apple Macintosh) .

HP 1975) • steve jobs (atari) • Call Computer (run by alex kamradt).Apple History • steve wozniak (electronics hacker. hosting mini-computers Popular Electronics magazine "How to build your own computer terminal" . time-sharing firm.

and overflowing with neat tools and great notions" Homebrew Computer Club. made with typewriters. and polaroid cameras sort of like Google in paperback "It was idealistic.Apple History • From Satori to Silicon Valley (1986): • The Whole Earth Catalog: West Coast counterculture.late 1960s. small hobby machines . letter labels. before pc and desktop publishing. scissors. need to produce print-outs. & databases .

Portfolio Graphic* .

Typography • Motter Tektura • Apple Garamond • Adobe’s Myriad .

In the early 1980s.Motter Tektura • Prior to the first Macintosh. the logo was simplified by removing computer ınc. in 1976. from the logo. At the time. . the typeface was considered new and modern. Apple used a typeface called Motter Tektura alongside the Apple logo which the logo designer is Ryan Smith.

Apple Garamond was used in most of Apple’s marketing. It was used alongside the Apple logo. for product names on computers.Apple Garamond • Apple's corporate font was a custom variant of the ITC Garamond typeface. printed materials and on the company website. . called Apple Garamond. in countless ads.

.Adobe’s Myriad Since 2001. Apple has gradually shifted towards using Myriad in its marketing. Adobe’s Myriad is the typeface which is used in Apple’s modern marketing.

Apple’s Logo .

Portfolio Structure* .

Clip: The first Macintosh product QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. .

Brand Hierarchy Tree-Apple Company Apple iMac eMac iMac Mac mini MacBook MacBook MacBook Pro iPod Apple TV iPhone iPod Touch iPod nano iPod Classic iPod shuffle .

.Clip: The development of Macintosh product QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Product defining roles* .

.iMac eMac •eMac was initially available only for educational markets.

iMac iMac iMac: The ultimate all in one The all-new. and you’re ready to create something great. including an iSight camera. all-in-one iMac packs a complete. podcasts. and Bluetooth. and calendars. and music into blogs. More than ever before. All the other essentials are built in as well. iMac allows you to live a digital life. Wi-Fi. high-performance computer into a beautifully thin design. books. . Just plug it in. movies. turn it on. Loaded with iLife. the new iMac makes it easy to turn your photos.

Clip: iMac advertising clip QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. .

. Mac mini packed an impressive feature set into a very small package.iMac Mac mini •Mac mini represented Apple's first real foray into the low-end consumer market.5 inches wide and deep. just two inches tall and 6.

Special Holiday TVC QuickTime™ and a H. .264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.

MacBook . built around a 13.3-inch "glossy" LCD panel.MacBoo k The MacBook replaced the existing 12.and 14-inch iBook and 12-inch PowerBook model. The MacBook shipped in a newly-designed case. completing the transition of Apple's portable computers to Intel Processors.

MacBoo k MacBook Pro MacBook Pro was the first portable Mac to use Intel Processors. but was probably chosen because the Mac Book Pro no longer used a PowerPC processor. . The name for Apple's professional portable was ostensibly changed from PowerBook because Apple felt that all Macintoshes should have "Mac" in their product names.

acting as a single FrontRow-style interface for all computers in a household. .iPod Apple TV Apple TV allowed streaming of audio and video from any iTunes-equipped computer on the local network.

Apple reinvents the phone. .iPod iPhone iPhone: A Mobile phone. a widescreen iPod. an Internet device.

weather. map. iPod Touch . notes. Now with great new applications built right in. iPod touch tops itself. It’s always been an amazing iPod. stocks. web clips.iPod iPod Touch: Tap into even more. customizable home screen. movies and musics. It can mail.

iPod nano iPod iPod nano: It’s the small iPod with one very big idea: Video. movies. The larger. video podcasts. brighter display means amazing picture quality. Now the world’s most popular music player lets you enjoy TV shows. and more. .

.000 songs or up to 200 hours of video. all-metal design. this iPod is a modern classic. up to 40. In a completely new. even thinner.iPod iPod Classic iPod classic: Hold everything. everywhere you go. It lets you carry everything in your collection.

Or your belt.iPod iPod shuffle The 1GB iPod shuffle lets you wear up to 240 songs on your sleeve. . Or your lapel.

Portfolio Roles* .

Strategic Brand .

.Linchpin Brand • will directly influence significant sales and market position in the future.

iPhone .

because it Apple represents the future ability to control a substantial and critical segment in the mobile phone industry.Linchpin Brand iPhone a linchpin brand •product for is suchcompany. medium and low priorities in term of the impact on the target brand and the cost involved. iPhone can be sorted into high. . • Moreover.

Branded Energizers .

sponsorship. promotion. symbol. or other entity that by association significantly enhances and energizes a target brand. . program.• is any brand product.

iTunes .

This program is provided association of the branded energizer between Apple company and target brand. awareness and energy to Apple company for both of Apple and Microsoft users. • iTunes. movies and etc. this program can increase . can live beyond the Apple product and its use. video clips. branded energizers.. such as iPod.• iTunes is a kind of either branded product or Branded Energizers program for any people to easily download free music. is an entity that • Moreover.

Clip: iTunes advertising QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. .

Silver bullet brand .

• • is the brands that can play a strategically significant role to positively change or support the image of another brand. . The specification of a silver bullet role creates some rather fundamental changes in how a brand should be funded and managed.

iPod .

and it is also the best selling product.Silver bullet brand As an iPod is a small product which it easily and conveniently to use. This branded product is the cheapest price while comparing with other Apple product . . It can contain a lot of music.. iPod has many great qualifications at a cheap price thus it can play a strategically significant role to positively change or support the image of Apple company and other Apple brand.

Cash Cow brand .

The sales may be stagnant or slowly declining. . for example MacBook.• is a brand that does not require as much investment as other portfolio brands. but there is a hard-core loyal customer base that is unlikely to leave the brand.

MacBook .

Clip: Apple Advertising break before get in Game show part .

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