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'-- welcome to Get the Edge and congratulations on your commitment to attaining the edge in \_ your life-and experiencing the extraordinary quality of life you both desire and deserve. The tools, strategies, and resources you will discover and put to use in this program are designed \_to empower you to not only discover what it is you want most in your life, but also how to '- achieve it and experience more enjoyment than you ever thought possible.
I._ No matter how you approach this program, as long as you apply it, you will receive great benefit. \_ By following the steps below, however, you can maximize your results.


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Listen to Dayl of Get the Edge and start immediately of Power a part of your daily experience.

to make Your Hour



Listen to all 7 days of Personal Power Classic, These sessions are shorter than Gel the Edge and will give you the foundational principles for identifying what you want, breaking through the barriers to achieving it, and most importantly, starting the process of conditioning your mind and body for maximum results. Listen to Days 2 - 7 of Get the Edge for more in-depth sessions to transform your relationships, health, emotions, finances, and your life. (NOTE: We recommend that you take two days to complete session 2 and two days to complete session 3 as they are workshop formarsl) You can watch the Gel the Edge video at any point in the program to reinforce what you've learned, as you are personally coached by Tony Robbins about how to get the most out of this program. You will also learn how to create explosive muscle growth and shape your body into its ideal form in just 3-6 minute per week! Take advantage of your free online Personality Profile by going to www.Tonyftobbins.corn and clicking on the Assessments link for instructions and your personal code. This 30-page profile (a $225 value) will show you how your individual emotions, behaviors, and style can be harnessed to help you achieve whatever it is you want in your life.










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After each audio session, remember to open this journal to review the key concepts and to take immediate action on the day's assignments! Also, take a few minutes to reinforce what you've learned by writing down any additional thoughts or feelings in your journal about what you've learned and how you're going to use the progress you've already made. Take advantage life now' of your Gel/he Edge Personal Journal to create unstoppable momentum in your






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Get The Edge Personal ..Journal
\_ Cay
'-Your Hour of Power: The Secret to Creating an Extraordinary Qual ity of Life , .. 5

Cay 2
Results Workshop: 7 Keys to Changing Passion, Anything in Your Life-Today! ., ............•.... ............ , for Lasting Wealth, ' , , ....

, ....

, .....
, ....


\_ Power of Relationships: Pure Energy Live! Connection and Love

'-- Cay 4

The Key to a Strong, Healthy, and Vital Life Your Call to Action Freedom: Creating ., ,

, .. 27 31 37 , .43 .49

Cay 5
Power of Emotions:

\__.Cay 6
Your Way to Financial the Foundation

Cay 7
T11e Purpose of Life: Finding Your Real Inner Drive,

Caily Magic
















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l'id~'IJ. [01 '!!o'rillt:n mlIl~NI~ Zllloo~


CmpulolilJll'l '::311

by Jehn I'aul

FOT ~1Is1011ll,,"r j]:s.:si:s.l"I\~1' mul audto



ROBBLN. -----------------------------------------------------------'-----------------------------------------------------------~. 4 . • .".ANTHONY..._-_ . I". ----------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ ~'- '- ~ x. ~.Journal Notes -----------------------------------------------------------~. "".S .

G G()~ I HI . quality of life.\. Whether you want to improve your financial outlook. Focusing on unimportant but focusing on things that matter is the secret to an extraordinary SUCCESS WITHOUT things is a recipe for stress. and the journey to changing your life is no exception.() \\1 \ [[ p()\\ I R 10 \to\ JOII. You can achieve anything you desire simply by following certain laws. AN COMES EX'rRAORDINARY LIFE PSYCHOLOGY FROM AN EX1'RAORDINARY You can't control the outside world but you can control your inner one.\. life requires mastering two skills: the science of achievement and the art of Achievement-going from where you are to where you want to be-requires a plan.\.'L L Day 1.'000 miles in eleven days like Stu Mittleman.. tremendous of the pursuit but the enthusiasm joy in-the process-so you feel not only the and gratitude for the little things in life along Fulfillment means experiencing L excitement the way. a compelling future that excites and inspires you. Develop a vision. L L __ F L. or run 1. You can't control the events of your life but you can control what they mean to you. if you're growing.A. An extraordinary fulfillmen t." THAT WE ARE NEVER WITHOUT AN IMPORTANT GAL. E L "To ACHIEVE HAPPINESS -EARL WE SHOULD NIGHTE MAKE CERTAIN GOAL." \VOL! (. and focus 00 it daily.\1 \. If you're health)".Your Hour of Power The Secret to Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life very journey begins with a single step. a specific strategy. Bridging the gap requires just two th ings: consistent focus and consistent action. DR ~ \\IS I OR I lit Y H \\ I xo t I HI Hf-\RTS \0'\ 01 \IL\.E L L Whatever we focus on we tend to attract. enhance your relationships.FILL. there is always a gap between where you are and where you want to be. following a set of scientific principles will guarantee results.ME T Is FAILURE. "ORl·\.\. if you're dreaming new dreams and setting new goals.

the more you feel. TIle more you of Your The quality of your life is the quality of the emotions you consistently move. 011 a regular basis? Make a list of all the emotions you consistently EIV!POW£ RJ/Wj/POSITIVE EMOTIONS DISEMPOWERINGIPAfNFUL EMOTJOlVS . Whichemotions do you feci experience in a given week.motions experience.Day 1-Your Take Stock Hour of Power E.

hore my ~ift" my dr •• ms. you only wan! because of the feeling you think obtaining it will give you.j!!.'C'" • '__"". TllE LANGI1\('.Y tastes" • At 1.:t. time to lov.trong. mY1e1f 8V". SA~lPLli bCi\NTAT10NS • Every ~'Y and in evorv w'Y' I'm gelli"9 .. love h" se t 01" f"•. Whut (Ire YOII doing with your body? What (Ire yo II focusing 011 or believing? Whm (JI'e )'011 saying TO yoursetfr .'·. WO/'d.Plered joy and I . pay attention to the words you repeal 10 yo ursc If'..__.I"nger. good" Ihin f •• I" and Won. ft' . 1. Within me now. YOUR Focus AND Bl:LIEFS 2. you could have that feeling right now-simply by changing the following three patterns. • Day by daV I live mv Ii r. I f•• 1 abondant o. -.ch . The Triad Patterns Anything in life you think you want. . .' " • {!. I've broken I". and .ve . J think you're wrong.~~%:~'. and re. with jov and harmony.1 is p as I.1. with . Utilize the power of incantations by using the ones that nippon you the most. TAP stride. ~ '" I[~"J%' '''. The truth is. Certain words can change the way you feel: I think you're mistaken. # .id s. Eliminate any habitual questions that do not serve you. even though it's not reality in actuality..F..I': If you want to change your lire. 3. the p.r • All I need • Nothing 'j.' ~ ..S~ GeT into the huhit or evaluating your triad and conditioning yourself to experience the great emotions you want. Day 1-Your . jnca/1lGliOIl.nd every brealh I take. Focus equals reality to the individual.' .1\"':' ~ ". • With e.E von USE Questions: Thinking is nothing more than mentally asking and answering a series of questions.ach and love from deep i n.I I.lly h.ome fun. YOUR PHYSIOLOGY (WllAT VOU DO WTTll YO n BODY) Emotion is created by motion. Whatever you're feeling right now is related to how you're using your body. Whatever you focus 011 you're going 10 believe.~'t . you start to believe it.t. And noW it'.__..~:W'hen you repeat a phrase with enough emotional intensity. I think you're lying. The Three '-'-- Hour of Power That Create Any Emotion. my heart •• nd INTO YOUR A"'''RE:'." ".

Day 1-Your Your Habit for Hour of Power Extraordinary Health and Happiness and stan your day with movement.. then celebrate I Your STEP STEP I: Assignment Today. and special moments in your life. you'll move toward. exhale lour limes through your mouth. going outside your house and starting with a walk to warm up your body and wake up your metabolism. Grab your Daily Magic audio and go for a walk.t5.breathwalk. visit www. Speaking engages your physiology and conditions the ideas into your mind. exhale for 2 counts. 30 Minutes to Thrive.. business associates. first thing in the morning. and repeat continuously.corn} PHASE 2: GET G!\Altt'UJ. Focus on what you want to create today. friends. Then. -"NO VISU\I. whatever you focus on. Exercise. or whatever form of movement feels right to yOll. Visualize everything you want in your li fe as if you had already achieved it and you were grateful for it. or 15 Minutes to Fulfillment. immediately. keep your eyes open for Magic Moments and be sure you live with passion' Tomorrow. PHASE 3: USE INCANTATIONS Al'iD EXERCISE (15-30 ~UNUTES Oil MORE) Do your incantations 0111 loud. start your day by doing your Hour of Power." Inhale four times through your nose. (S M IKUTES) Train yourself to jump out orbed PHASE 1: MOVE AND BnEATHE Keep your shoes beside the bed and hit the ground runningl Get up each day and physics lIy move. practice the pattern of "breathwalking. Take several diaphragmatic breaths in the ratio: inhale for 1 COUnt. What do you want to make happen'! What do you want to do. Of accomplish') See it happening the way you want it. Your brain can't tell the difference between something you vividly imagine and something you actually experience. Hill. achieve. for the fir$t five minutes of your walk. hold for 4 COW]. 2: .IZE (1 0 ~llNUWS) Think about everything you're grateful for Start with yourself and include your family. (For more in/ormation on breathwalking. with no hesitation.

'-'- '- 3. General Schwarzkopf teaches that nothing gets better until YOLl admit something is wrong. In other words.The difference in people's lives is the difference in their standards. there are patterns of success and patterns of failure. Get unreasonable-Unreasonable people (like Nelson Mandala. make one phone call. Slop using s~fieners-Making yourself feel better without actually changing anything trains you to accept mediocrity. Mother Teresa. They rationalize. They're out of practice. success leaves clues! H '- I. The good news is. Develop a strategy that works-You won't produce an extraordinary body by changing your diet alone. They've had an ineffective strategy. Turn your "shoulds " into "musts "-\Vhen something is a must.Tap into the power of momentum and do something immediately. 9 . '-- 2. vibranrcsuccessful people think and behave in certain ways. Raise your slCIndards. Coach John Wooden taught his players ihat winning comes from telling yourself the truth and doing your own personal best.Day 2-Results '-- Workshop Anything in Your Life Today Seven Keys to Changing '- appy. They do things others believe arc impossible. and Oprah Winfrey) rule the world. Oprah Winfrey tried several strategies before she found the one til at worked for. Develop selj:hones/y-Drop the story and tell yourself the truth. you follow through. Understand the power oj 110"'.her. walk for 10 minutes. So do miserable and unfulfilled people. all d lie to themselves. lise softeners. Develop the habit of chuI1king-Start by tackling one manageable piece of a project: write one paragraph. tell themselves stories.

