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Crane Annual PM

Crane Annual PM

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Published by: jasonahinds on May 12, 2012
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Kiskadee Platform - Operations Department Equipment Maintenance Program

Job Description: Equipment Name: Annual PM Nautilus Crane Job Number: ANPM Model - 340B- 100

Task ID
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290

Task Description.



Examine Boom Cords & Lattices for : Dents, Deformation, Weld M Cracks, & Severe Corrosion
M Check Security of Boom Bolts and Fast line Extension Bolts. M Check Anti-Two Cables & Weights.

Examine Wire Ropes for : Wear, Fatigue, Kinks, Broken Wires, Corrosion & Adequate Lubrication Examine Wire Ropes Along Boom and Termination at Anchor M Points; Slip & Cut If Necessary.
M M Ensure all Wire Ropes Spool Correctly on Winch Drums.

Check Hoist & Boom Ropes are Correctly Reeved on Gantry Boom block & Boom Tip Sheaves Examine all Sheaves for Wear, Damage, and Deterioration. Check M Condition & Size of Rope Groove. Check Condition & Adjustment of Sheave Bearings on Gantry, M Boom Block & Tip & Main Hook
M M Examine Condition of Boom Pendant Ropes and Connecting Pins; M M M M M M M

Examine Condition of Fastline & Main Hoist Hooks; Test Hook Safety Latches Check Condition of Boom Cylinders, Telescopic Rams & Boom Slider Pads (Where Fitted) Visually Check for Loose, Missing or Corroded Bolts, Pins Keepers & Cotter Pins Check Condition of Boom Foot Pins and Bushes ; Ensure Adequate Lubrication Check Boom Foot Pivot Pin & Boom Cylinder Pin (Where Fitted). Ensure Adequate Lubrication. Examine Slew Bearing and Check Security of Bolts. Ensure Adequate Lubrication of Slew Bearing. Check Pedestal Structure for Visible Defects both Internal and External.

M Inspect Chassis & Boom Support Bracket Welds. M Check Condition & Adjustment Of All Controls & Linkages M Check Operator's Seat & Adjuster. M Drain Water Contamination From Fuel & Hydraulic Oil Tanks M Examine Winch External Condition and Check for Oil Leaks.

Check Winch Gear Oil and Ensure Condition is Satisfactory; Check Oil For Contamination. Operate Winches; Check For Erratic Operation / Unusual Noises. M Test M/Hoist Gear Change.
M M Check Winch Mounting Bolts Condition and Security

Inspect Brake Band Condition, Lining Material & Brake Mechanism on Winches (Where Fitted) Check Operation of Swing Brake and Check Swing Gear Box M Security.
M M Check Swing Box Gear Oil (Where Necessary) M

Check Brake Shoe Condition on Swing Gearboxes With External Brake.

Ensure Adequate M Lubrication M Check Swing Pinion Bearing for Adjustment. Boom Light M Fixtures.Kiskadee Platform . Check Condition Of Radiator Cooling Fins M Check Condition of Water Pump M M M M M Examine Condition of Fan Belts and Check Tension. Muffler. Check Electrolyte Level. M Check Water Hoses for Leaks and Deterioration. Check Condition of Electrical Cables and Service Junction Boxes.Operations Department Equipment Maintenance Program Job Description: Equipment Name: Annual PM Nautilus Crane Job Number: ANPM Model . Test Engine Stop Function Check Engine Oil Level and Examine Condition of Engine Oil. Check For Any Oil or Water Leaks Check Condition of Fuel System Components Including Fuel Pump. for Excessive Wear. Check for any Damage and Defective Components M Test Operation of Fast -Line Overload Weight Indicator. Fast Line and Main M Hoist Ropes M M Ensure Adequate Lubrication of Boom Pendant Ropes. Ensure Adequate Lubrication of Boom Hoist. Etc.340B. Boom Block. Test MIPEG System Operation & Record Memory Level (Where Fitted) Check Operation and Condition of Electrical Equipment Including M Switchgear & Terminals Check Battery Condition & Connections.100 Task ID 300 310 320 330 340 350 360 370 380 390 400 410 420 430 440 450 460 470 480 490 500 510 520 530 540 550 560 570 580 Task Description. M Check Alternator (Where Fitted) Check Security of All Electrical Equipment Incl. Check Throttle Cable and Linkage for Wear and Adjustment . Injector Pipes & Pressure Gauge Check Condition of Exhaust System Including Manifold. Status Comments Examine Swing Pinion. Ballasts & Mounting Brackets. Plugs and Receptacles. Flexible Joint. M Check Condition and Performance of Starter & Lubrication Jar. Check Security of Fanguard & Fan Hub. M Check Operation of Mechanical Boom Radius/Angle Indicator. Check For Leaks and Defective Hoses. M Examine Swing Drive for Hydraulic leaks M Check Condition of Hydraulic System. Grease Sheave Bearing on Gantry. M M Check Condition of Electrical / Air Swivel Inside Pedestal.(Use Hydraulic Oil) M Record Engine Running Hours M Examine Load Indicator Equipment. M Test Operation of Main Hoist Overload Weight Indicator. Boom Tip and Fast Line Extension Ensure Adequate Lubrication of Boom Slider Pads on Telescopic M Booms. M Indicate General Status of Crane Paint Condition. M . Tail Pipe & Flap M Check Condition of Air Filter.

