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Composition of module mark (including weighting of components) 25% Coursework and 75% Exam Pass requirements Coursework must

be at least 35% and Exam must be at least 35% and Module Mark must be at least 40% Management 2. TEACHING, LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT

Intended Module Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes are that on completion of this module the student should be able to: 1. Evaluate the theory and structure of world trade and business; to comprehend the environmental relationships and the influence on business and trade in the context of a global economy. 2. Critically assess the social, economic, political and legal environments of international business and emphasise the differences between domestic and global operations. 3. Evaluate the financial environment and operations of international business through the functions of foreign exchange and investments. 4. Critically assess the methods and operational strategies used in international business and to be able to critically assess the importance of these in formulating global development

Essential Reading

World business : globalization, analysis, and strategy - John S. Hill

International business - Michael R Czinkota

International Business (Morrison, 2009)
Recommended Reading

Hill, Charles W.L., (2007), 'International Business - Competing in the Global Marketplace', Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill ISBN 978-0-07-128798-2 4. MODULE ORGANISATION Module leader

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Mr Ali Ehsan 02476 88419

Guidelines for International Business 325 BSS Course Work

Assignment: Write a 1750 words essay critically evaluating U.S AIRLINE INDUSTRY using the Key frameworks of International Business.

Case Study: THE U.S AIRLINE INDUSTRY Word Limit; 1750 max Frameworks; International business trade theories (Legal, political, cultural, economics), FDI (Greenfield, JVs, Franchising), Marketing (4ps etc), Strategy (external, Internal, macro, micro etc) Reference Style; Harvard Style Hand in Date; 24 Feb 2012 Guidelines; Use the theories and frame works of International business as analytic lens to explain the polices of U.S AIRLINE INDUSTRY Case Study for Course work 1 will be available from Undergraduate Reception (William Morris Building) on 6/12/11 after 11am.

Strategic frameworks explained:

Strategic Frame Works