Family Life

Probably nothing affects a child’s character so much as the home he grows up in. In what different ways is a child affected when: He grows up in a large family he is the only child his mother goes out to work his parents are separated his parents are always nervous and bad-tempered

A big family makes the parents depressed and confined to home. A big family gives the parents a full, happy life. 3. Can the parents of only one or two children be close to them, love them more, help them more? 4.How many children would you like to have? Why? 5. Is it likely that most people have large families only because they don’t know how to stop having babies? In some countries birth control is taught in schools. Should this be done everywhere? 6. What help is given in this country by the state or by the town to: a) people who have very big families? b) unmarried mothers? Do these people get enough help? 7. What are special problems of these parents? a) young parents with their first child b) parents of teenage children c) widows 8. What causes conflict between parents and children in families that you know? Could this conflict be avoided? 9. When are most parents closest to their children in this country? When the children: a) haven’t yet gone to school b) are in the elementary school c) are in high school d) have left school 10. Many mothers today work and are away from home all day. How does this affect her and her family? Would it be better for the family to have less money but have the mother at home?

an only child dependent on his parents independent too much attention housewives working mothers confined to the house to bring up children peace and calm the relationship between parents and children unmarried mothers birth control to stop having children

selfish unselfish to spoil a child a spoilt child tired worn out nervous depressed hysterical gentle tranquil easy-going uncomplaining

1. Does it make a difference to a person’s character whether he grows up in a big family or a small one (or as an only child)? 2. Do you agree with all the statements about big families? A big family teaches a chid to look after himself. It teaches him to look after other people. It makes him selfish. No one can have peace and quiet in a big family. No one can ever be alone, and everyone needs to be alone sometimes.

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