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The Vesak Day; Baisakha Purnima

Compiled by Ven. Sujan

The day of vesak or Baisakha Puja is the

day of worshiping or merit making for the
Buddhist all over the world. On this sacred day
Buddhist commemorate three great events, the
birth of the Buddha, his Enlightenment and his
Mahaparinibbana or passing away on same day
of full moon day of this month.
Vesak day is also known as Buddha Jayanti in India and
Nepal, where the Buddha was born and Buddhism originated.
Buddha Jayanti means paying homage to the Buddha or
celebration of these three great events concerning with the
These three great events had happened on the same day of
full moon day of Vesak of lunar calender. Buddhas main
teachings are not to do any evils, cultivate good things and
purify ones own mind. However, the core foundation of
Buddhist teachings is called Four Noble Truths (Catu ariya
sacca) :
1) The fact that unhappiness exists (dukkha)
2) The cause of that unhappiness (samudaya)
3) The fact that unhappiness may cease (nirodha)
4) The Way leading to the cessation of unhappiness (magga).
These Four Noble Truths are the foundation of all the
teachings of the Buddha. The Way to end suffering is following
the Middle Way. In his second sermon, the Buddha taught
something unique: that Impermanence is a fact; that the
experience of suffering is our reaction; suffering which we can
reduce only if we develop self-lessness / ego-lessness (non-soul
identity) which the Buddha termed anatta.

International recognition
In November 1998 all the Buddhist countries such as Sri Lanka,
Thailand, Burma, Nepal, India etc. proposed agenda for International
recognition of the day of Vesak to the United Nations. On 15 th Dec. 1999
the UNs General assembly adopted the resolution for the international
recognition of the day of Vesak (Buddha Jayanti). Since, UN celebrates this
day annually at its head office in New York and other regional centres all
over the world.
Presently, not only the Buddhist but other faiths also celebrate this day
with great joy by practicing moral ways and purify the mind, which is the
way (buddhamarga) to achieve real happiness and peace within.
On this auspicious day of Vesak Day every human being should take an
oath to cultivate good, purifies the mind for real happiness and peace and
thus pay homage to the Buddha by practicing it.
May this holy day brings you good thoughts and good deeds always.

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam

May you be happy and peace

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