For Immediate release: May 11, 2012

UNYTEA: Owens Should Resign
The Upstate New York Tea (UNYTEA) Party has called for Congressman Bill Owens to resign. UNYTEA was reacting to a story published by which described a $22,000 junket to Taiwan paid for by lobbyists. The trip, by Owens and his wife, is a clear violation of congressional ethics rules. “If I was offered an all-expense paid trip to Taiwan worth $22,000 I would ask why. And if I didn’t ask why, I would be called stupid or dishonest or both.” said Mark L Barie, Founder and Chairman of the Upstate New York Tea Party. Barie added,” My congratulations to Mr. Owens, he has transformed himself from hometown boy into a corrupt Washington politician” Barie went on to say, “If Owens doesn’t man up and resign, the voters will throw him out in November.” The trip was paid for by Taiwanese lobbyists. Owens and his wife flew first-class to Taiwan and stayed at a $520 dollar per night hotel. The political junket was ostensibly designed to encourage “international cultural exchange”. Source: Contact Information: Mark L. Barie, Chairman PH: 518-297-7741 or 518-593-3754 or 518-297-3345 FX: 518-297-3264 Email: