IDENTITY CARD IS A MUST: - All candidates must have valid identity
cards. Entry to the Examination Room/Hall without Identity Card is strictly prohibited.

Entry to Examination Hall strictly should be 15 minutes before the start of the Exam in case of ETE.
NO MOBILE PHONES: Any electronic device such as Mobile Phones, Pagers etc are strictly Prohibited in the Examination Room / Hall. Any candidate, in possession of such devices (even in switched off mode), will be placed under UMC and punished as per rules. NO WRITTEN / PRINTED MATERIAL: The candidates must not be in possession of any written / printed material, other wise they will be placed under UMC and punished as per rules. Any thing written on question paper, except Registration No. on any part of the body (e.g. on hand) or clothes / dress of the candidates is strictly prohibited, any violation of this will invite UMC and punishment as per rules. ACCEPT QUESTION PAPER HAVING CORRECT COURSE CODE: It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he accepts the Question Paper of correct Course Code. In case he attempted question paper of wrong course code, his paper will not be evaluated and no second chance will be given to him. QUESTION PAPER DISCREPANCY: Any discrepancy in the Question Paper should be reported to Invigilator and SOC immediately or should be reported in written to Examination Division on the same day of Examination. No Question Paper discrepancy will be entertained later. If any candidate is found creating indiscipline or doing misconduct may face the disciplinary action against him or it may lead to the filing of UMC against him. Do not write anything on the answer sheet which reflects your religion/caste anywhere on the answer sheet. Put cross marks on the pages that have been left blank. CLEAR WATER BOTTLES : Student can carry clear water bottles (Without any label over the bottle) for drinking water during examination. Note: For other detailed instructions please refer to the Examination Code/ “Instruction for the candidates”



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