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MrSID Raster Handler for MapInfo Professional The MrSID Raster Handler provides MapInfo Professional the ability

to open and display raster images compressed in the MrSID format. All you need to do to use the MrSID Raster Handler is install it in the same directory as MapInfo Professional. Then you can open automatically any MrSID raster image that has been registered as a MapInfo table. You can also register additional MrSID raster images as MapInfo tables. Follow the steps below. The MrSID Raster Handler also includes a sample raster image compressed into the MrSID format. By default, MapInfo Professional, version 5.0 and earlier, displays all imagery in 8-bit color mode. While this color conversion increases viewing speeds of 24-bit RGB imagery, it may also cause considerable degradation in image quality. To view RGB images in 24-bit mode, make sure your monitor is set to view 24-bit or true color. Then follow these steps to add the UseTrueColor system variable to the Windows reg-istry. 1. Select the Start menu, then select Run. Type regedit and select OK. 2. Select the following regedit directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MapInfo > Common 3. Select the Edit menu. Then select New and DWORD. 4. Name the new variable UseTrueColor. 5. Right-click on UseTrueColor and select Modify. 6. Enter 1 in the data value box. (To revert to 8-bit view, change the 1 to a 0). 7. Select OK and close the registry. 8. Restart MapInfo. The procedure for opening unregistered .sid raster files in MapInfo Professional, version 5.0 and earlier, is very specific and must be followed exactly as written. To open a .sid file: 1. In MapInfo Professional, choose File>Open Table. The Open Table dialog displays. 2. Navigate to the folder where your .sid raster files are located. Notice that the files do not display in the file list.


In the Files of type drop-down list, choose Raster Image.


Type *.sid in the File name box and click Open. Any .sid raster files you have now display in the file list.


Click the .sid file you want to select it and click Open. You can also double-click on the file to open it.

The file is displayed by MapInfo Professional. Once you open the .sid file, follow the same procedure to register it as you would any other raster file. For more information on raster registration, see Chapter 15 in the MapInfo User's Guide. MrSID-format image handler software licensed from Schlosser Geographic Systems, Inc. (SGSI)