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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Expectations and Uncertainty are joys of life- I am filled with a sense of immense joy as I pen down

to fill in application. Every great and commanding moment in the proceedings of world is the triumph of enthusiasm-nothing great was ever achieved without it. With this enthusiasm I opt to seek what I require to enhance my knowledge right from childhood education to the present. The desire to forge ahead by pursuing graduate studies in Computer Science especially in the area of computer networks, that ultimately pave way to build career that allows me to teach and do research. Self introspection and in depth analysis with the help of peers and mentors, considering my aptitude, interests, I have arrived to a firm decision to pursue a masters degree in computer networks in your esteemed university. I was put to chess coaching when I was about 8 years old. I was given a computer to practice. The first time I played chess with computer, I was thrilled to win against it not knowing that it was set at fairly easy level. There after the difficulty level has been slowly increased and very soon I found it very difficult to win. My fascination for computers started growing after seeing people play online extensively without any borders, I was told that computer networks made it possible. Then I wished I shall become an architect of computer networks one day. Since then I made up my mind to become an engineer in Computer science and started concentrating more on Mathematics and Physics, which were told to be very essential subjects. I was excited to write small programs in Basic and execute them and this increased my interest in computers day by day. When I was in 7 th grade, I started using e-mail. I was surprised to know that computers across the world can be connected to each other and Networking and Communications made it possible. I firmly decided my career should be one among Computers, Networking and Communications, Electronics. In pursuit of my ambition, Ive always maintained good academic record. Through all my 14 years of schooling, I've been ranked 1st or 2nd in my class. In the Matriculation Examinations (Apr 2005), I have scored above 80% and in the Higher Secondary Examinations (Mar 2007), I scored above 90% marks. Subsequently, I have appeared for the Entrance Examination (EAMCET) to seek admission in to undergraduate program and secured a position of top 0.5% of about 2,00,000 who have appeared for the test. Further at KLCE, I have consistently performed well in the academics with CGPA of 7.08/10. The growing involvement of computers in interdisciplinary fields encouraged me to choose computer science as my branch of study in undergraduate studies. My predilection towards Computer Networks proved right when I have taken part in SAMYAK09(a national level technical symposium conducted by our college.) As a part of organizing team for Binary Pirates, basically an ethical hacking event, I could witness the possibilities to explore computer network application in various fields. Driven by positive impression, I have opted for Computer Networks course in my sophomore year was so impressed that I immediately developed passion for the course. The excellent course structure at Koneru Lakshmaih College of Engineering (KLCE) which was rated 1st ranked Engineering Institution in India by NAAC has given me a sound and broad conceptual basis, which, I believe, this exposure is essential for a career in research. The academic curriculum of my university exposed me to the entire gamut of computer science courses like Data Structures, Database Management Systems, Programming Languages including C,C++ and Java, Design

and Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Computer Networks and Data Mining. Through many projects I have undertaken in a simulating academic environment at KLCE where learning and research go hand-in-hand. My grades in the basic courses reflect my quest for fundamentals. My overall grades in my undergraduate studies have been good, but not excellent. This again reflects my approach to courses more as an introduction to concepts that need further independent study by the student, rather than as a run-up to a semester-end examination. My relevant courses include Network Security, Computer Networks (an advanced course on networking focusing more on network design, protocols and algorithms). These courses helped me explore the various facets of Networking. Im now extremely confident that I have the requisite foundation for graduate study in this field. As Computer Networks is my area of interest I have done two mini-projects in my under-graduation level on computer networks. The Study in the area of Semantic web under able guidance of faculty member Mr. S. Venkateswarulu, Application of Semantic Web-enabled network management in Tourism using GPRS, made me more convinced in Computer Networks. I am always on the lookout for new ideas and an active member of the Microsoft Innovation Center which is set up in our college, encourages fresh ideas from students and provides a platform to implement them. During my undergraduate course, I have given many technical presentations and also participated in a number of workshops organized by our college. I was elected the Technical Coordinator of the student organization of our department FOCUS Forum Of Computer Upcoming Scholars which has helped me a lot to fine-tune leadership skills. I was also an active member of the International Conference Of Web Sciences 09 organized by our department. Having decided that I will engage in the pursuit of a career in research, I am fully aware of the implications. I am aware of the kind of dedication, resilience and resolve that it calls for. I feel that I am adequately prepared, both in having the technical qualifications, and in having the right mind-set for continuing doctoral level Research work down the line. Serving society for a right cause is always essential for being claim as good human being. I keep myself involved to serve society to satisfy my inner man, in form of being active member of NEMSIS- a social service wing that organise welfare of under privileged children and needy. Hence, my immediate goal is to attain a Masters with an emphasis on Computer Networks. As USC has been offering top ranked graduate program in Computer Networks with the able expertise of experienced faculty and state-of-theart infrastructure, I have realized that USC is a right choice with a perfect environment to channelize my skills towards independent research. My GRE score definitely comprehends Numerical and Analytical abilities required in the future for this field. I am confident of meeting the high standards of USC. With your repute in the field of my choice, you do have a lot to offer me, and at the same time, I am confident of contributing meaningfully to the research endeavors at your University. Armed with the required aptitude, knowledge and a burning desire to learn, I humbly submit my polite appeal to give admission in to USC. My sincere thanks in advance with a hope that my candidature will be considered for admission. I lookforward for a long and rewarding relationship with you.

----Pradeep Chanumolu