Witl1.r'!ion hits a. ~raclually (My return HJ the old behavior and . lessened and pni n to drive the pI. . LhL::: drive to complete mot i\. A.. Me ~ /\ pc:.fd c! lmlnming some [iSPL. If you want to be good at tennis.t!I"T~ 1. rheeshcld: the problem prcs. which lessens lh~ jlU¢IlSilY of the pain . I'll do it tomorrow I'm tired It'll t."!~~'\i O .Jble-m of (e."[1 len I o c('ml pi": bety resolve rh e J'!It(1 blcm L~lost..$LlXS When Inc:' intensity of the problem is reduced.sfRETl"R:\" -rn ·1 HI.. TURNS '1'0 At'Tlo~ causes such u significillH ~lmUllnt of pain th::'u they feel • Hii.u T'Q Loss Tbe prohtem remains. • 6.Day 2-Results Workshop The Pressure Cooker There's one more reason people don't change-they get into a "pressure cooker. too fa. a person takes action they make. play with somebody better than yourse Ir.} 1ac '" allY longer.:sun r (-rru.k. goal}.ve lim. or. you're nor going 10 change... Get associated /0 the problem.'> LEAD TO RF... EXERCISE: How DO YOU I~"TIOX-\LIZE'. make it worse than it is to get yourself to take action If you 're not disturbed..JAftT T Q[ the change ts.'l. DR1'.1l.".. DRI\"F. {hey lose: 10 of their 4()-pound weight-los ...progress lTI"V. or you'll join" new peer group. don'! compare yourself with others 10 make yourself feel better. too lon~ II'll o"t foo mucb Ij'. away III ..' What arc the most common reasons you lai I to do things? What stories do YOLI tell yoursel f? List at least rive rationalizations you use for not following through: EXAMp·I.1': . ACTIf)....1.·9. Pl'~OBLEi\t People climb into the pressure cooker again and again! S CHANGE How can you avoid it? THE 7 Sn:ps OF CQNSClO STEP 1: GJ:T DISTURBED Be honest with yourself Don't use softeners or rationalizations.g .. Rr:S.. Surround yourself with people who have what YOII want. Seeing them will disturb you and you'll either run back III your old friends to make yourself feel better." .J::Si I don't h.TI.'. 4.":GL the prr. 3.sLl'r~ tel take action 10 change it 2...~:: RF.. If necessary.

What This 2. your ratioualizations? Write down some things that disturb you right now. Why This -will 3. your business. do I wan! to do this? What is my purpose? is the P-the plll'j)o s e. What This is the specific result I am committed to achieving? is the R-the result they are after. '-- "/11 disturbed about: '- '- II ."I-the Massive Action Plan! '-- EXERCISE: LET'S GET HONEST What are you unhappy about in your career. people have in common? Successful people have an RPM plan for Those who succeed in life have the answers to 3 questions: 1.Day 2-Results The Power STEP 2. knowing your purpose-the "why" get you to follow through. yourself. Reasons come first. answers come second. MAKE" Workshop of an RPM Plan REAL DECISION What do successful their lives. Once you decide. specific actions must 1 take to make this happen? is the .

Day 2-Results Crossting Your Workshop Plan RPM EXJ.RCISE: LET'S GET HONEST (CONTI:-iIJlW) What are you committed to doing instead? Decide what [lew result you want. then write why (your purpose) you are committed to obtaining this result. Result: r am now committed 10 doing: Purpose: I am committed 10 this because: 11 .

'-- '-- '-- '-'-'-'-- '-Now asterisk CO<) the 3-5 "must items" you can and must do 10 achieve your goal. book a meeting. make a phone call.'-." J3 -DANTE '-- . etc. and do them 11011'. actions that will absolutely produce results. Send an e-mail. Never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something toward its achievement. EXERCISE: BRAINSTORM ACTIOI"' ITEMS come lip with a list of Choose one nell' result you are committed to achieving and list all the things you could do to achieve it. Include little things that you can do immediately. Don't worry about making your list "perfect. "A '-- MIGHTY FLAME FOLLOWS A TINY SPARK. buy a book." To make sure you follow through.Day 2-Results Massive Action Workshop is a Cure All \_ SUI' 3: CREATE A MASSIVE ACTION PLAN It's time to "draw the MAP." Just brainstorm whatever comes to mind.

refine the wording of your result.l9f pe.!Ota'iUT1.Day 2-Results Workshop The Power of Purpose EXERCISE: BRAll'STOIUl ACTIO:. to h~'It mDt~ t.'lCIS (CO!'TlNUEI.!I:A~k tib. 11iIy:g:~.' W'o£!e!.!~oClPtT1~li~'h all I went. 31.r :l B~~' d:re 4 t1!..ll 8. +1) be ff(U.lI~Jfi. sn 11. and then cornmi 1 10 the actions by giving each one a deadline. ITE." -HENRY DAVID THOREAU 14 .:. II-IE QUESTION IS. C [)$ !Jr~. 11. ~~~ I:.edjJle' S 1I1f1"nir.Q g:i'l'e 10 o-Ihe.I4' I)j w11(] j 311'l ~l'Id hll' I ]D:[]'~.1!fit 3n~ hllllll'!l whBr~ lH a see it e v el'f dlily :3 .3~'te. pi d'!J i iii m~ n ~w . I!l'llfir!il1 to .: PC! 1'l1Oi11t1Oi. t(l hsve the. to IQY~I Iiee. WHAT ARE WE BUSY ABOUT.-. tGi h I'I'I-~ 'll(!tk(l1J1 buddy 4 :lrS~h.ei~br.l) Using language that excites YOIl. list II few reasons why you want to take this action (your purpose).1 S M~h '2 rl'. l/IO ~ 'PI!!II a!.ite lif!! "IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO BE BUSY.Jt.

and it's fun. and not really necessary adopted empowering new beliefs that exercise allows her to give more. '- '- '- '--- 15 . '- The young Iad)' who be lieved exerc i se was pa i nfu I. through on '-- '- 'Write down the lIew beliefs that will empower you from this point forward. and (hen repeated to ourselves again and again until we felt certain. thai she's worth it. felt a lot of emotion about. EXf.. They can be unconscious or conscious. NEW BICLlEFS Write down all the old beliefs that have kept you from following your goal in the past. After losing it all. his limiting belief until a new empowering belief turned him around turned him from a policeman a millionaire and Entrepreneur nearly caused him to give up . John McCormack's empowering belief in himself risking his life to "save someone else's $27" into of the Year. and they often stern from things we've heard or seen. ex pensive.RCISE: OLD BELIEFS. Josh's old beliefs caused him 10 gain 110 pounds: his new beliefs helped him lose the weight and rnak e exercise and eating well part of hi ~ daily routine. Beliefs control our behavior.. again.'- Day 2-Results Workshop Power to Create Beliefs: The Power to DestroyfThe '-- STEP 4: CHM'(:~ YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS '- A belief is nothing more than a feeling of absolute certainty about what something means.


there may be days when you don't see resu Its. STX HU. 6. You'll be excited about your results if you measure your progress. 4. if you only measure the pounds you lose. II takes NET . you can listen to music. If you're working out. 5. 3. I. 1110st people don't do it perfectly the first time. pray while you exercise. you've gor to reward yourself for doing things approximately right in the beginning. or enjoy that will enhance the experience? '- '-- '- '-- J7 . notice. Certainty Uncertainty/variety Love/Connection Significance Growth Contribution Score the experience.~IAN 'Elms All human beings are driven by six needs. Set yourself up 10 win by measuring in more than one way. Measure anyt h ing that can gi ve you growth. pay attention to. 'EXERClS~.: ENHANCE THE EXI'ERJENCE '-- Come up \V ith two or three ideas that can help you look forward to do ing the things that will gel your result.. appreciate. To win the game of life. 2.Day 2-Results '-'- Workshop Scoring Your Life STEP 5: SnYouRsELFUPTOWIN '-'- Reward yourself. What can you focus on. '- or '- Take advantage of NET lime. you'Il enjoy the process and accelerate your results by making your actions meet your needs for. For example. Do things that add emotional 'intensity and make the process more enjoyable along the way. No mailer what task is at hand. When learning something new. work out with a buddy. Choose things that meet all your Six Human Needs. No Extra Time! Measure your progress.. etc. Increase the value of your time by doing several things at once.

EXIRCISE: momentum.Day 2-Results The Power Workshop of Action Sn. Do them right away. send an e-mail) Big action (something that takes time. you have [0 replace it. Try incanting your new beliefs. You don't have to do a thousand things. and immerse yourself in an environment (hal reinforces YOlIfor your Ivins and challenges yOll [0 greater heights. saying them again and again. whi Ie you're "in state:' The more massive the action. make 3 you can take immediately 10 gel yourself going? phone call. utilize a coach. you make them your peers and you give them powe I' to i nfluerice the way you th ink. or effort) Sn:r 1: THI': SEVE1\TII POWER When you care how people feel about you. Do something while you're inspired. the more committed you will be to achieving the result. By changing the emotion. Choose a peer group with a high standard. changing the emphasis and changing your state. REMEMBE. The power of incantationsYou can't just gel rid of a negative belief.p 6: TAKE MA S[Vl ACT[ON There is no lime like the present: Never leave the site of setting u goal without doing sorneth ing toward its attainment..R THE l\1ARINE CORPS GE. you just BIG ACTIO. Massive action creates have to do something.. Tap into the Seventh Power-the power of environment. Most people's Iives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.g. LnTL~ AC["ION What are two actions Little action (e. energy. money..'1ERAL •. and be sure to acknowledge yourself when you get them done' t~ . Your Assignment Do the little action and big action you wrote down.". you change the impact you feel and you begin to condition yourself for even more action.

Wilue do YIIU WI/III III be? Visualize your ideal relationship. Remember.are those in which rhe participants coneinually grow and contribute to themselves. and Love '. and '-. These laws hold true for everything in life. you want onc but don't have one: you fear being hurt . T. '-r-~--------------------=----------------. surprise.\' \VHERE ARE AND \VHERE \\'.'\:--T TO BE Extraordinary relationships-c-not merely good or excellent. it's not about you. What else could be happening in this situation? What else could this mean'! Most or the time. "this is not that. These are lnstcad of assurn ing the worst. but truly legendary ones. and contribute '-_ THE PURPOSE OF RI<LATIONSHtP$ '-'- Reta tionshi ps ex i st to III agni fy the human neguti vc ones or pos itive ones? experience. you've been hurt before 2. especially for relationships. you don't want one.__----~--~ __---~-------------' You Yo '-I IDENTIFY Til E GxP BETWEF:.There '''- are two universal laws of life: anything that doesn't grow dies. become a master of meaning. and anything that fails to contribute is eliminated. want more from it . What would it lock like? What would laugh about. the relationship." to the past.each other. learn together? How would you make love. Power of Relationships Connection. '--Remember Sigmund Freud's wise wcrds-s-Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar! !9 . wan! out of it . share. to each other? y()U talk about. Which emotions are you magn i fying: THE SECRET TO HANI1UI\"G UPSETS '-- When we associate pain to a relationship. arc immobilized yO!! either f{ you're not iii a relationship .'--Day 3'-Passion. Where are you? If'you 're ill II relationship . we're responding independent events.

Sharing produces a synergy where one plus one equals more than two. Pri mary fears arc triggered any time you feel like you're not being seen as significant enough or you fear the loss of love.Day 3- Power of Relationships Love of Your Life you are able to -- The Ultimate The quality of your relationships is in direct proportion to the amount of yourself share. Backstreet Boys. "What's really triggering this fear? Am 1 responding to the present or the past? What else could this mean'!" How TO CREATE AN EXTRAORDINARY RlCLATlONSHIP 1. Write at least J 0 things you can do to show how much you love yourself (Do my Hour of Power. not to gel. or 15 Minutes to fulfillment. If you're starting [0 react. acknowledge myself for being great. "boy bands" like Too many rules can destroy a relationship. founder of successful Keep your rules to a minimum. Tell yourself the specific reasons YOll love yourself. that they arc not en ough and they wen 'I be loved. ask yourself. " . "1 love you [your name]. Lou Pearlman.. When driven by rules instead of Jove. Go to a relationship 10 give. attributes their Although we go about meeting them in different ways. Help your partner meet his or her needs. Upsets occur N'Sync and the easily when you have too mallY ways to feel bad. Legendary relationships occur when the harmony in their both partners feel that their needs are met. write myself 11 love letter. we all success not only to have the same six needs. relationships begin 10 die. go to places T love). harmony of their Be aware that all human beings share the same two primary fears: re lationshi ps. I love you [your name] . 30 [mutes to Thrive. Measuring and remembering who gives more is a surefire way FIVE-PART HARMONV to kill a relationship. Learn to Love Yourself You can't give to other people what you haven't learned to give yourself. 20 . music bUI also the Understand the importance ofawareness and acceptance. Take two minutes every rnormng for the next seven days to look 111 the mirror and repeat.

