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IMO model course List Actions to be Taken to Prevent Acts of Piracy and Armed Robbery (Model Course 3.23) TA323E (2010 Edition) Model Course : Company Security Officer : 2011 Edition TA320E Model Course : Port Facility Security Officer, 2011 Edition TA321E Model Course: 2nd Class Radioelectronic (GMDSS) T131E Model Course: 3.13 Maritime Search and Rescue Administration 2003 Ed 313e Model Course: Advanced Fire Fighting, 2000 Edition TA203E Model Course: Chemical Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling Simulator 2007 Edition T137E Model Course: Chief Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer on a Fishing Vessel T707E Model Course: Chief Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer TA702E Model Course: Crowd Management & Passenger Safety T128E Model Course: Dangerous, Hazardous & Harmful Cargo TA110E Model Course: Elementary First Aid, 2000 Edition TA113E Model Course: Engine-Room Simulator, 2002 Edition TA207E Model Course: Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting TA120E Model Course: Flag State Implementation 2010 Edition T322E Model Course: General Opera Cert. for GMDSS, 2004 TA125E Model Course: Hull and Structural Surveys 2004 TA307E Model Course: In Charge of a Navigational Watch TA703E Model Course: ISPS - Ship Security Officer, 2003 T319E Model Course: LNG Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling T136E 2007 Edition Model Course: LPG Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling 2007 Edition T135E Model Course: Marine Accident & Incident Investigation TA311E Model Course: Maritime English, 2009 Edition TA317E Model Course: Master and Chief Mate, 1999 Edition TA701E Model Course: Medical Care, 2000 Edition TA115E Model Course: Medical First Aid, 2000 Edition TA114E Model Course: Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch TA704E

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Warsash/Mainmast IMO

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Model Course: Oil Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling TA206E Model Course: On-Board Assessment T130E Model Course: Operational Use of AIS, 2006 Edition T134E Model Course: Operational Use of ECDIS, 2000 Ed. T127E Model Course: Operational Use of Integrated Bridge Systems Including Integrated Navigation Systems T132E Model Course: Personal Safety & Social Responsibility TA121E Model Course: Personal Survival Techniques, 2000 TA119E Model Course: Port State Control, 2001 Edition TA309E Model Course: Prof. Survival Craft & Rescue Boats TA123E Model Course: Proficiency in Crisis Management T129E Model Course: Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats T124E Model Course: Radar Navigation, Plotting and ARPA TA107E Model Course: Radar, ARPA, Bridge, Search & Rescue TA108E Model Course: Rest. Opera Cert. for GMDSS, 2004 TA126E Model Course: Safety of Fishing Operations (Support Level) 2005 Ed. Course + Compendium T133E Model Course: Seafarers Assessment, Examination & Cert TA312E Model Course: Ship Simulators/Bridge Teamwork 2002 TA122E Model Course: Skipper on a Fishing Vessel 2008 T705E Model Course: Specialized for Training for Oil Tankers, 2006 Edition TB102E Model Course: Survey of Electrical Installations Course with Compendium T304E Model Course: Survey of Fire Appliances & Provisions 2004 (Model course 3.05 plus compendium) TA305E Model Course: Survey of Life-Saving Appliances TA306E Model Course: Survey of Machinery Installations TA303E Model Course: Survey of Navigational Aids Course plus Compendium TA308E Model Course: Tanker Familiarization, 2000 Edition TA101E Model Course: Training Course for Instructors, 2001 TA609E Model Course: Training for Chemical Tankers 2006 Edition TB104E Model Course: Training for Liquefied Gas Tankers, 1999 TA106E Specialized Training for Chemical Tankers: 2006 Ed. Model Course 1.04 (SH)

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