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Summons to a Judgement

Summons to a Judgement


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Published by Joe Gonnella
Summons to a Judgement
Summons to a Judgement

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Published by: Joe Gonnella on May 12, 2012
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Summons to a Judgment

There was a complacency of stone, Unsettled by a faint perturbance In the quality of consciousness, Reflected in the prepared piano’s tone. More and more came closer and closer To the wood’s deep, dark and certain Emptiness behind the green, infernal curtain. Even as the dreams we dreamed were Masked by that mystery we knew Was not ours to answer But never-the-less was just her Way to keep us focused on bills come due And credit unspent in a fractious season, Held closer by the whirl of dancers Who had been clad in a welter Of wild floral patterns fractal beyond reason. This is the dance you earned. This is the wilderness you wanted. This is the sleep nightmare prevented. This is the lover once embraced, now spurned, Who held you in her arms And called your name to a heaven Bereft of angels and as inhuman As your own flayed skin is after rapture’s charm.

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