What qualities would they have? What things would they do? Then describe your ideal mate '5 traits. habits.~ATE FROM HELL '-- '-- '- '--- Asterisk '- (*) the "must nevers..Day 3'The Power of Relationships Power of Selection 2_ Select the Qualifies You Need ill a Relatiol1ship Relationships last when both people have the same 01' cornp lementary nat ures." Asterisk (. qualities.-. appearance-everything you can think of that would be important to you. . Ideal Parmer [f yOll have a hurd time coming up with your wish list. . Can they do the job? Can they be your partner? . '- YOUf! ULTIMATI£ RELATlQNSIIII' . TilE . Describe rou. start by defining "the mate from hell. FOllow the example set by business leaders and consider three things in evaluating a potential relationship (business or personal). march in terms of sensual ity or sexuality? EXEnC1SE: OF_FINE '~ is there a \_.) the "m ust haves. Will they do the j ob? The answer will he yes i r the job or relationship meets their persona) goals and reinforces their nature.'- ~." 21 ... Are they the right fit in terms of values? In a personal relationship." Write about the person you couldn 't stand to be with.

Journal Notes ---------------------------------------------------'_ 22 ..

Describe the values.) the "musts" 23 . characteristics.Day3Attracting Power of Relationships Your Ideal Mate DEFIN~: YOlJR ULTlMATt: RELATlO. conduct. and habits you would need in order to deserve the mate you just described. SCOTT'S LIST J need to be: Kind Loving flexible An open communicator Driven by values Intelligent Nurturing '-- '.--- ''- Asterisk (.(w HUF€ 10 Be 10 Auract Such a Male? You need to become the kind of person you would like to find. SIIII' (CO!\"TlNUm) What Kind ofPerson Would}.

Day 3Dealing

Power of Relationships
with Challenges

3. Learn /0 Close the Gap To close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you've got 10 know where you rca lly are. If you're already in a relat iorish ip, go bac k to the "must" items on your lists frorn Steps I and 2. On a 0- \0 scale, first rate your partner, then rate yoursel f Oil how well those musts are being met. If you're no! in. a relationship, score yourself alone. Go back to your must items from Step 2 and rate yourself on a 0-10 scale, How close arc you to being the person who will attract the kind of person you want?


How TO








Challenges show lip in every relationship. If the slime ones seem to keep popping up, and if they seem overwhelming, it may be that your natures are completely different and not complementary or you don't share the same va lues.

Running from" relationship is 1101 the answer. Anywhere YOIl gn, you take yourself with ycul Honesty and clear communication arc the only solutions, Have an honest conversation with your partner about ways to meet both your needs and theirs. Make yoursel r stronger and better: give more; focus on their need s. Sometimes you have to make the hardest decision of all and the relationship. Gel clear on what's best for you and the other person.



I. Resistance 2. Resentment

3. Rejection
4. Repression



Day 3Take Your

Power of Relationships
Relationship to the Next Level


to look in the mirror and "Tell yourself the spccif'ic



For the next seven days, take two minutes each morning repeat, "1 love you [your name], 1 love you (your name) reasons you love yourself. W rite down

e of those reasons






2: If YOU'Rt: IN ... REl





'Make a lis! of things you can do to enhance your relationship. Or, if you truly are not matched in your natures, your values, and your goals, get really clear about Ih,\I, have an honest conversation, and make some decisions, Make a game plan for what you are going; [0 do.






Day 3Take Your

Power of Relationships
Relationship to the Next Level


3: If



Where do you need the 11 ex t 30 days,

PLAN · ou ATTRACTING YOUR TD(.AL MATE. ... spend your time? Who do you need to talk to') Create a plan for








Day 4-Pure

Energy Live!
Healthy, and Vital Life

The Key to a Strong,


elationships, finances, emotions, your career. . none of these matter if you don 'I have your health. To avoid ending up as "the richest person in the graveyard," make your health absolute pri ori ty, anyone convince you to give this responsibility to "experts." You must be your own Model people who have achieved the result, yOll want and learn as 1 have [rom those studied the subject, such as nutritionists Dr. Neil Solomon and Chinese medicine Dr. Alex Guerrero. With a few simple changes, you can give yourself the gifts of energy, improved immune function, and weight loss.



Don't let authority. who have specialist exploxive



Ten people can be exposed (0 the same germ, bUI not' all of them become ill. Why? Because germs arc not the source of disease. Contact with a specific germ is not an absolute guarantee of contracting disease. Several other factors arc involved: The amount of stress or emotion in your life Your genetic tendencies The things you do 10 keep your body in balance The pullution Ievel or your environment (your body) Your phi Iosophies about health


Our bodies are driven by electrical impulses in a complex electromagnetic system. This system requires a delicate balance between the levels or acid and alkalinity. You can easily test this balance by measuring your pH level; ideal blood pH is 7.36.




Acid in the system disrupts the balance, causing red blood cells to Slick together, weaken, and die. When this happens, more acid is released into the bloodstream, causing a vicious and deadly cycle of pollution. The body tries to compensate by calling upon irs alkaline reserves, but eventually these are depleted and acid wreaks havoc, burning through your arteries. Again, the body tries TO compensate by lining (he artery walls with cholesterol ... another deadly solution' "THE GRl:ArEST MISTAKE A MAN CAN MAKE IS TO SACRIFICE ADVANTAGe," PHTLOSOPIILR any nurritionai program.





We reconnnend thot YOIi consult witl; a heallh care professionat

befi)rl! heginning

The truth is. tAs Emotions-negative emotions. Foods provide value only when they can be converted into the elements necessary for this chemistry to take place. ~ 5. YOUR BY SOMETHING 2. Radiation-s-no one really knows what impact constant exposure to things like computer screens may have. and refined carbohydrates are all sources of acid. between losing weight or keeping it on. and other ere a tures feed on your en erg)' stores and excrete acid waste. . They weaken. thoughts.fia. Sugar equals acid and acid equals glue. IS COMPRQl. more disorganization. your heart. 3. STlit' 2: ENERGtZ" Green Vegetables Wheat Grass A Rose Green Drink Your Liver Your Colon Your Stomach Top of Your Head Your Brain A 1-3 10-30 40-50 70-90 70-90 70-90 250-350 55·60 58-63 5~-65 60-70 72-78 30 Your body operates on a subtle electro-magnetic current.-id. and more acids. Acid diet-an imal proteins.. 4. Tttn l'NVlRO.\:'\~CE MHz 5 The key to maintaining STEP 1: ALKALIZE balance is found in two simple steps: Big Mac Chocolate Cake Vitamins Raw Almonds Alkalizing breaks the cycle of excess acid. It's the difference between life and death. it's an acid problem 28 that begins with disturbance. cooked oils. they become disorganized in an a trcmpt to deal with or adapt to the new (disturbed) environment. BECOME DlSORGA. Your brain.'<ME!\T BECOMES POLLUTED . and molds. How You GET OUT OF BALANCE ENVIRO\Mt:!'OT IS DISTURH£n Tumor 1.-YIZE.'O CELI.Day 4-Pure Energy Live! The Cycle of IlTlbalance ALKALIZE AND ENERGIZE SUBST. The new environment breeding ground for bacteria. and all of your organs emit fields of electrical impulses. Energizing means avoiding foods that take away more energy than they provide. THE ENVIRONMENT Ruptured or dead cells give off exec" ac. yeast. Baere.D CELLS When ce lis are disturbed. die. words.IJSJ. becomes a . fungus. and actions have a tremendous impact on your bloodstream. but excess radiation could easily disturb the delicate balance.S ATTEMPT TO ADAI'1'. Polluted environment-smog in the air makes you acidic. or mutate. sugar. more disturbance. causing even more pollution. You DI1VELOP WHA'T' MOST PEOPLE THINK OF AS DEBILITATING DISEASE OR AGl1VG t. yeast fungus.

he went from being fragile and breakable to doing pushup. 2. Seeing is Believing: I saw my own blood cells go from torn and leaking to healthy and intact. IDEALLY FOR 7-10 IMYS You don 't need a blood test to know you've. PATTt. After switching to an alkaline diet.Day 4-Pure Energy Live! The Cycle of Balance THE THREE. and saw the proof under [he microscope with my own eyes.STEP CYCLE OF REGAINING BALANCE t I '''-- CLF. The best way to cleanse plenty of fluids that are alkaline in nature. Your Assignment '- ''- Everything in life shifts when you put yourself back in balance. I fell better than ever. Identify and break your destructive patterns. bu i It your lifestyle until now. green drink product. an d till something right now.ANSIC YOUR SYSTEM. BALA1'lCE: STORIES OF SUCCESS '-'- '- '- Hypercholesterol study: The National Institutes of Health followed an entire family whose cholesterol levels were over 450. Green INNER BALAKU. Sean '. Stop indulging in negative eating acidic foods. one woman lost 50 pounds and lowered her cholesterol by 190 points in just six weeks. such as wheat grass or our an instant boost to your alkalinity + 3.I' Wish: Remember Sean? Within twelve months. If you're make sure you follow these steps . For the next ten days: Take control of your body with '-'-- Never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something ready to take your life to the highest level of energy possible. and sporting a "six pack" of abdominal muscles. three-step challenge. will provide (on A MI"IMUII'I OF 3-4 DAYS) up some toxicity and acid through is to superhydrarc your system with drinks.IU'S THAI DON'T SERVE YO . '-- '- Waler Oxygen/Breathing Vitamins & Minerals Live al kal ine foods Exercise RECAJNINC. INTERRIIPT DI£S'rRUCTlVE. toward its attainment. PROVJOE YOUR BODY emotions or wrru Till': CORE i'WTRIENTS IT HEALLY NEEDS. this simple.

drink j 00 ounces of water.. call: 877-GO-4-GREE (877-464-4733) STEP How MUCli \.VATJi. If you weigh 200 pounds. Come up 2: I:>iTERRUPT DESTRUCTIVE PATTER S THAT UO '-T SERVE YOU Write down at least three destructive patterns in which you've been engaging.Day 4-Pure Creating Energy Live! Vital Life a Healthy. all designed by Dr. STEf' I: CU:A SE YOUR SYSTf. Another way to do it is with high-alkaline green drinks. NEEDS Write a paragraph or two describing why you arc now committed to providing your body with the things it needs. 8RtAmS PATTERN lNTERRI)PTS I WILL TAn Ft~E D!EP EXAM PLE: I OFTEN GET ANGRY WH!~ I 6EGtN TO FfEL ANGRV.]{ IS ENOUGH? Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.M Start cleansing right away by drinking plenty of water. with one or two ways to interrupt each pattern the next time it arises. WITI"! ITS vrrvi.. AND LI~I AI LE~ST THR~E THINGS GRATE FUL FOR IN MY LIFE I'M STEP 3: PROVIDE VOUR tWO\. What will it give you? What has not doing this up until now caused you to miss out on or lose in your li l'e" 30 . l-or more information about this and other INNER BALA'<CE products. like wheat grass or ANTHONY ROBSJl\'S' INN~R BALAl\'n'" green drink. Alex Guerrero. DESTRUCTIVE PATTER?.

