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University of Strathclyde

Environmental Impact Assessment Course

ESIA in the Developing World 2012, Case Study Mining Commercial Copper Co Ltd, registered on the stock exchange, plans to mine and produce copper Zambia. They have been exploring for some time and believe the project is commercially viable. They have raised money through share floats to continue the operation but are likely to have to borrow to start up the operation. If they go to a reputable bank they will have to follow their requirements which will include an environmental and social impact assessment. Commercial Copper is a small company and has few staff. They have called for tenders to help them get the approval and your company has won the tender. You now need to proceed with identifying what you need to do to help them get the approval. You have a ten day visit to the country lined up to help you gather information so that you can formulate a scope of work and have it costed for the companies approval. What are your initial thoughts based on your experience about the risks for the project? What is on your checklist to cover during your trip?