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PRECESSION The following notes deal with the precession of the ascendant set as applied to racial initiation and thus global culture or the lack of it. A man under a false sky is a false man. A man under double skies is schizophrenic. Only a man under the true skies is man. 1) Why is the twelve ascendants model dangerous for humanity? Because it denies precession, thus racial initiation. The diversity of ages is based on the precession of the ascendant set. Nothing is as traditional as precession, in other words – change.

2) While it takes seconds to determine one’s own life by memory and those of others as concern e.g. all the loves in one’s life, crucial moments and death; a mountebank is one that dabbles with guesswork, or – not even! The most rewarding quality in a mirror is that it does not intrude into the prejudice set of its owner. “You are the wisest, most beautiful and well-spoken of being in the world.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? “Your next marriage will be a catastrophe like the preceding one. You will marry at 14:33, March 13th the next year.” Doesn’t sound too good, but at least it is precise: this Cassandra will not have too many clients at all! 3) While the day of your next marriage can be determined by heart by any toddler providing quarter an hour of training, the minute of the wedding is a job for your ascendant ephemeris set. A secondary angular direction such as e.g. of the Moon can help as further refinement in the matter at hand. While determining the minute of the wedding is amateur job, averting it * makes it perfect.

4) Where are the planets right now? As we write this in mid-May 2012, Uranus has entered Cetus. We stand at the peak of the Eon of Cetus II. Cetus is one of the largest and most remarkable zodiacal ascendants. In comparison, Aries is small and does not rise at east for the epoch. Thus, a large portion of the visible sky as rising at east is overlooked by superstition in favor of one which is not rising at east for the epoch at all! Nobody you know has an Aries ascendant. Of course, people believe in people, not skies. Their natal skies are being falsified through people, not telescopes. Their lives are being ruined by people and the Devil, not observers of the vault. Having the wrong organ cut out, suffering divorce along with bankruptcy has nothing to do with any real natal skies at all. 5) Humanity seldom if ever had shreds of zodiacality during its long history. Recording the ascendant set would be the business of initiates, but somehow it eventually failed to comply with stellar standards as it fell for the market. The


illiterate forged a fixed ascendant set made of twelve zodiacal stations. Thus, something like a crippled zodiac for idiots was postulated to rise at east. This nonsense went on to become “official”. The twelve zodiacal stations of course don’t rise at east at all, but in an atmosphere where no one observes the skies, it passed as convenient model. The modern nincompoop does not even care of any real skies at all! The twelve ascendants model seems cozy enough (sic) to “fit one’s needs”. 6) What is the zodiac today? Today is a good word in a world without tomorrow and without
past. Namely, traces of zodiacality may be found through greater ancient China - Sikkim, Mongolia and Thibet including. Egypt had its seers. Novel civilizations were improvised through slaughtered Hypatia and Hipparchus aloof, but even at the times of Greeks there was no zodiac at all, not to mention ascendant system. It took 1972 for the zodiac and ascendant set to be calculated in minutes and set online. The academic Zodiac celebrates its jubilee in the year 2012.

7) In an atmosphere of general illiteracy and disinterest towards skies above, everyone is “astrologer”. 8) What happens when truth is spoken and heard? Truth spoken is, but ears don’t hear it. Why? Technically, ears do hear it, but the interpreter is set as default mind. This default mid is a no-pass filter as concern truth. Always take notice that in a world full of lies, the Devil is adamant as concern one single truth. Thus, truth is blocked from being spoken and when it is, it may go unnoticed or even ridiculed since all know lies and only lies make this world go round. What really makes this world go round is precession, not superstition, to which it is not subject at all. Thus, precession ridicules the twelve ascendants that never were and never will be. The twelve ascendants are such a frontal lie that they are easily ridiculed by the very observable skies at east. Fortunately for all sorts of sinister mountebanks, humankind prefers dolphin slaughter to the observance of the eastern horizon. All through its long history, humanity seldom recorded the ascendant set and if it did, it went misinterpreted.

9) Why do deceitful mountebanks see NASA as threat? There are all too many reasons to that! NASA has no interest in deceit. Its calculations must be based on relevant data; otherwise no space flight would happen. There is yet another reason known to “specialists” who mangle NASA ephemeris in order to serve their deceitful purposes. They bend relevant data towards popular superstition in order to give you many things that don’t exist in the real sky: Pluto in Aries, twelve ascendants or Sun in Aries for spring equinox. Pluto never enters Aries, there is no such thing as twelve ascendants and the Sun is in Cetus for spring equinox bordering on Pisces. 10) Did they tell you that there were several skies, one sadly astronomical along with different more “convenient” ones – all for your purchase? An Indian sky, a western one and others galore. You don’t need that many skies at all since one observable natal sky will do. Unfortunately, dealing with the visible natal skies has never been the business of mountebanks who prefer this or that subterfuge to the real thing, yes? Did you acquire “your own natal horoscope” model from people who don’t know that they never knew the Sun-sign of their own? Then – sadly - neither you nor people who “do horoscopes” are entitled to any genuine natal skies at all, since that would imply astronomy in the observable and therefore real skies. As real natal skies imply your original mind, true self and ascending guardian angel; they are vital only in case that you want to be yourself. In other cases, please forgive any directness from above: your true natal skies only serve as interpreter of observable astronomic data. Whether being your own true self may or may not be found appealing in one is for you to decide. Inner beauty is not on the market. Beyond these lines lies your very first horoscope – your original natal self!

11) Plankton soars as guided by the Moon and tide and the stars. As any natural phenomena,
plankton is astronomer, therefore true mind. No profit is seen from cheating upon one’s own race when it comes to feeding the totem of the Eon.

12) How are the skies organized? We organized them into constellations that neatly fit with earlier systematizations by qualified seers. The skies are determined as a wellorganized multidimensional spectacle – your own natal horoscope.

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