. we can utilize them to change '-. What we do is not based on om ability. Nothing controls '-. Often. and ecstasy! OUf lives are defined by the emotions we feel on a daily basis. and get rid of that hoping feeling. depression-compare these emotions to joy. L. L.. Think about something you'd like to have happen in (he future and hope it will happen. ow close your eyes and think about this same thing you'd like to have happen. excitement. the Remember _ YOII are always in control of how yo" feel.. Emotions arc signals calling us to action.you bUI you. If we heed these signals. Close your eyes and notice how it feels to hope. Open your eyes." JUNG 31 . it's based upon . passion. L. This session is about laking control of thc most important and powerful part of your life: your emotions. how we feel. 3. contentment. shake your body out a little.--.. Where do emotions come from') Whether we give ourselves positive. our talent. What we feel is based not on OLLr experience but on our interpretation of . seem the most painful may be telling us we need to make changes. or our skills.. You jus/ controlled your emotions! "THERE CAN BE NO TRANSFORMING INTO MOVEMENT -CARL OF DARKNESS WITHOUT INTO LIGIIT AND OF APATHY EMOTION.. Or neutral feelings is determined by the rules we have and the meanings or interpretations we attach to events in our lives. Open your eyes..'-- '-. EXERCISE: HOPE VS.. the ocean-some days they're a brewing storm: other days they're as calm as they can be. anger. What was the difference? \_. resentment. the emotions that. '--r---------------------------------------------------------------------. Do you see two different possibilitieshaving it work out and not work our? 2. negative.. Notice how it feels and how this is different than hoping.Oay 5-Power Your '-'-- of Emotions Call to Action Frustration. Most of IlS live Ollr lives in reaction to our environment. Our emotions are like L.____ experience.. CERTAINTV 1. but this time expect it to happen.the quality of our experience and our lives immediately.

Inadequate You need to improve what you're doing or change. Disappointed Guilty Regretful Your expectation may not be appropriate situation at hand. Overloaded. 9. Yo u need to change goal 4." ROBRINS -ANTHONY 32 . Uncomfortable Fearful HUl"t Change your state.Day 5-Power The Ten Action of Emotions Signals 11 Yrn: FII-l . 0. then take act i on with the first item on your list.. get ready to do something. what you want. Frustrated your approach !O achieve your 6. THE MEANING. "NOTHlNG IN LIfE lIAS ANY MEANING IF YOU DON'T CHANGE EXCEPT THE MEANING YOU GIVE IT. You violated one or your Own standards. LIKE THE WAY YOU'RE FEELING. You must 8. THE MESS. An important rule has been violated. Al1g1:V 5. and take GCI prepared.. your criteria. Let the person know your standard may not be the same as theirs but you need their help.\GE IS .. 2. your rules may be too bard to meet You need to prioritize. An expectation is not being met and you have a feeling of loss. clarify action in that direction. Change your behavior Or your way of communicating your needs. 3. Hopeless. ensure you won't violate it again" lor the 7. Depressed 10. Lonely 01" • You necd connection with people. List the things you want to accomplish in order of pri OI"i ty. 1. Overwh elm eli.

K[ ACTlON~ Do something right away that shows you can handle this emotion.". . what message is it offering? · Do I need to chao ge my percept. GEr CURIOUS AND ASK QUf:STIONS: 10 How do I really want to feci? As soon as you identify what you want you're moving in the direction YOLI want 10 go. If one doesn't work. the "WE MUST CULTIVATE OUR GARDEN.". Rehearse until you reel confident. on (the meaning) or my procedures (my communication or my behavior)? J. II reassure you that you call deal with it now.. a better way.. me when you were ab le to deal with the emotion w. S. endure them. or use them to compete with other people. try another. GET EXCITED ASIl n.Day 5-Power '<'-Mastering of Emotions Your Emotions - S'fErs TO l"IASTERING YOUR E.VIOTIONS How do most people handle their emotions'! They avoid them.. GbT CONFmENT: feel" Recall a specific time when you felt this emotion before lind somehow got over it. learn from your emotions and utilize them! SlX 1. . CLARll'V' • What is this emotion trying to tell me..'. IO"I\T1FY TUE E.\. There's a fourth way. and you can do it in six simple stcps . Express YOUI' emotion in a way that reinforces what you've rehearsed in your mind and changes way you feel." -VOLTAIRE 3] . What would I have ro believe ill order 10 feel that way now? What am I willing to do \0 make it the way 1 want it? · What's great about this or what can I learn from this? 4.\lOTION !\NI) '\PPRI:CI!\TE THE MESSACE: It's saying you have to change something.IIN: Imagine coming up with different ways of hand! ing thisemotion. GET CERT. 6. . Rernem bering a I. 2..

10. you will plant the seeds of greatness in your lire. the easiest way to have close relationships and do the thing. For example. 4. S. Here are 10 quick emotions to plant in your life on a daily basis. that make you feel close to other people. Contribution 34 . If you cultivate these emotions and focus on feeling them every day. LOl'C ami fVal'11Ith Appreciation ami Gratitude Curiosity Excitement and Passion Determin arion Flexibility Confidence Cheerfulness Vitality s 9. l. 3. is to cultivate the emotion of being loving and warm. 6.Day 5~Power The Ten Emotions of Emotions of Power' THE TliN EMono '5 OF POWER The best way LO get yourself to do something is to put yourself in an emotional Slate where that behavior becomes automatic. 2. 7.

6.. . NOTICE ANY NEGAT)VE OR DlSEMPOWERING Ff. Get excited and take action" '-' Nezative emotion: How I handled it: 35 .. Clarify: What is it trying to tell me? Do l need to change my perception or my procedures? Get curious: How do T really' want to How I handled .Day 5-Power Transform -~ of Emotions Your Emotions Your Assignment Let's start using the Six Steps and the Ten Action Signals we've learned in this session.F:Ll'iGS THAT CO"I!:: UP AND APPLY THE SIX STEP PROCESS. BELOW. x. Get confident: I've handled things like th is before. STEP 1: FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS.. RLCORD '-OlTR PROGRESS '-- Neuative emotion: How I handled it: SIX STEPS TO JVIASTERING YOUR EMOTIONS l. '- feel? What would I have to believe in order to feel that way now') \. 5 Get certain: Rehearse dealing with it in the future.- What am I willing to do to make it the way J want it? What can T learn from this? 4.. Identify the emotion and appreciate the message Neaativc emotion: it: 2.

Loneliness 36 . 7.OP A XFW BELIEF THAT WtLL HELP YOU AVOID FEELI!'>G THESE E~wnONS. Discomfort 2. or Depression H opel cssness 4.~- Srr.APPOI ~IM. Overwhelm. Fear Hurt Anger fru strauon Disappointment Guill or Regret Inadequacy Overload. DISEMPOWERING EXAMN<S: EMOTTON GOMI" i)fy Nov BELIEF OV~ RWH ~ 1M.. 5. OEVtI. S. . like . 9. 6.Day 5-Power Utilize Your STEP 1.ACl! OF Til RIO ACT! ON SIGNA LS von t. Taking a deep refreshing breath Singing your favor] Ie song Feeling gratefu I for love in you r life ..p 3: FOR F. 10.. of Emotions Signals Action MAKE A LIST OF ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL GOOD. EA Ri'"ED H'.. 110 matter where you are.-'. Most people have only a few ways to feel good. Expand yOUT list and include things you can do at any moment inti me.~T "TH IS TOO SHAlt PIISS" OR "THE 8ESl IS VEl TO THERE'S AlWMS A WAY If I'M GOMMITTEP. rnrs S[S5]0. ). PIS.

Add value to other people's lives Remember. Leave it alone and it grows to $9. your income is in direct proportion 10 your contribution.6 million when he or she is HgC 50. and compounding is the ticket. With '-- In an IS-hole golf game.000 when the child turns nineteen. No matter how little y(W start with. Don't be a victim of the "taU poppy syndrome" Other people may want to chop you down to their size. Set your goals. 1 shared my story of going from scarcity again to illustrate a few key points I learned along the way' 1. Saving $150 per month ($5 a day) at a 15% annual return for 30 years yields $1. you'll realize explosive growth beyond your wildest imagination. O '-''- YOL. by feeling a sense of abundance rigln now and living your life as if you already were financially independent. Get hungry Stop blaming everyone else. you won't be any more likely to rake a hundred tho usand out of a rni II i on later. and $lS!:I million at age 70! UPS deli veryman Ted Johnson never made more than 530. so start investing 11011'.000. What are you going 10 do when you get there'! Handling your finances is critical. and commit to making the necessary chan ges now. 3..1bet it does! In this session.8 million. if you bet just ten cents on the first hole and double your bet every hole thereafter. If you're not willing to take a dime out of a dollar today. The secret to getting beyond scarcity is to start beyond it. Investing $100 per month at your child's birth at a 15% rate of return results in $110.600. but dou't let that happen! O~' COMPOUNOING '-- THE. 10 abundance and back ''--'- 2. 37 . POWER Compounding occurs when you invest money and allow it to continuously reinvest this strategy. My must was the birth of my son and wanting to give him an extraordinary quality of life. the total comes to only S 1. Make it a must Gi ve yoursel f a compelling future that makes it impossible for you to fail. yo" must start now! If you wait until rh e third hole to begin.000 a year. the last hole will be worth $13.9 million at age 60.107.051. Saving $250 per month in that same period of time produces $7.20. bett ing On fi fteen holes instead of eighteen. $32.Day 6-Your The Power Way to Financial Freedom of Compounding '-- btaining the financial freedom and abundance YOLI deserve is easy. make them a must. EXAMPLES: itself. 4. but left 3 legacy of more than S 70 million I Statistics show you're going to live a long time .

for example than selling piece of real estate. Securrry Bucket This bucket is for low-risk investments such as fixed-income (treasury bills.Oay 6. corporate bonds. CLASON 33 . and one-third in your dream bucket. What goes into this bucket should stay here-allow the profits to be reinvested. Sh ur't-tc rm flexi billty Buying and sell ing stock. and have it deducted directly from your paycheck. and stocks. collectibles.1.V: "TtIREE BUCKET" . 1. The growth rate Oll these investments seems slow at first but compounds over time. 1\ This is the p lace to have some fun and save for the things you want in life.Your Way to Financial Freedom The Most Important Investment Decision You Will Ever Make THF. Growth Bucket This bucket is for higher-risk investments with more potential for growth. is fast and easy.. real estate. a vacation horne. Decide how much you "GOLD AVOIDS TIIOSE UNWISE IN ITS USE:' -GEORGE S. delivering a 12% rate of compounded return for nearly 50 years. PAY YOURSELF FIRST! Here's the best-kept secret to painless investing: lever see the money' wan! to invest. 2. such as mutual funds. Reinvest onethird of the profits in yOliT security bucket.r dreams and making them come true. Dream Bucket '. v. one-third in your growth bucket. money market accounts) and equity (insurance policies. or a sports team. Hy determining your asset allocation in advance and sticking to your plan.0CATIOl'i Decide what percentage of your income to invest and allocate it into each of the following areas in a proportion that meets your needs and satisfies your risk tolerance. you'll avoid the temptation of spur-of-themoment decisions. the best investment through time bas been the stock market. this bucket lets you stan building toward YOl. your home). It's much faster. Whether it be u carl a yacht. SIR JOHN a TEN£PLETON'S STHAT£(. OF STOCI(S Long-term dependability Since World War Tl.\551':T AI.~!'\JF.

