E Learning Levels of Development

E Learning Development Components

Engage to learn

Level 0

Service PowerPoint to Online Module Graphic Design (Visual Theme Design Instruction design

Description Converts Existing Presentations into Flash with Navigation and Tracking Template, Logos, Illustrations Learning Friendly Material that follows adult learning principles, Learning Methodology) True False, Drag and Drop, Multiple Choice questions

Benefits Keep Track, Scalable Repeatable Improved Look and Feel Learning Experience Check Knowledge retention, Level 2 Feedback (Kirk Patrick model)

Best for/When Low Value Trainings, Time Paucity Branding required, Create higher recall and WOW factor Results Oriented Trainings




Simple Assessments

Low Value


Learning Interactions

Flash Based interaction with mouse overs and Click based Events, More engaging and Exploratory in Nature, Non Linear approach

Effective Self-Paced

Complex Concepts, Procedure knowledge, quick Reference for Target audience Soft Skills Development, Knowledge Application, higher level cognitive competence Creating Learners Pull towards trainings Innovate, Fun way to Measure effectiveness of training High Value Training, Critical Skills Development, Skill Proficiency is Critical, Practice platform for learners to improve skill continuously High Value Trainings personalized learning experience


Complex Application Assessments Rational Intro Interactive Assessment

Scenarios based exercises

level 3 & 4 Feedback (kirk Patrick) & Application Check

2 2

To brand training and motivate Learners Game show style Quiz Create Contest, Learning Engagement Auditory Engagement Create Contest, Content Engagement, Skill Improvement


Voice Over + Back Ground Score Gaming & Simulations Video Content Creation



Leaders Message, Real Scenario capture, Demonstration, Video Tour

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