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Singer 99K

Singer 99K

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Published by Callie
Sewing manual for the Singer 99K
Sewing manual for the Singer 99K

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Published by: Callie on May 11, 2012
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The Tucker is a time-saver for making tucks up to one inch in width. Two
adjustable scales are provided, the smaller near the needle is numbered 1 to 8,
expressing in eighths of an inch the width of the tuck. The larger scale
expresses in quarter inches the spacing between tucks.

Set the tuck scale for the width of tuck. The space scale is then adjusted using
the needle as an indicator for the spacing between tucks. When both scales are
set at the same number, blind tucks result. That is, the fold of one tuck just
touches the stitching line of the next. When additional space between tucks is
desired, adjust the space scale to a point beyond the tuck scale reading equal to
the spacing desired, expressed in quarters of an inch. Thus half-inch tucks
spaced a half inch apart require a tuck scale setting of 4, and a space scale
setting of 6.

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