Make it 11 must for you by listing the reasons you must be wealthy. remember that real wealth comes from an abundance in. don't have a realistic plan fail to follow through. 5. they give up. v i 11 it take for you to fee I wealthy. 9. YOUR ENDS-WISDOM. Let experts coach you. 9.ln I. 2. Follow through all your pi HIl by laking immcdiate acti on toward its attai nrnent. 7. HAVE MONEY. all areas: mental. How TO BE \VEALTlIV RIGHT Now This pari is CHSy! JUSt do the exact opposite or the twelve financial traps: 1. 8. 12. 11. The moment you feel grateful is the moment you feel rich. 4.. Make sure your definition is achievable. allow other people's emotions to affect the implementation never get quality coaching.Day 6-Your Way to Financial Freedom for Achieving Wealth Twelve Strategies WHY PEOI'LE FAIL TO BECO:\fE WE. Don't let other people's emotions control or cause you to deviate from your asset allocati on. 7." AN OBJECTIVE. physical. emotional. make wealth a moving target. make "experts" responsible for their decisions. define wealth in ways thai make il impossible to achieve. Make yourself responsible. never make wealth an absolute must. Don't keep raising the bar. 3. fail to conduct life as if it were a business. Make your life a business and expect a year-end profit. faced with major challenges. THE NECESSARY '- TO ACHIEVE THIRD. B. IS fiRST TO HAVE A DEfiNITE. 5. AND METHODS. SECOND. lO. and spiritual. Create a plan that is achieva b Ie. YOUR MEANS MATERIALS. Finalize your plan and work out the details. '- They They They They They They They They Whcn They They They never define what wealth means to them.\LTliV: TWELVE FII"ANCUL TRAPS TO AVQ. oftheir plan. 6. '- "THE CLEAR WAY TO ACHIEVE PRACTICAL IDEAL-A MEANS SUCCESS GOAL. Defi nc what wea Ith means to you-r-exactly what . 10. The real key [0 unlocking wealth is Just one thing . gratitude. Get good coaching. 12. 3. I 1. Don't give up when the going gels tough. 2" Lock that definition firmly in place. 6. 4. TO THAT END. bur don't abdicate your responsibility. never even start. Finally. ADJUST -ARISTOTLE 39 .

WHAT WILL IT GIVE you? WHO WILL YOU BE'? \VHAT WILl.AI. I'm going invest % of my income. YOLJR LIFE. 50150 or 60/40) I'm going to split my investments Security Bucket: % Growth Buckel: ----_% A PARAGRAPH OR TWO ABOUT STEP 2: MAKE IT A MUST FOR YOU. YOU DO WITH YOUR Wt. Deduct. Way to Financial Freedom and Dare to Dream Your 8TE P Assignment YO UR 1: DECIDE HOW YOU' lIE GOING TO ALLOCATE to ASSETS.TH'? 40 . in this ratio (for example.Day 6-Your Decide. YOUR FAMILY.\T IT WILL DO FOR vou. \VRITE wuv YOU MUST BE WEALTHY AND WII.

. unt Call .."ok brokers Coli Robbin... CHOOSE rwo OF '--- THE nEMS TODAY.''-- Day B.Your Way to Financial Freedom Create Your Financial Plan OOW~ nil': STEPS YOU MUST TAKE TO BEGIN OR ''-- STEP 3: S1'ART MAKING YOUII PLAN.isrso IN STU' 3 AND 00 THEM SOME ACTION.. WRITE IMI'IWVE YOUR Il\VESTING STJl"HICC.Y.earch .nd got • great co.ount in 9 ond ltar! my payroll ded. Re. '''-- EXAMPL£: Open' money morket . '-'-'-'-'-'-- '-- '-'--'-'--- '-- 41 .ch '--'--- '--'--- '--'--'-- '--- '--- ~ '-- STEP 4: '£VER LEAVE THE SCEKE OF A OECISIOJ'( WITHOUT 'L\KING YOl: i.MAKI A I\'OT[ Of' WHAT YOl! DID.tlion Start researe h ing ..

.Journal Notes 42 .

.:::::_ ffi. J..Everything on earth has a purpose-. • ''. 3.. '~<~~J</~ '. contribute. ~ '. 2. What unique thing is happening when I feel this pain'! What recent thing happens about the same time T feel the pain? What cons/stem factor is present when I experience the pain? If you're experiencing pain in any area of your life. Choose an empowering focus in every situation. ~r w==>).." ~.Day 7. Human beings are primarily driven by two things: the need to avoid pain and the need to gain pleasure...? . Pain can be useful.-:_:-.::~'. What ultimately decisions you make.~1:\'' "" iir I'Z~. decide whether it's helping or hurting you.~. \VHY AM I FERLING THIS PA 1'1" '--- 1. and give you the information you need to create a deeper meaning.. '-YOUR P RPOSR II\" LIFE does not change is eternal is available you each and every moment to THREE DECJSIO~S SHAPE YOUR LIFE '-'-'-'-Everything you do has a consequence.. You cannot control events but you can control what event's mean to you_ Decide what you will do when something happens Remember. or pain can be destructive. these three questions can help you discover the source. though..The Purpose of Life Finding Your Real Inner Drive you '-. 2. positive ones. Decide what tu focus 011 What you focus on determines how you think.. ~~ "t ~. How? By making these three decisions: shapes your life.:::. You call have (he life you deserve.. can give you immense fulfillment and '-.unlimited joy. feel.. ~~~ . like when a child learns to stay away from 8 ho I stove..'-".'(0 c~A~. . God's delays are not God's denials _ unless you give IIp. 43 .. DrSCOVER rrrt SOl!RCr:S OF PAll\' Whatever drives you shapes your life.. as it was for the woman who be Iieved marriage equaled death. once you tap inro it. Decide what things mean Meaning is something you determine. are the where all your consequences arc 1. .'.and that includes you! Your purpose in life provides '-with an inner drive that..

found his purpose in his future. actor Michael Landon discovered a profound truth. Education. SF.F TO \lAKING BERNARD -GEORGi: 44 . he developed a compelling purpose for his final days. and Welfare.Day 7. He vowed that somehow he would survive.LFISII COt\lPLAI:-JI:-JU LITTLE OF A I 1. and make sure that nothing like the Holocaust could ever happen again. 4. S. Even when they play by the rules. IS Till' TRUE JOy I\" LIFE. They don't know the purpose of the game. ven though they don 't know the purpose.\1 F.The Purpose of Life The Power of B Compelling Future How WILL You KNOW Yo R LIFE'S PURPOSE'? WHE Yo DECIDE WliAT IT IS! According to the Massachusetts Department of Health. the most important risk factor in dying of your first heart auack is job dissatisfaction. 7. putting so much fear and pressure on themselves that they never truly live. Why? For these seven reasons I .1\TS 'OT A1\D GRIE\'. They think irs a Ii fe-and-death game. 6. Their rules are in conflict. they don't always win. WHY OME PEOl'LE DON'T WIN THE GAME Of LIFE So many people feel like they can't win the game of life. They have to work with other people who all have the wrong rules.\:'\(TS DEVOTl' THAT THE WORl. they have rules for themselves and everyone else about how the game must be played. 2. Yo R P RPOSE I LIfE IS UP TO YoU Being efficient means doing things right. a azi concentration camp survivor and author of Mall S Search for Meaning. "Tius 'ATt:RF. ear the end of his life. Sometimes they get rewarded for breaking the rules. Make sure you have a deeper meaning for your Ii fe than "J 'rn on that grindstone again!" Victor Frankl. TilL AS A MI(iIlTY BU\"(j OSF: USED FOR A PURPOSI: THE BI'I\"(j QL:i\D i\ H)RCE RECO(j:\17ED In' YOLRSELI· OF INSTb\[) 01' A lTV ERI SH.D WILL YOL' HAPPY." SHAW ITSEl. 3. Being effective Are you being efficient or effective? means doing the right things. In reminding people to live life to the fullest every minute of every day. share his story.

5. in the film Field of Dreams. SOMT. Their rules arc consistent.\-l GIVES You YOUR DESTI}. To him it wasn't a disaster .------------------------------------------------------------------. like Cecil did.--~ow '-- to Win the Game of Life SEVEN STRATECI[S SED BY \\'INNERS '-'-'-'-- 1. 6. '-WHY BECAUSE THEY DO ANGELS FLY? LIGHTLY. and make the world a little bit better just by being nice..The Purpose of Life .'--Day 7. you must find an empowering meaning.. 7.TT rES NOT GErn G YOlJR DREA. TAKE THEMSELVES 45 . They know that everybody has different rules. love beings. 3. 2. '-- They decide the purpose of the game. ~ love animals. '--.enjoying the one you have. Start saving a lire today by '-. love people. ." ~~----------------------------------------------------------------~ '-'-- Doc Graham. got to play baseball rOT only five minutes. They give themselves pleasure whenever they win. They have fewer rules about how to be happy.. Their relationships succeed because they try to understand the orh el" person's rules.. Find your purpose in something simple. '-LOSE A DRF:AVI. They don't take Ii Ie too seriously. They give themselves short bursts of pain if they violate their sense of purpose in life.No mutter what happens.if you a re wi llin g to tru st that they happened for a reason Look for the benefits and yo u will '--" find them. Ask yourself. 4. when you look back on YOIll' worst situations they turn out to be your besl'-.. I. "How can I use this?" Often in life. '--- FIND YOUR DESTINY '-.. but being a doctor for only five minutes would have been. Don't wait for that glorious moment when you save sorneonc's life.

ro. seven years old. To discover a greater sense or meaning I"OT your li Fe.n' ""9 "t with band! Iike A. follow these three steps and start discovering your life's purpose.d.Day 7. What did you want 1. six. remember when you were five.0 get from that? \1/110 were your role models? I." AND R£M~Mlllia THE TIMES WHEN YOU FELT LIKE Y01T WERE REALLV 1. STIeP 1: RJ::M£MllI!R WHAT YOtT WANTED TO BE. Ultimately. Think of sorneth ing el sc you wanted to be when you were growing up. • pol i•• "Ii 'I. 10 Wilat did you want do? 10 Why did you want do that? 2.y I dig for the truth ..ted t. an m'Molo9id. your destiny is about who you become and-what you do. T. • rook star.m itO! 46 .Ufe's Pur-pose Your Assignment Life is about two things: being and doing. WHh your eyes closed. b. WUEN YOU "GRCW "ox A ROLL" UP. w".The Purpose of Life DiscoverYour.\ 100. Why did you want to be that? What feeling did you hope it would give you'! What feelings were you hoping 1.0 be when you grew up? Why did you want to be that? What feeling did you hope it would give you" WHE'l YOU WERE .

creating. feeling. feeling. Think of a third thing you wanted to be. well. experiencing? 5. where you felt. but the feeling a. where things flowed effortlessly.The Purpose of Life Discover Your Life's Purpose J. with your eyes closed again. What were you doing. think about a time when you were really on a roll. how were you feeling? Were other people involved? How were you being and what were yOll doing? Capture not only the idea. "This is what life'> about." What was happening" What were you doing. 6. Think of a third time when you felt incredible. Think of another time you were on a roll. Again.Day 7. Now. why did you want to be that') What feeling did you hope it would give you? 4. Notice what you were doing. 47 . sharing.

pVVo and 9"lef. Put a copy in the system you use for managing your life.l. think about how you can Jive YOLLr purpose even more. YOUR PURPOSI1 STATEMENT MUST: I. I ••• live my purpose eve. 7. 4. a sentence or two. fun. It doesn't have to be perfect the first time. i. h. what you're Include yourself and others Be achievable ill your lifetime Be a ble to be experienced every day Make you happy .. 5. KEEl' YOUR PURPOSE STAn:II-H: 'T Iii FRONT (W YOU.The Purpose of Life Discover Your Life's Purpose STEP 2: WRITE YOUR PURPOSE Write a simple phrase. As you look at it each day.njDI my [if. Keep brainstorming.r s. 6. writing several until you find the one that feels right. and share my love with olh. more by "NCr! lIING CAN RESIST THE HUMAN EVEN ITS EXISTENCE -BENJAMIN WILL THAT WILL STAKE PURPOSE. 8. 10 ." ON 1 rs STATFD DISRAELl .. 2 3. 10 b. really happy: of my life is h EXAMPLE: going to do The purpo •• my I if.Day 7. or The purpose STEP 3: Fon TflE NJ-:XT MONTH. Be staled in the positive Be brief Include "emotionally charged" words Tell how you're going to be. and hang another copy on 11 nearby wall.

