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Name Due Date AP Lang Summer Work DE Journal

**PLEASE NOTE: I created this DE journal EXAMPLE as a reference based on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. Please carefully follow the DE instructions as described in your summer work handouts.** TEXTUAL EVIDENCE 1.Every moment before this one depends on this one. pp. 232 QUESTION/COMMENT/CONNECTION 1. This quote plays with Eastern and Western concepts of time. In one way, it highlights the circular nature of time but simultaneously highlights a finite terminus in this one. Is Foer working through oxymoron or paradox? Paradox makes more sense b/c of Oskers personalityhe is very in the moment but sees the big picture is ways that most people avoid. This quote summarizes one of the themes of the novel about interconnectivity. 2. This quote makes me think of the TV show Lost. On the show, Desmond figures out that people need a constant, especially when time-traveling, as people were known to do on the show. A constant was someone or something so important to you that it kept you centered and connected through the mental, emotional, and physical stresses of time travel. Oskers dad was his constant. The tambourine (and other compulsive behaviors exhibited by Osker) are poor seconds to the father he adored and sorely misses. Remembering his father reminds Osker of who he is and the good he has within. 3. This quote encapsulates the Renter for me. He witnessed horrors in WWII and retreated from his family in order to not hurt them. The Renter is from Dreden and survived the firebombing. Is this a nod to Vonnegut?

2. I shook my tambourine the whole time, because it helped me remember that even though I was going through different neighborhoods, I was still me. pp. 88

3. You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness. pp. 180