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The Guide Of It All

The eUK, its community and parts of the eWorld compiled into one guide.
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Player, profile and land: -Levelling - The explaining of levelling -Level Boundaries -Medals - Details on all of the medals. -Ranking up -Ranking and requirements -Land -Gold Military and Fighting: -eUK Military Units -How to join a Military Unit - Pending -Military info - Fighting and battles explained Politics: -Congress - Information on congress and pending manifesto tutorial -Congressman Per Region - Table to show congressmen/region -Political Parties - Top ten political parties + shortcuts Media: -Newspapers - All about newspapers -How to write an article - Pending Community: -IRC guide - Provided by Vadigor -IRC Channels - still in progress -eUK Forums Prime Ministers Questions: -Records - of past PMQs eReligion: -Nope, not happening here . eRepublik Wikipedia: -eRepublik Wikipedia Feedback: Next draw date: 20/05/2012 (make sure to submit before then) -Submit Feedback - Submit feedback via a form, all feedback is appreciated -Feedback prize draw - Provide your name in the feedback form to be entered into the draw

ApronChef - Creator of The Guide Of It All, Head writer Vadigor - IRC Guide contributed. cooldude97 - Contributor Elle Roslin - Contributed ESO Legion summary Joe Rooke - Contributed Royal Navy summary Kdoggroundtwo - Contributed Prinny Squad summary

missingno - Contributed Ultramilitia summary Pathogen - Contributed images. Appleby - Contributed images. Macubex8 - Military Unit Definition (eRep orientated definition)