1 love my life and 1 am so blessed. and positive expectations. faith. I am so happy and J can't stop smiling. TO CELEBRATE '-S. Happiness. All I need is within me now.-. body. spirit.'-- '--Daily Magic Magic is a unique audio program designed to guide you through your Hour of Power each day.·\~1PL[INCA. =t»: '-- Your Ritual for Lasting Energy. I am a lean. Or make up your own incantation: Remember.. emotional. Every day you will build and strengthen your mental. Every day and in every way. '-- E very day and in every way. listening to your Daily Magic CD will support you ill this process. I'm getting stronger . or 45 Minutes) BE SURF. and physical muscles so that you become the conqueror of the challenges in life and achieve '-. 49 .~TATIONS and stronger. Nothing ra res as good as fit feels. and soul. mean work out machine. I am so young and I have my whole Ii le ahead of me. Each day 1 live with more and more love.the ulti mate rewards. and Success '-- STEP I: '-STEP 2: STEY 3: '-- Move and Breathe (5 Minutes) Get grateful and visual ize (10 minutes) Use lncantauons and exercise (15. I love myself-my mind. 30. f 'rn feeling better and better.

Jour-nal Notea 50 ..

4_ Tf what you're doing is not working. change your approach. or how many times you've matters because each moment is a fresh new opportunity. It'5 what we will do. Get yourself [0 take action by deciding to do so. This power is already within you and just needs to be awakened desire and second. The only way to deal with fear is to face it. and when we do know. you won't do anything to really take your life \0 another level. Because. fear of the unknown. The biggest trap that keeps people frOI11 laking action is fear' fear 01" fa ilure. If you're dissatisfied with some area ofyour life right now. changes by first. we don't follow through because we don" know what we want. igniting your on how to get greater M and using your Personal Power. s. Know your outcome.DAY 1-THE HARNESSING KE Y TOP E RS 0 N ALP THE POWER OF DECISION 0 W ER aking decisions action. which is your ability to take consistent your life. there are four steps: 1. Look it in the eye and take action in spite of it. systematic strategies resu Its on a daily bus. fear of pain. until you get dissatisfied. 2. No matter what's happened in your past. 3" Notice what you're getting from your actions." -ANTHONY ROBBINS -_ '-- 51 . by showing yourself some simple. instead of getting frustrated. we're afraid to take action" '-" How long would vall give the (/vel"age baby 10 learn how /0 walk before YOII didn '( let him try (lny more? Why wouldn't you apply the same formula to yourself? "THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE. It's not what we can do in life that makes the difference. '--. none of that ULTIMATE S CCESS FORM1JLA 1£ you want to create success ill your life. fear of rejection. get exited. THE tried and failed. fear 0 f success. Often.

use role models to accelerate the pace of your success: Find someone who's already getting the resu Its you want. lime and energy. 2. That's how you create momentum and star! to tap into the real driving force within you. and you'll gel the same results . Do the same things. 3." -HENRY 52 . to fail as long as you learn something from what you do! It's impossible Your Assignment Never leave the site of setting a goal or making a decision without taking some action towards its attainment.DAY THE l-THE POWER OF KEY TO MODEL1NG PERSONAL POWER SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES To save I. Find cut what that person is doing. "I KNOW OF NO MORE ENCOURAGING E ABILITY OF FACT THAN ~I/IAN TO ELEVATE TilE UNQlIESTIONABI IllS LIFE BY A CONSCIOUS DAVID THOREAU ENDEAVOR. Complete the two steps on the following pages to take action and create momentum now.

DAY 1-THE TAKING ACTTON KEY TO TO PERSONAL YOUR POWER LIFE CHANGE STEP I: MAJ<E TWO DECISIONS What arc two decisions change your life? you've been putting off which._ '-'-'-- ''-'- STEP 2: TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION What are three simple things you can do immediately that will be consistent with your two new decisions? Who could you call? What could you commit ro? What letter could you write? What could YOll do instead of your old behavior? '-'- '--''- '-'-''-'--''--. when you make them now. ''-- '--- 53 . will '-\.


you experience the pain of getting the job done. if YOll keep putting something off (like a term papcr.might end)" So as soon as you start to make progress. is most real to you.. Pain is the greater motivator '-.S OF PAl AND PLEf\SlJRE. whatever you focus your attention on is '- '--.do follow through. Tf you're not following through. you have to figure out what stops you.-DAY '-- 2-PAIN CONTROLLTNG AND PLEASURE THAT DIRECT YOUR LIFE THE fORCES '- '--- '''- U ltimately. if yo" wa. '-'-. You also have 10 focus on what pleasure you will experience when you '-.. Whenever you '--. you may get to " '. or jf you're sabotaging your success in any area.· your attention 011: I. gain more pleasure.. Therefore.\RN TO CONTROL THE MOTIVATI~G FORCE.procrastinate. How not changing your behavior wi II be more painful than changing it. How changing it will bring you measurable and immediate pleasure. yOll must /01:11.You MUST LL. '-. it's because you think that taking action would be more painful than doing nothing or not taking action. in the short term. both arc biologically driven and constitute a controll ing force in our lives. You have a mixed set of associations about You think that by doing something (i.. You must change what you link pain and pleasure to in order to change yo Ill" behavior. everything we do in our lives is driven by our fundamental need to avoid pain and our desire to gain pleasure.. but at the same time.c. For example. And then all night long. Conversely. you sa borage it..a point the night before its due where you start to think that not doing it will be more painful than doing it. 2.pain I'm going to have jf 1 don 't do this?" instead of focusing all the pain you might experience from taking the action. OIL At any moment in time. If you want to change thi.To get what you want in your life.r-------------------------------------------------------------------------.. you think it might mean pain (i. "What's the '--. How can you use this understanding? is based upon whatever you fucus what.1II to change your behavior. once and for all. 55 . If you arc avoiding anything ill your life. getting into a relationship) you will '. \Ve will do far more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure. '.e. you mUSI realize that your rea lity In other words.pain and pleasure. or your taxes). it's because you are experiencing approach/avoidance. the relationship '--. sometimes if YOLI procrastinate for too long. YOII have to decide right IIOW that you control the focus of your mind. all you have to do is focus Oil. it reverses on you: \.

_ steps now.0 take immediate action.~Sl'RE USE: you! To take control of your life. you must take control of the force of decision. NOT BY [(iNORING -ANONYMOUS 56 THEM. STEP 1: LI T fOUR :-:b:W A£.""'D PAIN AND PLEASURE INSTEAD OF ['[CTTlNG PLE.TIOl\S What are four new action. you know you should take now? WE ACCOMPLISH THINGS BY DIRECT INO OUR DESIRES. Take the following The power to change by definition is . .DAY 2-PAIN PAIN AND AND PLEASURE PlEASUI{[ TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE UTlllZING Your USE Assignment PM:" . anything in your life is born the moment you make a real decision-which something that causes you 1.

''DAY 2-PAIN PAIN AND AND PLEASURE PL~ASUIU: TO CHANGE YOUR UTILIZING ljf~ STF.II'i YOU'VI< ASSOCIAn:D WITH FOLLOW(N(. THROU(.H What is the pa in you've ''-'-- associated with these actions i II the past? '- '-- '-- '-- '''-'-- STEP 3: PLEASURE YOU 'V[ ASSOCIATED WITH NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH What is the pleasure you took from not following through in the past'! '- '- '-- '- '-- 57 .P 2: P.

or pride? 5R . success. happiness.DAY 2-PAIN PAIN AND AND PLEASURE PLEASURE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE UTILIZING STEP 4: PAIN IF YOU DON'T fOLLOW HIROUGH What will it cost you if you don't follow through now? Sn:I' 5: PLLAS -RE IF vou IJO FOLLOW THROUGII What are the benefits you' J I gain by taking action in each ofthese areas now? How wi II it en 11 ance your life? H ow wi II it create greater joy. freedom.

. "What are some the negative associations 1 'v'e made.. Having this "bigger pict tire" can pull us through some of the sh ort-terrn '.. and driven to '--. The use of this program will give you a way to take direct centro 1 of a 11your beha viers and emotions. but ill a way lha t '-si mp ly requires the power of reinforcement not discipline. we must change our neuro-associations.everything in life has four pa rts: L Everything we think or do is a cause ser in motion. II the past that II ave kepi me from laking 'he actions I need to lake to achieve my ultimate desires?" 3.t drives our lives is our ncuro-associarions.. Your neuro-associations control your level of motivation.. This system will allow you to link massive pleasure to tasks you've been putting off. we find '--. wha.DAY .'--.tough times and keep things in perspective..---Till: 3-THE KEY TO POWER StiAP1NG OF ASSOCIATrONS YOUR DE5TlNY '--'--'--- S pecifically. and link pain to behaviors you're '-currently indulgi n. 59 . there is an ultimate destination or destiny. ur L. The science you're learning about in this program is Neuro-Associative Conditioning" '--(NAC). For every direction. we can certainly decide in advance the kind of person we want to become and how we want to live our lives. Every oneof our thoughts and actions is going to have an ('fleel or reSU!1 in cur Jives. If we study destiny.Whm do YOII want your life 10 be about? While few people know precisely how their lives wi II L. allowing us 10 remain happy. i. turn om. Our results begin to "stack up" to take our lives in a particular direction. but need 10 take action on today. whatever pleasure or pain we associate or "I ink " to a situation in our nervous system is going to determine our behavior. I. 3. 2. fulfilled... '-- L..g in but need to stop-both of which will help you tap into the natural principles of your nervous system. you Iearned to ask yourse If. 2.. Ellery single action you lake has an effect on your destiny. ACTIONS DESTINY CAUSIi: - EFFECT - t DIRECTION It's important for you now to begin to answer two quesuons: What is yourultimate destiny? '--.ach ien' 0 ur dreams. If we want to change our Iives. In tb i s sessi on.e. L.. 4..