Lubricate Swing Drive Pinion & Ring Gear ( Swing Drive Chain & M Sprocket on Sea King Crane ) Grease Slew Bearing. Ensure Adequate Fresh Grease in Pumped Into Bearing. Record SA Maximum Engine Water temperature SA SA Obtain & Record Results of Oil & Grease Sample Analysis. SA Record Slew Bearing Rocking Motion Reading using DTI North SA Record Slew Bearing Rocking Motion Reading using DTI South SA Record Slew Bearing Rocking Motion Reading using DTI East SA Record Slew Bearing Rocking Motion Reading using DTI West Remove Exhaust Muffler Carbon Drain Plug & Clear Carbon Deposits Check Performance of Engine Under Load Conditions. Status Comments M Grease Anti .Operations Department Equipment Maintenance Program Job Description: Equipment Name: Annual PM Nautilus Crane Job Number: ANPM Model . Radius pulleys & Cable. M Grease Fast Line Hook Swivel.Kiskadee Platform . Lubricate all Spools. M Grease Boom Rope Roller Bearings & Dynamometer Sheaves M Grease Main Hook Sheaves & Swivel. M Lubricate Control Levers & Cables With Oil Can. Lever Pivot. M Lubricate Engine Control Including Throttle Linkages and Cable.340B. Pump Grease Into Brg While M Slowly Rotating Crane 360 deg Until Fresh Grease Emerges From Seal M M Grease Chiksan Air Swivel & Top Bearing on Electric Swivel M 700 710 720 730 740 750 760 770 780 790 800 810 820 830 840 850 860 Lubricate Cab Door Roller and Track. 'Boom To 30' Radius. M Lubricate All Door Hinges & Lock Mechanism. Lubricate Mechanical Radius Indicator. Control Lever Pivots and Linkage/ Clevis Pins. ( EBI ) 690 Grease Winch Drum Bearings & Brake Pivot ( Where Fitted ) Do Not Use Excessive Grease. Lubricate Seat Adjuster and Pedestal.Two Valves. Cables and Pulleys. M Grease Boom Foot pins ( Boom Pivot & Hydraulic Cylinders Where Fitted).100 Task ID 590 600 610 620 630 640 650 660 670 680 Task Description. Grease Fan Bearing & Tension Pulley ( Use Only Very Small M Amount of Grease ) Lubricate Foot Pedal Controls Including Free Swing & Anti-Two M Overide Valves M M Lubricate Gear Chance Linkage & Valve M Lubricate Radius Indicator. M Lubricate Back Stop Tubes. A Check Condition & Tightness of all Winch Mounting and Assembly Bolts . M Lubricate Boom Pawl Cable & Pivot. Pins & Boom Stop Valves.

Check Control 910 A Bank Relief Valve Setting with Hydraulic Oil at Normal Operating Temperature (Engine rpm 2100) Remove Hydraulic Return Filter Element. Check for 920 A Contamination & Metallic Particles. Check Condition of Oil Pipes Remove Starter Motor.Operations Department Equipment Maintenance Program Job Description: Equipment Name: Annual PM Nautilus Crane Job Number: ANPM Model . Renew Paper Filter Element (Where Fitted) 930 940 950 960 970 980 990 1000 A Check Condition of Radiator Hoses. Check Security & Condition of Components Completed By: Total Hours: Date Completed: Comments / Additional or Corrective Work Required: Materials Ordered: Yes: X No: FPR/ PO # Issued for Materials for Corrective Work: Performing Technician/s: Supervisor in Charge: . Lock Winch Drum. A Record Swing Motor Pressure A Record Boom Hoist Pressure A Record Fast Line Hoist Pressure A Record Main Hoist Pressure Status Comments Test Winch Brake Performance.100 Task ID 870 880 890 900 Task Description. Cooling Fins & Water Pump. Wash and Blow out Wire Mesh Filters. A Check Condition of Turbo Charger. Add Coolant Conditioner to Radiator. Inspect Bendix Gear & Flywheel Ring Gear Condition Service Internal Components of Electrical Swivel Including A Collector Ring and Brushes Check Accuracy of Fast Line Weight Indicator and Test Overload A Arm Check Accuracy of Main Hoist Weight Indicator and Test A Overload Alarm A A Check Accuracy of Radius Indicator A Clean and Service Dynamometer Assembly.Kiskadee Platform .340B.

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