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Published by: Vân Nguyễn on May 11, 2012
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nrf.ie/images/image/nrf_educate.RECRUITING (HEADHUNTER) Develop a source of candidates in advance of need (Byron 2009)  Review applicants if they meet position requirement  Conduct the interview  Assist in preparing sending offer packages or rejection letters  Record and tracking employee information  Adapted from: http://www.jpg .

com/gettingpaid/wpcontent/uploads/2011/03/EmployeeTraining1.png . 2006) Adapted from: http://www. Conducting employee orientation & ongoing technical training and personal development classes for staff & management (Buyens & Vos.kareo. providing the company’s training needs. tips on how to be an effective presenter.TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT o o Creates training programs.

o _ Providing guidance. state and local employment laws and regulations. _ To ensure that managers and employees comply with federal. direction and advice to employees.CONSULTING o Clients relations: _ Being responsible for assisting clients _ maximizing the client's performance Labor relations: manages and tracks all labor issues and laborrelated cases. _ Being responsible for maintaining the integrity of the conflict resolution process. .

PAYROLL  Monitor changes in individual salaries.jpg . and performance  Formalize job descriptions and specifications  Respond quickly to the employees' queries and performance  Offer incentive payment Adapted from: http://www.org/11169085-images-payroll. leave.prlog.

Penalty • range from light to drastic penalty • served as a reminder for next time  .REWARDS & PENALTIES  1. Reward • 2 types: tangible and intangible • used to motivate employees 2.

html>    Johns Hopkins Medicine. ‘Human Resources and recruitment’.uk/industries_human_resources_overview. C 2009. ‘Perceptions of the value of the HR function’.com/2008/08/what-responsibilities-and-roles-dohrm. http://www. N 2008.org/jhhr/consultinglaborrelations/hrconsultants. Prospects.rmit. Byron. D & Vos.vn/courses/1/BUSM3320/content/_76750_1/dir_0 907_virtual_company.hrmbusiness. viewed 28 February 2012. ‘What Responsibilities and Roles do HRM Departments Perform?’.htm> Winning.ewin. <http://www. vol. EA 2005.prospects.com/articles/whnHR.htm Franco. homepage. Wiley Online Library.ac.zip/shared/intranet/index. 70-89. viewed 28 February 2012.REFERENCES  Buyens. Australia. <http://www. viewed 28 February 2012. AD 2006. 11. html > Star Industry 2003. <http://blackboard. <Franco. pp.htm>   . viewed 28 February 2012. <http://www. ‘When Is An HR Department Necessary?’. Human Resources Consultants.edu.hopkinsmedicine. Ewin. Australian National Training Authority (ANTA). viewed 1 March 2012. 3. N 2008. Hrmbusiness. iss.

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