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May 9, 2012 Dear Hockaday Boarding Parents, I am writing to update you on the increased security measures we are taking

to keep our boarding students safe and secure. Last night, I met with all boarding students to reassure them and to answer their questions. Here are several immediate enhancements that we are making to our security procedures for boarders: Boarding students may not walk off campus, whether alone or in pairs. Students were reminded to request school transportation for personal needs. Students who wish to go jogging or running need to stay on the Hockaday campus and run in pairs at a minimum. They are encouraged to run on the school track or grassy areas on the interior of the campus. Parents, please remind students to keep their cell phones with them and charged at all times in the event that the residence department needs to reach them. Our students safety is our primary concern. Our security staff, faculty, and administration is on heightened alert, and we have increased security in all areas, as has the Dallas Police Department. We continue to work with the detective who is in charge of this case and will update you when and if we have more information. As I mentioned in my letter yesterday, Mr. Ashton and I will meet with all Upper School students tomorrow during a regularly scheduled assembly. Please contact Danielle Ferguson or me if you have any questions. Best Regards,

Kim Wargo Eugene McDermott Headmistress