BUl THINKING MAKbS rt SO.'I'G NEURO-ASSOCIATIONS FROM vOLIn PAST What arc three neuro-associations that you've made in the past that have disempowered you until now'! "THERE IS NOTHING EITHER GOOD OR BAD.IAM SHAKESPEARI: 60 . or allowing our unconscious conditioning to control us. D1SEMI'OWERl." -WILI.DAY 3-THE VS POWER OF ASSOCIATIONS NEURO-AsSOCIATIONS EMPOWERING DISEMPOWERING Your Assignment It can break the pattern Decide you will change these today. THRE!. Simple awareness can be curative. your destiny? that you've made in the pas! that have positively STEP 2. STEP 1: TIiR!l[ £MPOWElIlNV' '~:URO-ASSOC[AnONS FROM YOUR PAST What are three neuro-associations shaped.

They are the three of NAC. and effective way to get leverage and break your pattern: Get a weight-loss buddy and promise him or her and a group of ether friends Ihal yoo will begin Q strict regimen of healthy food Qnd ~"joy~ble exercise. emotion or behavior that is consistently reinforced will become a habit (3 conditioned pattern). This is best done by using something unusual. 3. '- You must scramble the old pattern of thinking and feeling. Reward yourself emotionally for even small progress. INTERRUPT that are necessary-you must decide '---- '- YOUR CURRF:NT P.TO change your life you must change your neuro-associarions. Fu riner commit to Hum Hlat if yoo bras k your prom lse.. Three things must be in place for you to make these changes and count on them to last...__ fundamentals 1. Link pleasure to yo LIT IlC. GET LEVICRAGE ON YOURSELF '- '- To do this. When they started to feel hunger pangs or considered skipping exercise.-DAY THE 4-THE SCIENCE OF THREE STH'S TO LASTING CHANGE NEURO-ASSOCIATIVE CONDITIONING" '- '. BREAK YOUR PATTERN Here is a bizarre. 2. I can change it. . you will eat 8 who Ie oan of Alpo dog food. CONDITION A N[W. and find yourself developing new patterns quickly. three levels of responsibility the following: Something must change. such as making a radical change in what you say 01' how you move your body. and reinforce it until it is conditioned. Such appetizing ingredients such as "horse meat chunks" helped them achieve their goals without a hitch! (From Giant STeps ©1994 by Anthony Robbins) '- ''-L_ ~ " "WE CANNOT THINK IN ONE WAY AND ACT IN ANOTHER .V choice. The woman who shared this with me told me that she and her friend kept their cans in plain v iew at all times to remind them of their commitments. Any thought. they'd pick up the can and read the label. -THOMAS TROWARD 61 . outrageous. _! must change it.TTERN Of ASSOCIATlO. EMPOWERING ASSOCIATION '- Install a new choice.'\.

"WHAT IS NECESSARY CHANGE TO CHANGE A PERSON IS TO HIS AWARENESS OF HIMSELF. YOUR Nr. or joy each lime you do this.'lDITlOl'( YOURSELF BY R£HEARSIN(." MASLOW -ABRAHAM 62 H.·\VIQR Give yourself a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration. Do it consistently and rapidly until each lime you think of this new pattern you feel good automatically. pride. ------------------------------------------~-------------------------------------------------"'- ------------------------------------------------------STEP 3: CO.\Gti Ten reasons why r must change now.DAY THE 4-THE SCTENCE THREE OF STEPS TO LASTING CHANGE NEURO-ASSOClIlTIVE CONDlTIONTNG" Your For each of the four actions Assignment do the following you listed yesterday. . STEP 1: GET LEVER.W 8ER. and why 1 know I can do it: STr:!' 2: INTERRUPT YOUR OWN PATTERN Four or fivc ways to gel myself out of the limiting associations.

Take that action today! Take the rocking chair test: Imagine yourself much older. write down one action you can lake immediately to make initial progress toward achieving it. here is a chance to do it again even more effectively. When you get a big enough reason accomplish something. or you've done a goal-setting workshop in the past. At the end of the session. take these three additional steps: STEP 1.. then imagine that you have achieved it. follow the instructions and use the following goal-setting pages to record your goals. you can figure out how to do it. C(HIPRLI . to Your As you listen to the real-time Assignment workshop. For each of YOllY top nine goals. and the pleasure that would come from accomplishing your goal. Identify impulses of desire and start your purpose: Why do yo" want it? What will it give you? Reasons come first: answers come second. STEP 2: Never leave the site of seuing a goal without taking some action toward its attainment.'-- DAY S-TH£ '-How TO CREATE GOAL-SETTING A COMPHLI WORKSHOP NG FUTURE oals give you the ability to create your future in advance. Keep your top nine goals and the reasons you are committed to achieving them in front of you on a consistent basis. when you take generalized defining them more precisely. expand. Experience the pain that would come from not doing it. If you already know some of your goals.ING GO.US CONTAIN TWO G KEY COMPONENTS. develop your success. Put them inside the cover of your Journal or someplace where you will sec them every day. and transform YOlIT life. Identi fy YOLn goals: What do you walll? Something magical happen. sitting in your rocking chair and looking back on your life. first as if you had not achieved your goal. STEI' 3: 63 . They can make you grow.

. 1.e. 3. 5.20 years). 10. write down the time within which you are committed to accomplishing it (i. .DAY 5-THE How TO CREATE GOAL-SETTiNG A COMPELLING WORKSHOP fUTURE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT GOALS List your personal development goals. Next to each one.

E How PLRSONAL DEVLLOPMENT GOALS Identify your top three personal development goals. '---. 65 . write a paragraph telling why you arc absolutely committed to achieving this goal now. For each one.EATE GOAL-SETTING A COMPHLJNG WORKSHOP FUTUR. 5-THE TO CR.DAY '-.

10. write down the lime within committed to accomplishing it (i. 5. which you arc 66 .e.DAY 5-THE GOAL-SETTING How TO CREATE A COMPELLING TI'IINGS WORKSHOP fUTURE GOALS List YOLir things goals. 20 years). Next to each one. 1.. 3.

--. For each one.~ L '-- '-'---'-.. ''-v..DAY S-THE GOAL-SETTING How TO CREATE A COMPELLING TIIINCS '- WORKSHOP fUTURE GOALS Identify your top three things goals. '-- .~ '-- ''-''\. write a paragraph ale absolutely committed to achieving this goal now. '--'I_ \-.- '- 67 . telling why you '-- '-- .

S List your economic or financial goals. 3.. GOAI. Next 10 each one. 1. 20 years). 68 . 5.e. 10.DAY 5-THE GOAL-SETTING How TO CREATE A COMPElliNG ECONOMIC WORKSHOP fUTURE OR Fit ANCIi\I. write down the time within which you are committed to accomplishing it (i.

for each one. write a paragraph telling why you are absolutely committed LO achieving this goal now.DAY 5-THE GOAL-SETTING How TO CREATE A COMPELLING ECONOMIC OR FINA1'iCIAL GOALS '- WORKSliOP fUTURE Identify your top three economic or financial goals. '- '-- '--- '- '-- '-- \_ 69 .


and ." A Class I ChlSS '-- 2 experiences. for example. conditioning. is good for you. discover all you're capable of. SIX HUMAN NEEDS ll human beings have different desires. is good for you. · is not good for yOll. and fulfillment. Drinking excess alcohol could fit into this category. but we are all driven by the same set of needs. · is good for others. serves the greater good. is good for others. . yet many peopJe continue to do it.'-'-'-'-'-'-'-- DAY 6-THE UNLEASHING DRIVING THE POWER FORCE Of YOUR. We usually think of a Class experience: feels good. > '-- The secret to a happy and fulfilled life is learning to convert Class 2 experiences making the process of' doing them feel good as well as be good. growth.RIENCE A '-- '-'-'-- 1. and become truly fulfilled On a consistent basis. is not good for others. Nonproductive Class 3 experiences provide immediate pleasure but eventually destroy Our quality of life and give us ultimate pain. into Class 1- '-'-'-71 . usually doesn't feel good the first time. Understanding the Six Human Needs can allow you 10 turn on your driving force. Most people want to avoid joy. is not good for you. . or old belief systems Smoking cigareues. A Class 4 experience is something that does not feci good. but mastering A Class 2 experience: them brings LIS the most '-- '-- '-- '-- 3. does not feel good. A Class 3 experience feels good. · is not good for others. and does nOI serve the greater good. 2. '-'-'-'-- People often indulge in Class 4 experiences as a result of peer pressure. > '- 4. serves the greater good. and . . . I experience as a "peak life experience. and · docs no! serve the greater good. THE FUUR CLASSES OF EXPf.

news of a pituitary tumor. certainty equals survival. avoid pain. we CAll choose to establ ish new patterns 0 f fulfill ing our needs tha I wi 11move us rapi dly toward life mastery . These arc usually Class 3 experiences (they may feel good for the moment but are not good for you. How do we meet the need for certainty? Some people try to achieve it by reaching for things that make them certain they can be comfortable: food. As you heard in this session. WE ~1UST CONSISTENTLY -"leET 'THESE SIX HUMAN NEEDS: I.DAY 6-THE UNLEASHTNG THE DRfVING POWER OF fORCE YOUR STX HUMAN NEEDS THE STX HU'VIAN NeEDS All people have the sarne problems because we all have the same six human needs. when r was faced IV ith the. Growth fort 2.eo. Others find it by submersing themselves in their work or by trying to control everything around them-their environment or other people. These needs are paradoxical-they seem to be in conflict with one another Serious problems call arise when we choose destructive tools 01 vehicles to try to satisfy these needs. Cer talnty/Comtort For most people.rn. and do not serve the greater good).i. On the other hand. Signi ficancc 5. you tend also to do those things that serve the greater good. We all need a sense of certainty that the roof will hold above our heads. When you're feeling courageous. ways you II)' It) he certain y01l 72 . . How do you try 10 get certainty ill your Ii fc? List sOllie ofthe call be comfortable. when you're using your faith. it had a powerful effect on my level of certainty. Instead. alcohol. Uncertainly/Variety 4. not good for those around you. using your internal courage or faith to ach ieve certa inty wo uld be a Class 1 vehicle. the floor will hold beneath our feet. and thar we can avoid pain and gai n plea sure. drugs. To 610 rur. Certainty/Com ~. and gail! pleasure. or cigarettes. Connection/Love 6. Contribution ALL HUMAN BRINGS HAV!' THR NICRD FOR: 1.

DAY 6-THE DRIVING THE POWER OF FORCE YOUR SIX HUMAN UNLEASHING '--'--- NHDS '--'--- Heres the paradox. Choosing the wrong vehicle only leads to pain. like stimulating conversation and opportunities to learn. Uncer-rain ty/Vaetery Everyone needs variety. like watching movies. There's a delicate balance between these two needs that. With too much certainty. and diversity in youI' life. you satiate this need and become b-o-r-e-d. Others choose neutral vehicles. Likewise.. with too much variety. you try /0 '--- '--- '- 73 . Pcop Ie will violate their values to meet their needs. we simultaneously want a certain amount of . when things are completely predictable. a surprise. though. we're bored. must be struck for us to feel truly fulfilled.. We need a degree of certainty in our lives to appreciate the variety. Some people choose negative ways of getting variety. way. And so while we want certainry. Still others use positive vehicles. 2. we become extremely fearful and concerned. How do you try to get variety in your life'! Li~1 some of the positive create surpri S('. a challenge to feel fully alive and experience fulfillment. like using drugs or alcohol to change their emotional states or the way they feel. When you become totally certain. challenges.

a positive Class 1 experience that may feel like Class 2 at limes. we feel different and separate. But paradoxically. We can try to meet this need through destructive vehicles-for example.' you do tha! make YOII feel unique needed. tha t our lives have a special purpose or meaning. If we feel totally unique. or dressing in a unique way and having a certain sell se of sty lc. How do you try to get significance ill your life? Lis: some ofthe thing. 10 feel unique we have [0 separate ourselves from other people. This would clearly be a Class 4 experi ence. Some people develop uniqueness by earning more money. fnlfilled. DRIVING THe POWER FORCE OF YOUR SIX HUMAN NIEDS Significance We all have II need for sign ifi cancc. i4 . or significant. We all need \0 feel unique. Some choose to live lives of extraordinary service. th c sense that we are uniq tie in some way.DAY 6-THE UNLEASHING 3. Medical science now shows that some people have even developed the subconscious ability to rna ke them sel yes iII in order Io gain the caring artenrion of others. wh ich violates our need for." going to school and achieving more degrees. making ourselves unique by rnanulacturing a bel ief that we're better than everyone else or by developi ng extreme pro b Iems that set us apart. having more "toys.

