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Rock Forming


2 Ther e ar e 3 t ypes of rocks sedimentary igneous metamorphic .Page: 2 Slide No.

s c i ent i f i c appar at us . m or t ar . 3 Quartz SiO2 ha r dnes s ( 7) c onc hoi dal f r ac t ur e c l ear t o w hi t e us ed as a gem s t one. igneous sedimentary crystal .Page: 3 Slide No. el ec t r oni c i ndus t r y South Carolina Sand important: metamorphic.

K.Ca)(Al)Si2 O8 cleavage hardness (<7) white to pink ceramics.Page: 4 Slide No. ornamental microcline important: igneous . 4 Feldspar Group (Na. metamorphic . sedimentary (clastic) albite .

5 Amphibole Group Tremolite Ca (Mg.Fe.Si)8 O22 (OH)2 5 2 c leavage (56o and 124o ) green to black some forms are used as asbes tos important: igneous.Al) (Al. metamorphic (hornblende most common) Actinolite .Page: 5 Slide No.

Fe)2 SiO (Ca. 6 Pyroxene Group (Mg.Al)(Al. metamorphic (augite most common) hedenbergite . some gemstones important: igneous .Si) O 2 6 4 cleavage (87 o and 93o) short prisms dark used as specimens.Na)(Mg.Fe.Page: 6 Slide No.

Mg. igneous accessory: sedimentary lepidolite . fireproofing. 7 Mica Group K(Fe.OH) 2 perfect cleavage thin sheets flexible clear to black used in electrical. lubricant.Page: 7 Slide No.Al)3 AlSi3 O10 (F. wall paper muscovite important: metamorphic.

important: igneous .Page: 8 Slide No.Fe)2 SiO 4 green conchoidal fracture vitreous look some used as a gem. abrasives. 8 Olivine (Mg.

fertilizer important: sedimentary metamorphic .Page: 9 Slide No. 9 Calcite CaCO3 Dolomite CaMgCO3 rhombohedral crystals effervesces with acid used in manufacture of cement.

er.usgs.c om minerals by chemical group.Page: 10 Slide Link to all state geological surveys .ukans. minerals in U.S. http://www.kgs. 10 Web Sites of Interest http://mineral. Geological U.galleries. name http://minerals.

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