People will steal. '-- ''-'--- '''--- These fi rst four need. with oursel ves as well as others with whom '-'-'-- To meet th is need. that which you wish to rccci vc. Iovcd.DAY 6-THE DR[VlNG THE POWER FORCE OF YOUR SIX HUMAN NEEDS UNLEASHING '- 4. As wi tb a IJ si x human needs. you can join a group OI a club that has a positi ve purpose. The next two are the primary that must be met for you to feci totally fulfilled as a person. if you give consistently you will tend to get it back from others. or connected to a high-performance team. '-'-- ''-'-\_ How do you try to get connection and love in YOl1r life? List some ofthe way-s' you try feel connected /0 yourself /0 others. or drink excessive amounts of alcohol to be part of a group and feel a sense of connection. Others wi II perform 'a I extraordinary levels in ordei to be accepted. take drugs. needs ''75 . are the fundamental needs. '-'--. /0 your CI"('O/or 10 ''-\_ '-'--. Some people feci immediate connection by aligning with their Creator and feeling like they're being guided. which have negative purposes but still provide that sense 0 r connection. Some peop Ie joi n gangs. '-- ''-- Connections and Love All human bei 11 gs 11 ecd to feel connected we can share our love.

1'011 do to obtain the feeling that you ore growing and contributing+to yourself. On this planet. how many people acknowledge you.DAY 6-THE DRIVING HE POWER FORCE OF YOUR SIX HUMAN UNLEASHING NEEDS S.. 6. 10 others. is the ultimate secret 10 the joy that so many people wish to have in their lives. we experience true joy and fulfillment. It doesn't mailer how much money you have. ontributing not only to others but to our elves is a meaningful action. But you must also be able to experience the euphoria of meaningful. you wi II be un happy and unfulfi lied. A balance of contribution to oneself and to others. everything that is alive is either growing or dying. 76 . to the world at large. In the moments that we do this. for we cannot give to others that which we do not have. unl css you feel Iike you're g rowi ng. GRO\ Til Growth equals life.. or what you have achieved . especially unselfish contribution. How do you try 10 gel growth and contribution in YOLlr life? Li::>"1 some of tile things . CONTRIIJ nON We all have a deep need 10 go beyond ourselves and to live a life that sen es the greater good.

<:. And it 311 starts with awareness=-you must b 'come aware of why you're doing what you're doing and fillU a new patrern for fulfillment. Turn [hUI activit). into a Clas: I experience six of your needs at a greater lev-I. whars ~omcthing you love to do. '- do (a Class: 2 experience 111~1 doesn't feel good hut is good for you..• • DAY 6-THE UNLEASHING "@ . you'll find your elf full of drive and YOLl'11 knov what to do to achieve your goals... good for others. how much doc. Iryeu find a few vehicle. Ihis activity meet your need for: Certainty Uncertainty aricty 'ignific:mce . :-. (ij DRIVING THE POWU.onnecrioi Love Growth 'olltribulion 2.'I'l': I 011(1' by finding ways to make sure it meet all IV/WI "rJIIl/unable could I do or believe bill also pieasnrable? to make /1Ji"A'i"g aboul/hi:! activityfeel not _ '--ICN1F1C".:?~ _ '--- ONNECTI01"/LO\'E: How C(l1I lfeel 1II00'e 101'" white I'm doing rhi.NC£: How COli I appreciate how important this i. or lry 10 avoid doin"""? --------On 3 0-10 sea le.. that meet all si: of your needs. how much doc. this act ivity meet your need for: Certainty ncertaimy/variety ignificancc Conne lion/Love JrCw/th Contribution Write down something you don't like to do but have 10 3. I.~. somcrhing rhat _ '-- On a 0-10 scale. Q ~ ~ ':. and serves the greater good). I can promise you it's because this activity meets nil of your need at II high level. FORCE Of YOUR SIX H MIIN EEO Your Assignment lf there is anytbiog you love 10 do (and you could do for hours) that others find difficult. What's something you hate 10 do. something feels effortless for you? you feel compelled 10 do.s"'?-'- _ '- 17 . £RT .

J 0 URN A l. on s is .

IS NO OTllER WAY TO BI· SUCCESSFlJI.. t causes rre 'S. The Rapid Planning Method. W ''''-- '-'- '- RPM i II re .? '-- "SeCCESS THF. when everything seemed \0 flow effortlessly? And haven'! )'OU also had moment when lime stood still. Gel yourself 10 focus every single day on what il will take for you 10 get the results you're rcully after. Haven't you had periods in your life when time flew. we have no life. questions. PLANNI rr s-Po cu ~ G METI-tOD ~. purpose-driven. massive action plan Iha! consists of three simple • -I"IOI'o:S OF RPi\" R~ utrs: Purpose: 'lAP: Wha! result Why What 18. best friend to the world.utts-focuscd. we have 110lime.iS R£ ED LIFE e live in a world in which there are more demands placed upon us than at any other lime in human history. when you had no stress. and the 11 ucstion you ask yoursel f control your focus. s off cvcrything on our to-do lists-yet still feel unhappy and unfulfilled. if only we had more lime' But what is irne? Time is nothing but . II '. \ hen c cry second was all eternity"! It isn't lime IIl.1 feeling. I r you \ am more lime. RPM will help you do two things: Decide in advance what you want to focus on. We try 10 fill so man)' roles: rhc ulrirnare falher.RE '-- FOLLOWS DOING WIIAT YOU WA\JT TO DO. it' the feeling we generate about the subject of time. as ~ if we have no freedom. Oh. or RPM. What you focus on determines how you feel.. do 1 really want? Whal is 1Il)' ourcornc? Whm is the pecific t '11) committed to achieving? do I really want it? What is my purpose'._" FORBES --MAl.•.1 79 . community activist. and iota I athlete.greal lover. i II simple sy tern of rhlnking that creates exiraordinary results and an amazing level of personal fulfi IImenr. the ultimate mother.COU. orne of us manage !O em. you simply need to manage your feelings. spirirual being. specific actions must I take 10 make this happen? What is Illy ivc Action Plan (MAP). ~ RAPID Of A . • THE AY 7-TH POWER ~.

....~ ~ 1'\.I .~--. With the RP 4 system. v...-~ ~T~.. 1_ ~~"ti....--.""" .. There were man other ways Elvis could have achieved his outcome if he'd known what he really warned. Mo·t phone numbers are chunked into three parts (area code.. • PlA TH POWER 0 .." DAY 7-THE THE POWER. JOO: "'1~.• ~.. ~'!d' I ". . He needed III create a RPM block us inS these questions: What specific result am I committed [0 achieving' What's my purpose? What actions do I need 10 lake'? .. ••• .. In this session. :-'-«')lf~R..... It's much easier to remember three "chunks" th a n 10 remember ten digits or a Siring of letters... middle. 'j! """"''''~1 ."S....~.' : ~ 1l(Ja 1 . Elvis focused on this action item instead of establishing a clear pie urc of what he really wanted-to lose 20 pounds. OF Q" RAPID CHUNKING Q.~ L ..." _:.1'.'1o'H\'1~. who decided [0 solve hi' weiglu problem by adding a IO-mile run 10 his to-do list. prefix.CHUt"KINC Tile simplest chunking is ill grQups of three.-~ r~Ciu-I'-'()UI"-":h1[ P ..'1& NI 'G METHOD "". you heard about Elvis. ~. So are social security numbers... you can easily chunk your to-do list from twelve items intothree or four resutts or outcomes and create a RPM block: a result.. !~..... Dl:flNITIO": hunking (chunk' in!.f'M "'h'o1t" !~ _. and last.. ~ . • . a purpo ·C..}.. and a set of action items. lasl four digits)... oc (>H~ .' •.... grouping information together into ideally sized pieces that can be used effectively to produce the result you want without stress or overwhelm. _ .. I\"OSI people even ha e three names=-first.

what do you need 10 schedulerwhat can you do right away in each of these areas'! '-= ''''""'''\_ Aren/C<!iegm..:~i\le Action Plan or MAP.nfhip'$ • My 1.) • My friedl ad rebti.!$$ 'or •• r•• .. why must you make this happen? (Give yourself entlugh reasons to overcome the challenges that wi II show LIp larcr.[GORIES: I .' C..i .. 3.'_· _ Results (Illd RI!{ISQI!Y 90 days _ 30 days This wtek: Actio".i.elaliQOIM.l. What two actions can YOII take'! Who do you needtc call. '"Y . • My Ipili lualily. t oward the se re SI! 1ts"? • M.. AssignITlent tire S'\~1:PLr What arc the 6-8 most important areas of your that you must make progress in every week'. 2 ..4y 2. days? WIl>!1do you want to make happen this week so you arc making p rog rc s... '- For each result.1" ""t~$ '-'- 4_ For each area.'\_ SI ..DAY 7-THE CATEGORIES OF RAI'!ID PLAN INC METHOD IMI'ROVEMENT Your I. .il~ "'1 '. write al least the first two steps of your Ma. "".. '-- What specific result do you want in each area in the nell' 90 days? The next )0. My b.1•• 1.ilV • My hu.

:_:k _ AC ions 2 3 .' _ Resul: and Reasons 90 days _ JOdays ___ Thi wee:.. @' M Q' G HOD S._ Arco/COfe'OFl'.·· • DAY CAT 7-TH GORIE E RAPID OF PLAN lMPR.' " _ Results and Reasons 90days ___ 30 da . Thi.:."..\vce~k~ _ Actions 2 ~3 ....OVEMHIT Area/Categ» r ":.

S s· '-" RAPID IMPROVEM METHOD Are(VCalegor~v Res•.~ to· .•ts aruf Reasons I 90 days ___ __ '-'-'-'-- 30 d~y· This week '-'-- Actions J 2 '-'-"'. .> A.' ~.Q. PLANNING NT .I ~ • .rea/CIlugor· Rt!~u!IS and Reasons 90 days '- '-"- "'-- )0 days '-"'-'- This week Actions 2 "''- 3 83 . DAY 7-THE CATEGORIES OF Q.

.. Results and Reasons 90 days _.k _ Actions :2 3 .~.'....® PLANNING ME. ·s ~ DAY 7-THE C .:.' Results and Reas()II'S _ 90 da}'s _ 30 days _:-- _ This wec...· .... _ _ )0 days ~ This ~e.:k _ Actions :2 3 Ilrl!(lICat'ega'L". EOORIES T IMrROVO\ENi AI"ea/CtuegQ.THOD ..--.. RApID Of .

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